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Planned Spiritual Decay

Album: ''Planned Spiritual Decay'' (2005)
1. Planned Spiritual Decay
2. Memories Of Non Forgiveness
3. New World Disorder
4. Endless Hollow Beyond
5. Rebellion Of One
6. Thousands Years of Nothing
7. Wrath Fueled, Hate Driven
8. Messenger Of God
9. Stand Of No Consent
10. As We Raising Inferno

manic depression


The “point of no return” or the starting point for the band was the day when Vitalij Novozhilov met Timur Mirzoev. At that moment both of them had certain guitar experience in the beginning metal bands. Similar music interests and the urge to play pushed them to the creation of their own project. For the missing drum- and bass-player positions they invited Stas Voznesensky and Kostya Seleznev (from “Trizna” band). However, the first line-up failed – Kostya didn’t want to change from guitar to bass and Stas was used to playing in the different style. The band needed a new drummer and found him in Vasya Kazurov, which played in such bands as "33", "Succubus", "Korroziya Metalla” (Metal Corrosion) and perfectly well followed the band spirit. In the autumn 1998 they started to work at the first demo.

The creative process lasted up to the spring 1999 when Vasya being extremely ‘lucky’ broke his leg while riding the bike, which postponed the demo release to the autumn 2000. Approximately by that time Vasya brought Max Laiko (ex-Empire Rising) to the band and he stayed as a bass player, doing vocals at the same time.

In January 2001 the first set is ready and the band keeps annoying their neighbors with some heavy thrash riffs. In April the first demo ‘Who Deals The Pain’ was being recorded and released in May under the guidance of Vadim Mirzoev. By this time Timur Mirzoev decides to leave the band as its music direction started to change slightly from what he wanted to play.

In February 2002 Manic Depression won the competition from the ‘Play’ magazine for the beginning bands due to the sound being much heavier than that of rivals, and its ‘Words of Hate’ title song was released on the official magazine’s CD – “Play – Russkaya Sborka” (Play – Russian Release). At the end of February, Hobgoblin released the demo cassette "Who Deals The Pain". In March, Max brought Ilya Zudilov to the band – young and talented bass-player, who accomplished the line-up perfectly well. Somewhere around autumn 2002 the band got an offer to release the full-length CD through the Metalagen lable, one of devisions of SOYUZ Records. The band decided to rerecord their demo with better quality and new line-up.

In spring 2003 the band starts the recording; drum-set was recorded at the Chernyi Obelisk Studio (Black Obelisk) and the rest of music – at the own band’s studio - PowerSkya Studios. The final mastering in the middle of summer was done at VMH Studio and the band signs contract with Metalagen / Soyuz.

On October 26 Manic Depression officially presented its first СD “Who Deals The Pain”, which was very well met by the public and critics. At that moment there emerged a conflict as a result of which the band had to part ways with its drummer Vasilij Kazurov. After 4 months of search, he was replaced by Alexandr Vetkhov (Orgiya Pravednikov (Saint Men Orgy) band) and Manic Depression immediately started to work at the next album.

In February 2006 the Mystic Empire label released the second album - Planned Spiritual Decay – with the sound and quality quite at the level of well-known foreign bands. The official release day coincided with the concert of Destruction in Moscow, where Manic Depression performed as a supporting band. The official presentation took place on March 12 in Relax club with the support of such bands as Moray Eel, Devilish Distance, Everlost, Inexist. At the present moment the band is busy touring and writing the new songs.

Vitaliy Novozhilov - guitars
Max Laiko - guitars, vocals
Ivan Izotov - bass
Alexandr Vetkhov - drums

Who Deals The Pain (2003, re-issued in 2006)
Manic Depression's debut LP was issued in October of 2003 on the Metalagen/Soyuz records. Re-issued in 2006 on the Mazzar records

All lyrics by Max Laiko. Cover sleeve by - Vitaliy Degtyarev. Recorded in April - May 2003 at "Black Rock" and "PowerSkya" studios. Produced by - Vidadi Mirzoyev and Vitaliy Novozhilov.

Line - up:
Max Laiko guitars, vocals
Vitaliy Novozhilov guitars
Ilya Zudilov bass
Vasiliy "The Mole" Kazurov drums

Planned Spiritual Decay (2006)
Issued in february 2006 on the Mazzar records

Produced by Eugene ‘Sam’ Taranets and Vitalij Novozhilov.
Recorded at PowerSkya Studios in spring-summer 2005.
Engeneered by Tim Mirzoyev.
Mixed in SunWind Studio by Eugene ‘Sam’ Taranets.
All bass played by Ilya Zudilov
All lyrics by Nikita Arzhantsev
Cover Artwork and Design by Misha
Kate Moray (Moray Eel) – additional vocal in "Stand Of No Consent"
Nikita Arzhantsev (Catalepsy) – back vocals, second vocal in "As We Raising Inferno"

Line - up:
Max Laiko guitars, vocals
Vitaliy Novozhilov guitars
Ivan Izotov bass
Alexandr Vetkhov drums

Manic Depression Official Site

Thrash Metal

War, Pain, Politics

Russia (Moscow), formed in 1998



Vitaly ``Fucker`` Novozhilov - Guitar
Max ``S Boltom`` Layko - Vocals, Guitar (Korrozia Metalla, D.I.V., Antisystem)
Ivan Izotov - Bass (Epidemia (Rus), Mechanical Poet, Oleg Mishin)
Alexandr Vethov - Drums (D.I.V., ex-Hunters, Orgiya Pravednikov)

Timur Mirzoev - Guitars
Vasiliy ``Krot`` Kazurov - Drums (ex-Korrozia Metalla, ex-Succubus (Rus))
Ilya Zudiolov - Bass
Shura - Guest Vocals(B2)


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