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Album: ''Fatman'' (1987 EP)
1. Fatman
2. Political Animal
3. Fatman (Admiral Amour Mix)
4. Bad Times


Album: ''Can't Take the Hurt'' (1987 Single)
1. Can't Take the Hurt
2. None but the Brave
3. Political Animal

All The Days

Album: ''All The Days'' (1988 Single)
1. All The Days
2. Let Me Out
3. None But The Brave (Tonight)


Album: ''Mammoth'' (1989)
1. All the Days
2. Can't Take the Hurt
3. Dark Star
4. Long Time Coming
5. Home from the Storm
6. Fat Man
7. 30 Pieces of Silver
8. Bet you Wish
9. Bad Times


Album: ''XXXL'' (1997)
1. White Mammoth on the M1
2. Fatman
3. Dressed to Kill
4. All the Days
5. Can't Take the Hurt
6. Always and Forever
7. Do What you Want Do
8. Working for the Man
9. Catcher in the Rye
10. Hope you Find it
11. Monster Mania

The Collection

Album: ''The Collection'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. All The Days
2. Fatman
3. Can't Take The Hurt
4. 30 Pieces Of Silver
5. Dark Star
6. Bet You Wish
7. Long Time Coming
8. Bad Times
9. Home From The Storm
10. None But The Brave (Tonight)
11. Fatman (Admiral Amour Mix)
12. Political Animal
13. Fatman ( 7" Version)
14. Can't Take The Hurt ( 7" Version)

Larger and Live

Album: ''Larger and Live'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. 30 Pieces of Silver (live)
2. Can't Take the Hurt (live)
3. Fatman (live)
4. Always and Forever (live)
5. Home from the Storm (live)
6. Bet you Wish (live)
7. White Mammoth
8. Fatman
9. Dressed to Kill
10. All the days
11. Can't Take the Hurt
12. Always and Forever
13. Do What you Want To
14. Working for the Man
15. Catcher in the Rye
16. Monster Mania
17. Hope you Find It


After the split of Gillan in 1982, the bearded John McCoy (bass guitar; 19 stone) recruited session musicians 'Tubby' Vinnie Reed (drums; 22 stone), 'Big' Mac Baker (guitars; 24 stone) and Nicky Moore (vocals; 20 stone and 5'6") for his solo project.
Initially christened 'Dinosaur', they changed their names after complaints from a similarly titled California blues outfit.
Changing their name to 'Mammoth', the band toured with Whitesnake and Marillion and were generally well-received by fans, although an "incident" in Leeds meant that the band had to request a specially reinforced stage at all future gigs, due to the concentrated pressure of some 1200 pounds (plus allowance for on stage exuberance).
After a few years of touring without hitting the big-time in the manner of their contemporaries, the band decided to call it a day, and moved onto other solo projects.

The band starred (?) in the 1988 film Just Ask For Diamond, where the entire band play henchmen of the Fat Man (Michael Robbins).

The Album (Mammoth)

Produced in 1987 (after the band had ceased touring), this eponymous title received a limited edition release on American indie label, Jive. As the band's nostalgic popularity increased, the few records that were released became collector's items - vinyl copies of the album trading hands for as much as £60.

Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

Humour, Life Experiences, Society

United Kingdom, formed in 1987

Angel Air


Nicky Moore - Vocals (Samson (UK), Uli Jon Roth)
John McCoy - Bass (ex-Ian Gillan Band)
Kenny Cox - Guitar (ex-More)
Tubby Vinny Reid - Drums

Mac Baker - Guitars
Bernie Torme - Guitars (Ian Gillan Band, Desperado (US), Ozzy Osbourne)


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