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The Darkest Throne

Album: ''The Darkest Throne'' (2001)
1. Necrolust In Thulsa Abbey
2. Into The Silence
3. Luciferian Times
4. Breaking The Castles
5. Prelude To A Battle
6. Behind The Mirror
7. The Darkest Throne
8. A God That Doesn't Lie


Album: ''Barbarian'' (2003)
1. Intro
2. Echoes of Lamuria
3. The Pit
4. Barbarian Wrath
5. Nightfall
6. Followers of the Fallen
7. Returning...
8. ...To Unholy Graves
9. Forgotten Idols
10. 300 from Sparta
11. Summoning the Braves


Album: ''Centurian'' (2006)
1. Excelsi
2. Centurian
3. Under The Black Walls Of Hell
4. Old Demons
5. Estuans Interius
6. Siberian Falls
7. Castle Of Carnal Sins
8. The Poison Tree
9. Jerusalemís Lot
10. Celebrate Thy War
11. Metal Church (Metal Church Cover)
12. Hells Bells - AC/DC Cover



Malefactor was born in December 91 by the hands of Lord Vlad (Vocalist) and Alexandre Deminco. They decided to use this name because Malefactor mixes both power and obscurity in a strong name. Just a few months passed until the guitar player Danilo Coimbra joined them.

Their first gig took place in the end of 1992 on the Halloween Festival, and the sucess on the stage brought them a lot of invitations for other gigs. 1993: Malefactor released the 1st demo-tape called Sickness and did some shows, playing with local bands such as Mystifier and Headhunter DC. Alexandre Deminco left the band at this time.

Between 94 and 95 the band recorded some tracks, like the never released (yet!) Cruciform Slaughter, and kept in touch with the austrian sound engineer Ephendy Steven (Kreator, Sodom, Assassin and others) to record the Into The Black Order demo with Vicente Azevedo (of Carnified) on the drums. At that time Roberto Souza joined the group as the bass player. This tape was distributed by the North American label The Wild Rags Records, but it wasnt a good deal.

Sacramental Embrace, one of the tracks, was included on the Brazilian compilation Winds of a New Millenium 2, the bible of the true underground metal in Brazil.

1996: Alexandre returns to the drums and Jafet Amodo joins the group, bringing some new influences. Elaine Cristina, Malefactors keyboard player, moves to Norway and leaves the band.

1997: Luciano Veiga of Veuliah joins the group and a new single is made called Under The Law of the Sword. This song was included in another brazilian metal compilation called DoisDaBahia.

During 1998 and 1999, the debut album Celebrate Thy War was recorded and released on Megahard Records (Brazil) with the presence of a second keyboard player called Ovdio Amodo, Jafets brother. 2500 metalheads came to see the first gig of the Celebrate Thy War Tour. A lot of Brazilian cities saw the band live for the first time between 1999/2000.

2001: Malefactor records their second full length album The Darkest Throne. The Darkest Tour visits 12 Brazilian states and 3 countries in Europe (Portugal, Germany and Belgium) with Marcelo Antunes of Martyrdom as a session member, because Roberto Souza couldnt travel at that time. During the tour, Malefactor played side by side with bands like Destruction, Kreator and Monstrosity, showing the popularity of their name in Brazil.

Today Jafet is back and Malefactor has the same line-up as 1996 again. 2003: With the album Barbarian they get their best stuff. The album was produced by Jernimo Cravo, ex- sound engineer of the famous Whisky a Go Go Club on USA. For this album they did their first Malefactors video clip for the Followers of the Fallen song.

The album is SOLD OUT in Brazil, with a coming soon re-edition, and was licenciated by Maniac Records for METAL AXE Records in Europe, with an unholy metal version for A Touch Of Evil of Judas Priest as a bonus track for the Europeans metalheads.

By now, is time to Bang the heads of the occult metallers. Malefactor is releasing CENTURIAN in june 2006. Coming soon to kiil you!

epic/melodic death metal

Medieval histories, occultism, satanism

Brazil (Salvador, BA), formed in 1991

Maniac Records


Lord Vlad - vocals
Danilo Coimbra - guitars
Jafet Amoedo - guitars
Roberto Souza - bass
Alexandre Deminco - drums
Cristiano - keyboards

Ovídio Amoêdo
Luciano Veiga (Veuliah)

Ricardo Sanct (Veuliah, ex-Carnified)
Martin Mendonça
Wallace Guerra


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