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Carne de Cementerio

Album: ''Carne de Cementerio'' (2000)
1. El Enjambre Asesino
2. (Todos Somos) Alimentos De Los Gusanos
3. La Cara Mazada a Golpes
4. Humillado y Descuartizado Por Mongólicos
5. Torso
6. P.U.S. (Purulento Urólogo Sarnoso)
7. Suicide Fuck (Abscess Cover)
8. Obecede a Tu Demonio Interior
9. Púdrete Como un Cerdo
10. Masticasesos
11. Los Niños No Deberían Jugar Con Cosas Muertas
12. El Ataque de King Ghidorah
13. Delusion of Terror (S.O.B. Cover)
14. Maruta (Carne de Cementerio)
15. Los Cuentos del Muñón Gangrenoso

Trono de huesos

Album: ''Trono de huesos'' (2002)
1. Banquete Funerario
2. Garrote Vil
3. Enterradas En El Jardin
4. Un Vestido De Pellejo Humano
5. Puriificación A Través Del Dolor
6. La Flema
7. Engendro
8. Trono De Huesos
9. Bolsas Con Sangre
10. Yo Fui Un Canibal Adolescente
11. Lepra
12. Ataque Simio
13. Ace Of Spades (Motörhead Cover)
14. Los Cuentos Del Muñón Gangrenoso III

The Maggot Sessions

Album: ''The Maggot Sessions'' (2003 EP)
1. Trono de Huesos
2. Púdrete como un Cerdo / Bolsas con Sangre
3. Ataque Simio
4. Maruta
5. Black Metal (Venom Cover)

Horror Grind

Album: ''Horror Grind'' (2004 EP)
1. Petrificado
2. Sin Cabeza
3. Corpsegrinder (Massacre Cover)
4. Pestilent Decay (Repulsion Cover)



Machetazo was born in the year 1994 in La Coruña, Spain.

Firstly it was just a side project into noise-grind until Dopi left his previous band and decided to focus in Machetazo taking it to an absolute level of dedication and changing the musical orientation leaving the noisecore elements and turning it into old school 80s grindcore with a big influence of nordic death metal,imagine a mix between Terrorizer,Repulsion,Carcass,Autopsy,Nihilist,Carnage and Funebre and you get the point of
what Machetazo is about.

The second demotape was the one who opened a lot of gates,catching the attention of Charlie Infection(ex-drummer of Psycho) who released it on 10"MLP and getting proposals for a few splits and of course the deal with the New York based label Razorback Records,their main label still 'til today.

Machetazo during the first years was mostly Dopi's project,with various collaborators and members going in and out,but after the release of the first album Rober came at guitars as a definitive member. Rober and Dopi recorded the second album and just after the release Carlos came as bassist in the year 2001,then we could say Machetazo started to be a real band, a classic power trio that still prevails 'til today, trying hard to survive in a country with nule support for underground extreme music and fighting trends and obstacles everyday.

Anyway Machetazo has a strong reputation and feedback worldwide specially in the USA,Mexico and Japan. The band has worked and still works hard in promotion and distribution with the help of a lot of independent labels that have always make their best to help Machetazo to spread the insane word of horror and grind. A ton of underground zines and big magazines like Terrorizer,Pit or Short Fast And Loud have featured Machetazo in his pages. The high points in band's history have been without doubt the split eps with cult acts like Corrupted,Abscess or General Surgery and the special guest vocals made by Chris Reifert(Abscess,ex-Autopsy,ex-Death...) in their latest album.


Rober - guitar
Dopi - drums / vocals
Carlos Cadaver - bass/ backing vocals

Grind/Death Metal


Spain (La Coruña), formed in 1994

Living Dead Society/Throne Records


Rober - Guitar (ex-Luzbel, El Día de los Muertos, Berenice Bleeding)

Carlos Cadáver - Bass & Vocals (ex-Cenotaph, ex-Reversion Christ, ex-Sepulcro (Esp), ex-Deface, Demented (Esp), Wicked)

Dopi - Drums & Vocals (ex-Frustradicción, ex-Mundo Inferno, ex-Mol, ex-Abismo, Grub, The Bastards, The Deadfucks, Wicked, and guest drummer in Brokenflow and Voice of Hate)

Gonso Pedrido ``El Calaveras`` (aka El Tenebroso Desfigurador Anal) - Guitar & Vocals (ex-S.O.K.)
Nacho - Guitar
Pablo - Guitar (ex-Use Of Abuse, ex-Xcons, Diente Picado, ex-Icon (Esp), Ekkaia, Seres, Leader Shit)
Alberto - Guitar (Obsesión Compulsiva)
Miguel - Guitar (Obsesión Compulsiva)
Chinín ``El Mescalinas`` - Bass & Vocals (ex-Frustradicción, ex-Use Of Abuse and guest bassist in Voice of Hate)
Ernesto Apesto - Drums
Marcos - Drums (ex-Deface, ex-Sepulcro (Esp), ex-Xcons, ex-Fuckin´ Family, ex-Use Of Abuse, Diente Picado, ex-Icon (Esp), Ekkaia)


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