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Nocturnal Embrace

Album: ''Nocturnal Embrace'' (1997 Demo)
1. A Dying Dream
2. Sweet Endless Sleep
3. Shadows of Eden
4. Eternity Silence
5. Nocturnal Embrace
6. To my Dark Muse

Romantic Tragedy

Album: ''Romantic Tragedy's Crescendo'' (1998)
1. A Gothic Overture
2. Forever...
3. The Dark Kiss of My Angel
4. Black Heaven
5. The Twilight Melancholy
6. Thy Mournful Lover
7. Moonlight Caress
8. Shadows of Eden
9. Sweet Endless Sleep


Album: ''Vanitas'' (2001)
1. 13 November
2. Crepuscolaria (Agony in Red Minor)
3. Lady Lily White
4. Fables
5. Aloisa
6. El Diablo y la Luna
7. Pure Treasure
8. Green Orchestra (Sonata for Leaves & Trees)
9. Romanzo Nero
10. Haeresis Dea
11. Hall of the Scarlets

Malae Artes

Album: ''Malae Artes'' (2005)
1. Nuda Veritas
2. Lifelong Hope
3. My Desdemona
4. Miss Murderess
5. How Can Heaven Love Me
6. Good Morning
7. Henceforth
8. Keep the Secret
9. Down-Hearted
10. Dead and Gone



Macbeth can refer to four bands:

1. Macbeth is a Gothic Metal band from Milan (Italy) formed in 1995 under the name of 'Land of Dark Souls'. They had released one demo and three albums.

1995 the band was formed by the drummer Fabrizio
1997 Macbeth released the first and only demotape “Nocturnal Embrace”
1998 Macbeth signed a deal with Audioglobe s.r.l./Dragonheart records
1998 Macbeth released the debut album “Romantic Tragedy’s Crescendo”
2001 Macbeth released the second album called “Vanitas”
2004 Macbeth recorded the third album “Malae Artes” released in March 2005.
2005 After the release of the album the band started touring Italy and Mexico

Macbeth was born as group of players of the arcane darkness. They debuted with "Romantic Tragedy's Crescendo" after releasing a very successful demo tape called "Nocturnal Embrace". They got some very good feedback with their debut album “Romantic Tragedy’s Crescendo”, with great reviews everywhere. The band supported Amorphis during their Tuonela Tour dates in Italy. After these important live dates the band went through some painful line-up changes that lead to the change of both singers and bass player. With a new line-up, Macbeth entered the studio to work on their second album “Vanitas”. The album shows a more aggressive approach, without losing the romantic side of the band’s style. Macbeth becomes one of the leading bands of the Italian gothic metal scene. “Vanitas” is a theatrical and violent opera in 10 acts, a masterpiece of gotich symphonic metal plunged in melancholy with the perfect fusion of power and atmosphere. Macbeth’s music is more diabolically charming than ever and it becomes the harmonic torment of your sleepless nights.

Macbeth came back with "Malae Artes." After a few years of silence the band presents their best and more mature album ever.With a new and stronger line-up, consolidated by many gigs, Macbeth have recorded 10 fantastic tracks with catchy melodies and diabolic charm. Macbeth has developed its style, putting more and more emphasis on the theatrical atmosphere of the whole album but keeping the songs catchy and powerful. Songs like "Lifelong Hope," "Henceforth," "Down-Hearted" and "Miss Murderess" have solid and heavy rhythms with irresistible performances by singers Andreas and Morena and a more modern and direct sound and production. With this new attitude, the band has covered the song “How Can Heaven Love Me” by English New Age/Operatic diva Sarah Brightman. The album is enriched by an elegant and charming art-work in a digipak packaging, following the tradition of previous album.“Malae Artes” is the definitive consecration of the band as one of the best example of modern Gothic Metal.

Official website:

2. Macbeth is also a Thrash/Heavy Metal band from Thuringia (Germany) playing since 1984. They sound like dark Thrash Metal with interesting lyrics.

3. Macbeth is also the name of a Bosnian soft rock band formed in 1986. The band came of age during the war in Bosnia in the 90s and has thus far released three albums. Official website:

4. Macbeth is Czech melodic heavy metal/ hard rock band from Aš (CZ) formed in 1991 and split up in 1999. Last know line-up

Míra Chrástka - Vocals, Guitar (Turbo, ex-Skelet)
Roman Máša Šandor - Keyboards, Vocals
Standa Marhoun - Guitar
Tonda Hrdlička - Bass
Míra Všetečka - Drums (ex-Skelet)

Mac Beth (1992)
III (1994)
V (1996)
Žer co ti chutná (1998)

Black/Gothic Metal

Italy (Milan), formed in 1995

Dragonheart Records


Andreas - Vocals
Fabrizio - Drums (Cultus Sanguine)
Morena - Vocals
Max - Lead Guitar
Sem - Bass

Vittorio - 1995-1998 Vocals
Fabio - 1996 - Bass
Monica - 1996 - Keyboards
Cristina - 1996-1998 Vocals
Jessica - 1999 - Vocals
Alex - Lead Guitar
Marco - Bass
Andrea - Piano/keyboards
Luca Sassi - 1995-2005 Rhythm guitar (Unscarred (Ita))
Carlo - 2005 Keyboards


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