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"Zool" (2002)

1. Snake Eyes
2. Burning Ice
3. Valley Of The Witch
4. Balder (Son Of Odin)
5. Dragon Chaser
6. The Eye Of The Beast
7. The Rise Of The Evil Star
8. The Shepherd And The Lamb
9. Throne Of Thor
10. Cross Of Greed

1. Snake Eyes

Is this the final hour
I feel the chill of death
the wolf is in the tower
l'm ready to confess.

Black and white
this time he's pointing straight at me
cuts and bites
i can see the flames right through his
snake eyes.

Is this the eternal fire
I hear him pray and bles
my soul is flaming higher
the taste is in my breath.

holy spirit, holy soul
keep the black wolf from the door.

it's the final hour
he is the tower
can you feel the power
i can see the flames right through his.

Snake eyes.

2. Burning Ice

Angel, no holy wings of white can bear our lies
the flames of hell will kiss you if you try
A rising black is coming after you.

And the cross you kiss will melt like
burning ice
no forgiveness, no more lies
burning ice
hell is rising higher as you die.

angel, no holyman or cross can dry your eyes
the flames of hell will burn ou on your flight
no one's there to catch you when you fall.

3. Valley Of The Witch

Evilís dancing on the mist
In the valley of the witch
As the winds of magic leads you through the dark
As the castle and the cross
From the tower on the rock
In the cold wind you can heart the devil bark.

Howling evil blows you over
Black eyes shining, starring.

Through the crystal ball
Deep down below, black magic leads you through
The valley of the witch, straight into the court
Run with the wolf within you.

In the kingdom of the fates
At the castle room of state
The devilís dancing while the sorcery is done
Feel the power of the spell
By the eastern gate of hell
In the witches valley, far away the sun.

Standing on the shore
By the sea of souls
Sisters of fire on evil wings
The sinner, the denier, the Lord of kings
Tell the preacher of light that heís wrong and misguided
Speacher beware and break the crystal ball.

4. Balder (Son Of Odin)

Dark evil shades before me
No sign of light at all
Black figures moving slowly
Hiding in the snow.

Ravens fly
Over land, over water
Call the father of gods
Odin the slaughter.

Must save balder, the son of Odin

Come northern lights above me
Show me the bridge of gold
Deathly pale she stands before me
By the shore of corps.

The dark knightís rising
Cold graves open
Hooves are pounding
Save the son of Odin
Hell hounds bleeding
Evil omen
Tears of healing
Save the son of Odin.

Must save balder the son of Odin
Gods of Valhalla you canít let him go.

5. Dragon Chaser

On a cold and snowy mountain
High above the sea and water
Stood a castle with seven towers
Ruled by wizardry evil power.

Oh so lonely in the tower
Caught for twenty years
Go call the dragon chaser.

In the seventh castle tower
Beyond the dragon wings and fire
In the cold and dark a queen
So far away her king and daughter.

Come Oímighty knight of silver
The devilís in the air call the slaughter
Faster, faster, fear no fire
Hell on wings beware evil power.

Fly, fly, fear no evil
Ride, ride, dragon chaser
Go, go, knight of silver
Strike, strike, blood is on the snow
On through the fire
Fly, fly, strike with all your force
Strike, blood is on the sword
Die, die, die.

6. The Eye Of The Beast

When youíre chasing stars above you
Through the dark the light will lead you
All ainít what it seems before you.

Shine on holy star of the east
The riddle and the answer
Holy star the eye of the beast
The devil and his dancer.

When youíre dancing
When you hold her
Demon wings will burn your shoulders
Time will laugh then roll you over.

Holy star, near or far
No difference where you are
No matter who you are
When you wish upon a star.

No more chasing stars above you
No more dancing, evils calls you
Brightest light might be unholy.

7. The Rise Of The Evil Star

8. The Shepherd And The Lamb

Long ago in the land of the wolf and the raven
Deep down a valley, once a village
So dark and cold, way out of sunlight
Beyond an evil spell, eternal night.

When you walk through the mist
In the valley of darkness
And on to the village of ice
In the castle of snow
Far beyond whatís below
The devilís kissing the lady in white.

Oh rise, sun rise
Mighty and bright
Shine over land
The shepherd and the lamb
Chase evil off this land.

White as snow, the only light of winter
Bright as the morning sun and itís glory
She calls me to her when itís colder
Lays a whisper on my shoulder.

Oh, so cold in the land of the wolf and the raven
Deep in the valley once a flower
Half man, half wolf, sheís in the tower
The village ruled by evil powers.

9. Throne Of Thor

Dark skyís falling in the north
Over cold and barren land
Through the dark on wheels of gold
Kneel before the iron hand.

God of thunder
Swing your hammer
Strike will all your force
Feel the power
Wrath and anger
While the hammer falls
The blood will flow

Son of Odin, earth and rain
Lord of lightning, thunder roar
Beasts and giants fear his name
By the hammer blood will flow.

Take me through the dark and cold
High oímighty god of war
Lead me on your wheels of gold
In Valhalla, throne of Thor

10. Cross Of Greed

If youíre reaching for the treasure
And you think youíve found the golden key
If it fills your dreams with pleasure
If it makes you fly and takes you higher
In a distant far horizon
Where the sunset burns the sea like fire
And the wings of darkness rising
Right before your eyes.

Donít dream, itís over
Just when you think youíve got it all
Youíll learn, you lose, youíll burn, youíll fall.

On the cross of greed youíll suffer
In the sea of flames youíll slowly burn
And your golden dreams of pleasure
Melts away and dies in the smoke and fire
In a place where no one knows you
And the one you trust becomes a liar
If youíre reaching for the treasure
The devilís right behind you.


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