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"We,Plague" (2005 Demo)

1. The Withering Stone
2. We,Plague

1. The Withering Stone

Our view left us eager ~ To reach and embrace ~

The future that was denied ~ The scars of our lives ~

Reflections of a life ~ Experience of the pain ~

The realness of it all ~ The distance as well ~

Entranced in silence ~ Withering of stone ~

Solace is in this ~ This simple fantasy ~

That all lies be removed ~ But nothing would remain ~

No reflection of my life ~ No reality in my pain

2. We,Plague

â¦And they were Sentenced to live as godâ¦

Fear ~ Once had arisen ~ Life ~ Once realized ~

Sear my eye closed ~ This can not be ~ (We must not be) ~

We are our Judge ~ We are our tormentor ~

We are the demons ~ And the gods that we created ~

Mankind is the scar ~ The infected wound ~

The poison air ~ The parasite ~ Our Image is deceit ~

Our selfish lusts and gains ~ Our holiness and itâs robes ~

Our shattered dreams ~ (We shattered them ourselves) ~

So we watch as they argue ~ And Plead ~

And beg the mercies of grace ~ But the words fall into the vastness ~

The obliviousness that is our emptiness ~ Shunning the world that is real ~

And sheltering ourselves in an illusion ~ The illusion we create to escape ~

And we trust in it ~

Our religions, our despots ~ Our scholars, our science ~

Our hedonism, our lusts ~ And we die just the same ~

We are our suicide ~ We are the biocide ~

Removed with cold indifference ~ The skies watch as we die ~

Deities we create and destroy ~ Devils we evoke and recoil ~

Arrogance in every thought ~ Plagued action.

We plague.


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