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Turn to Stone

"Turn to Stone" (2001)

1. Adorer of Mortality
2. Turn to Stone
3. Killing Creed
4. Calamity Howler
5. Haunting Dreams
6. Tormentor
7. The Wicked Kings End
8. Poisoned Bliss
9. Run for Your Life
10. The Growing Beast Inside

1. Adorer of Mortality

Doom and dying
The beast behind the mask
Evil we’re denying
But we like to see it rage

Spellbound by terror
We’re watching noninvolved
Our coldblooded reality
As an entertaining show

Blood before the eyes
Blood within our minds

We are
Adorer of mortality

Rape and murder
Amusement on the screen
We say we are disgusted
But is it what we mean

Thoughts disorder
Contrasts without sense
Subconscious there’s no border
In this soap that never ends

Grace of dying
Adrenaline for bored blood
Another convict’s frying
‘Cause we like playing god

We are adorer
With good and evil hands
Mind’s unknown abysses
Across all human scales

2. Turn to Stone

Awake… a frozen scream solves from our lips
Preserved the pain, grown stiff
For a thousand years
But now the cursed blood clears its path
Through our petrified veins
Floods our stony flesh
Breaks the ancient chains

Spread your unholy wings
Lightning cracks from the sky
This night belongs to us
Welcome the creatures of twilight
See what became of us
Monstrosities that have to hide
Until the light of day
Will leave us solidified

Bounded by our common fate
Withstanding each law of creation
Immortal but oppressed
With an eternal pain
No man should ever know
Of our existence

Misshaped and forlorn
Our hearts will turn to stone
Misshaped and forlorn
Our souls will turn to stone

3. Killing Creed

Hear my confession, I’m a child of the damned
I kill for money, call me a murderer on demand
Say I’m a monster without conscience
The deeper is my disgust for you mankind

I hear their screams, they don’t wanna die
Their faces - pale seem to question me why…

Fade Away
The last thing you will see
Is the gloom in my eyes
And your death-sins
I will write on the wall
With the blood that drips down
From your pale brow
Your guilt will be vanished at all

Our two destinies, now together it belong
Inseparable, the lion on and the lamb
Look back upon your cheap life of baseness and greed
No - I don’t feel pity, not until I see you bleed

4. Calamity Howler

Something has changed my point of view
I see things black without to know
The reason for my pessimism
It’s like a force, an inner prison
My senses weave a web of fear
My mind receives a world so weird

In thoughts I see my life
Plunge into a nightmare
Enclosed by friends I still feel alone
Like caught into a twilight-zone
Isolated deep within my mind
I observe Armageddon’s rise

A friendly smiles turn into a devil’s grin
Soon the whole sky will fall on me
The prophets scream catastrophe
I see things black without to know…

5. Haunting Dreams

Dreams it takes you to somewhere
You never know
All your memories are here
Behind a wall
You have to face all your hidden pains
In this land where fear and passion reigns
It’s not in your hand

Visions are your guiding light
In the dark and cold
Lets you feel that you’re alive
And you try to hold
But your dreams are so ethereal
Disappearing in the morninglight
It’s not in your hand

Captured by the light of moon
Through restless sleep and haunting dreams
Fathom climes you never know
Scraping at your sanity
Bath of emotion, hope and guilt
Through restless sleep and haunting dreams
Alone with your needs
With your lust
Your tears

It can give you what you want
For a shortly time
Unfulfilled desires strong
Taking over now
Seconds seem to be eternal
As it were houres elapsing low
It’s not in your hand

6. Tormentor

He comes through the blackness
Right into your heart
He spreads out his poison
And waits in the dark

And when you’re defenseless
He takes off his cowl
You look in his scarred face
As a pain fills your soul


He says there’s no reason
No reason at all
Your whole life is senseless
So let yourself fall

This world is a cold place
All your dreams are destroyed
So make it an end now
I lead you into the void

The shapes that are with him
Straight out of nowhere
All his former victims
Now shadows of despair

7. The Wicked Kings End

Bring me a cup of bloodred wine
Shall be my end
Without penance I’ll devide
By my own hand
They’re standing at the gates
They want my head
But when they reach the tower
I’m already dead

The mob it screams
Release the pain
The whole kingdom
Soaked with blood
The mob it screams
Dethrone the tyrant
For he wants to be like god

Kill the king
His head shall roll
Sleep well
The Hangman calls

Now I hear their hateful steps
They’re close to me
I drink the wine, it tastes so sweet
The time is short
The world it blurs, the poison works
I throw the cup away
The door it opens with a bang
I laugh, they are too late

8. Poisoned Bliss

They came to bring their faith
The only one that should be true
They said - be converted
And believe in the power of god
‘Cause he’s the one and only
The savior to us all
But if you want salvation
All your idols have to fall

Our temples burnt ablaze

They told of you with a shining in their eyes
They said you are love - a father for mankind
But how can they disobey your rules
How can they call themselves Christians
Taunting you with all their deeds

We were shocked, without belief
And we wanted them to go away
Back to where they came from
With their faith that we didn’t need
But we saw their weapons
That were made of hate and steel
And what happens to an unbeliever
We all got had to feel

Their Christian love…

9. Run for Your Life

I stare into hell’s eyes
Dead holes - watching out for me
And I have to face it alone
A loaded gun is my only creed
They play their wicked game
Through ruined walls I hear them roar
Wanna hear me scream in pain
See my freezing blood spilled
On the floor

You’re always close to death
There’s no chance for you to rest
Better hold your weapon tight
Without ever to look back
Dead bodies all around
Slaughtered warriors of the past
Let me unliteral know
Next corner might be the last

Run for your life
You have to find the sacred path
Out of this unholy maze
Fight to survive
Be prepared for their attack
You have to run for your life

Slinking through the dark
Try to make no sound
With every beat of heart
You fear you’ll not see it through
But they’ll never get you alive

10. The Growing Beast Inside

Creatures of the night, they poisoned me
Their blood is running through my veins
My life it changes into something else
Every dawn I die with thousand pains

My dreams got swallowed into blackened clouds
Strange pictures guide me through the dark
Damned birth is given every dark that comes
The night now ends my deathlike sleep

The growing beat inside my mind is screaming
Dawn of light - my face is cast in stone
The outside world, it fades into dark memories
Endless sleep - till dusk I’ll be alone

The castle walls are my eternal grave
A curse that binds me to these halls
Our clan is fathered on the tower high
To break free just when darkness falls

Damned birth they game me - every night that comes
The moon now ends my deathlike sleep


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