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Wandering Northwards

"Wandering Northwards" (2005)

1. In Embrace Of War (A Vision Of War)
2. Through The Gates Of Glory
3. Echoes Of The Olden Fatherland
4. Solitude Of The Wise
5. Das Tor zur Ewigkeit
6. From The Epoch Faraway (Song Of Hermit)
7. Wandering Northwards
8. Tempest From Beyond
9. Krajina mrazu - Landscape Of Frost

1. In Embrace Of War (A Vision Of War)

IN EMBRACE OF WAR (vision of Kralizec)

I see the worlds falling to emptiness
set on fire through all of it´s lands.
Dying people calling their gods
misery and pain enthroned to reign.

....the final battle....
the time of utter judgment
to survive the race and grow the strongest
or forever to vanish in vain.
....the time will come....

Bringer of chaos creating the order
most furious battle of human times
purification that brings new hope
the only way for human kind.

....give us strenght survive
....our pride and our glory take us through

Living by knowledge of our fathers
spirit of nature the heritage sure
origin of their pagan thoughts
what other way could be more pure?

Oh gods I beseech you
I summon thy wisdom praising you
reveal me the way of your will
for I know my vision is true.


I see the threat for all the living
there´s only way to go through the struggle
glorious be the ones who shall win
our destiny must not be other.


....the vision of Kralizec so strong real ominous
....War!.... survive....

2. Through The Gates Of Glory


Smell the air standing alone in the night the breeze reveals the comming change.
Soon to become a great tempest of our time, a power that brings end.
The end of this world as we know it up to now, defiled by human shame.
For the New age is appearing just in sight, for our triumph the struggle we must fight.

Thirst bloodshed set upon human race shall sweep off the burden of the Earth.
New hope comes from the surviving ones, enlighted under the stars of New world.

That shall be world of the enlighted Ones I would be eager to live there.

But if I die in the monumental fight, my soul will be free.
I´ll be clad in light and I will pass through the gates of glory.
Valhall, Valhall, Valhall I shall see....
Glory, glory, in glory I shall be....

To behold the Halls and the eternal fire along with my brothers to share them.
As one of the gods to stare the eternity, the purpose finally to see.

This vision is the bid I´ll obey when my inner duty calls me.
Not afraid whether I´ll survive or not, the changes are sure to be met.

....Gods have turn their eyes upon me....

Sun dances in the face of new Earth, her look is clean as nature strenghtened.
The end was the beginning of the new dawn, new era is rising to prevail in fame.

There´s a key just waiting to be found, to reveal the splendour in whole.
Thus uncover the secret knowledge, or it is destroyed once more.

....the utter ....wisdom be ....known

3. Echoes Of The Olden Fatherland


In the shroud of místy wood
walking alone, embraced by sad mood.
I see the ages that ceased to exist,
disapeared forever – a forgotten myth.

the echoes of the old times

I watch the lands of sovereign and might,
where our clans ruled with honesty and pride.
Lands of mighty forests, majestic mountains
forgotten these days but still alive in my heart.

…… I summon them to come back
…… the glory to return

Frozen memories …awakening inside me again
the echoes of those times …I feel the inner strain.

the echoes of the past flowing through my mind
hidden in my cells, the memory sweetly hurts
…the call of my olden fatherland
the remembrance of greatness guiding my life
filling me with sorrow, a sense of something lost.

Frozen memories …awakening inside me again
the echoes of those times …I feel the inner strain.

Deep inside me I know
I shall be faithfull forever

to those noble feels I will not cease my endeavour. And to the beliefs our ancestors worshiped,
to the wisdom hidden in these thoughts.
The world still waits for the One who shall make them real forever.

4. Solitude Of The Wise


…the saddnes of wisdom…

is ominous, bitterly sweet, hidden deep in mind, touching the surface,
enriching my life – throwing me back…

…tormenting me…

The knowledge so old as the ages of forgotten days,
buried so deep to unveil even to the knowing ones.

…the solitude haunting me…

Memories of the olden times, of beauty and splendour – another life,
as a divine above the stars, mighty and glowing in space behind.
I wish I could fly away, back to the splendid being
there is my throne to reign, the worlds once I had been leading.

There lays the source of all my turmoil,
substantiation there I can find.

Finally free again to be,
to be deified in all my pride.

Noone can understand me truly,
the sorrow of the thoughts flowing through my awarenes,
condemning me to eternal loneliness.

As I watch the moonlight the rivers flow through my mind,
taking me to the places never seen by human eyes,
difference of my being now evident – strong, shines,
this malediction of our fate, the solitude of the wise.

Noone can undrestand us truly,
gods hidden in mask of human skin,
our death shall be time of our new birth – again stand high.

5. Das Tor zur Ewigkeit


…. Die Nacht….
Des Mondes Licht bescheinst meine Trauer
bescheinst verlorene Träume auf dieser Welt.
Ich stehe an dem Hügel des vergessen Rites
meine Seele wandert die Zeite wo unsere Täte
bedeutet den Ruhm für uns.

….wo ist der Stolz jetzt?….

Dunkele Wolke umhült die Bilde unserem alten Götter einhaut im Stein.
Der Himmel bewölkt sein Geist so still, der Glaube verderben, die Götter leben nicht mehr.
Der edel Volk des tapferen Krieger der lebte für die Ehre und für seinen Stammen vorteil.
Die Menschen der vergessen seiner Ahnen Werten, verlor seinen Kampf, sie zielen zum Niedergang.

Aber für immer der Rest des weisen besteht hier, in seiner Seelen ewige Flamme brennt äonenlang. Sie sind die erkisen Erweckeren, der werden erblicken der neue Zeit des Welt in königlich Gewand, die erkiesen werden entdecken das Tor zur Ewigkeit………

Ich stehe an dem Hügel in der Einsamkeit, der Wind des Endlose streichst meine Wange. Ich bin der Seher der enthüllt der Schleier des Zeit, ich erblickte das Tor zur Ewigkeit.

6. From The Epoch Faraway (Song Of Hermit)


As the night falls and the stars come closer
the real and unknown are mixing together
the memories start to turn strange direction –
the truth from the past and distant period.
This is the time to see to understand
but only for those who can open their mind.
There lays the knowing, the source of existence
written in subconscience there to be found.

The hermit inside depth of my soul awaken by those sad memories.
Through him I can see those things that past long time before I was born here.
Remembrances of the places and of the times from another space –
places of my pre-human being located in another sphere.

There I feel the borders of time dissolving away and so is space.
Through the sea of astral substance towards the visions from the epoch faraway. the state...of see what...the hermit sees...

Land beyond understanding nad imagination spaces beyond spaces and persistance of time, again.
All the splendid beauty, the abyssic forests lit by all the suns, all the stars and moons, to see.
Once more I can see them with my inner eyes the hermit inside me still hidden but alive, waiting.
To him I sing this chant to awake his power to flee out of this world to that reality, beyond reality.

...awake me...

Still waiting for the Great moment, still waiting for the time to come.
Then to return to my ture being to the kingdom of my olden skies.
To reign there with the other gods – they are the true brothers of mine,
I see the times approaching – the inner self brightly shines.

7. Wandering Northwards


…a passion to unveil the purpose of being…

As I see the nightshaded lands I feel the longing so old as time,
then I ask meadoqws and the forests where to find the answer utterly right.
The answer that would make me serene, a knowledge that brings tranquility
for my soul eager for wisdom to open me the pasage to eternity.

…the passion for knowledge hidden deep in flesh,
the quest for wisdom forcing me wandering northwards.

The blowing wind whispers to me, what´s been forgotten again shall be
where the wind goes I have to go, there I will find the purpose unknown.
Where severe frost bites the land, where rigorous gods rule by cruel hand,
there lays the beauty – my journey will end.

…the quest for reconcilation
…wandering northwards

Rising high in my eyes the great mountains consisting of ice
and so all the landscape, the hidden doubt dies.
The frozen snow blazing like thousand eyes,
I stand proud where the ground meets the skies.

I walk in sorrow through rest of my life, the final chapter – no longer to fight.
For the answer to wander without end, to seek it is for what my life was meant.

…the most important thing to live for
…seen only by those who saw more

in the lives they lived long times ago
in the thoughts they thought not knowing why
in the memories hidden in the deepest depths of mind
in the sorrow guiding them from life to life.

That is why I must to know the purpose of all the endeavour, of all the suffer
known to my flesh and my soul in all the lives I lived through the aeons.
This is the last journey to go, never to return from the final march,
it lures me – I have to wander northwards.

8. Tempest From Beyond


Crawling in the dark
in the forest I was born
to summon my legion.
Watching the sky
the moon darkened by unlight
midnight eclipse about to come.

Invokin the anciet gods
of the astral dominions
beyond the reach of our sun.
Mourning on the rocks
illuminated by the stars
I stand waiting for a dawn.

Captured in the mood
as the sadness fills my heart
through the blackened horizons.
But I can´t leave my path
of my nature as a beast
I´m innocent like a wolf.

Entering the blazing circle
leaving my flesh for the soil
my spirit flies to another world.
Now the last dawn´s being set
no life shall be spared
in the tempest from beyond.

9. Krajina mrazu - Landscape Of Frost


Tam kde pøíkrov snìhu leží,
kde krutý mráz pøevládá,
tam dávná zem našich otcù
v tichém snìní spoèívá.


Staré mohyly se tyèí
na kopcích posvátných,
bdící duchové je støeží
za nocí studených.
....dlouhých, tichých....


Prastará krajina mrazu
zlými vìky zmožená,
leží skryta v našich srdcích,
matka naše pradávná.

otèina naše – nelítostná,
pøesto nadìjí nám zùstává.
....vzpomínka rodová....


Kde leží meèe mých pøedkù, zbroj dávno rozpadlá,
tam chci též složit své kosti, síò slávy otevøená....


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