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"Kammen" (2007)

1. The Hounds of the Falls
2. Cold in the Earth
3. October
4. These Empty Rooms
5. Kammen
6. The Last Time
7. Rajalla
8. Soulburn
9. I Break (Katatonia cover)

1. The Hounds of the Falls

In the dying light of the demon moon
By the falls of the hounds
Their shadows dance in the eerie gloom
The damp night air is thick with their howls

Ageless voices carried with the winds
As darkness creeps upon the falls
Countless songs wailed into the night
Echoing in the dim moonlight

Bodies drowned, spirits alive
As ghosts they'll haunt these falls
Even the roar of these dark waters
Can't hide their nocturnal calls

2. Cold in the Earth

Withering winds whispered no more
And the air was stagnant still
The rivers and lakes stood calm
Nothing stirred within their silent depths

Cold in the earth
And a dozen cold Decembers
Cold in the earth
In the womb of the dready grave

The sun and the moon thrown from their paths
Not a single star flickered in the night
Time stood still in silence
Holding its breath, waiting for the end

Mother earth lies in her grave
Into emptiness her life fades
Apocalypse, the end of the world

3. October

The rivers, the lakes, and the oceans
All stood still,
And nothing stirred within
Their silent depths

Ships sailorless lay
Rotting on the sea
And their masts fell

Come September, Summer dies away
Come October, So cold are our ways
Come September, Summer dies away
Come October, So short are our days

They slept on the abyss
Without a surge
The waves were dead
The tides were in their grave

And the clouds perished;
Darkness had no need
Of aid from them
She was the universe

4. These Empty Rooms

I have no shadow, I have no voice
My blood is cold, my heart has no beat
I have no faith, I have no soul
Please, don't follow...

Don't Follow me down

I'm gone there's nothing left for me here
Just an empty house with empty cold rooms
Full of bitter longing and gloom
Ful of bitter longing for you

Nothing left for me here
I just want to walk out the door
Never to return...

Don't follow me down

My past haunts me
My past hurts me
The memories mock me
And the knowledge daunts me

5. Kammen

Metsä mykkä, taivas tyyni
Luonto suuressa surussaan
Loitonnehet linnut kaikki

Voisin vaieta
Kaus mennä
Voisin vaieta
Niinkuin päivä

Lankes laulajan unelma
Katkes kielet kanteleesta
Lankes laulajan unelma
Sydän hyytyi

Tulla Tuonen kartanoihin
Virran poikki, virren polvi
Piillä kuoleman pihoille

Silmät suurina kysyvät
Huulet vailla vastausta
Kasvot jäiset, kalvenneet

Kaivan haudan haavehille
Laulajan unelmille
Kaivan haudan haavehille
tuvan tumman, pirtin pienin

Laine laulusi lopeta
Tulkoon maille Tuonen valta
Luonnon talvi, laulun talvi

6. The Last Time

Watching the world pass me by
Nothing ever goes my way
Walk alone through this cold life
The never ending burden of time

Watching the world pass me by
No turning back
Dare I even ask for hope?
The never ending pain of life

Let me try, one last time
Just one more chance, to live my life
Give me hope, one last straw
Before death claims us all

7. Rajalla

Pienet ja kärsivät tähdet
Katsovat pimeyteen
Olen niin väsynyt tänään
Tuskiini hiljaisiin

On pimeä maa
Kuolema hiipii ja saalistaa

Ja minä kuuntelen, kuuntelen kulkua kahisevaa
Kuuletko sydämeni huudon
Ja minä kuuntelen, hiipivä kuolema ei sitä kuulla saa
Kuuletko sydämeni huudon

Hiipivä kuolema ei sitä kuulla saa

Kerran, kauan sitten
Palavaa unta näin
Taivaalla hulmusi tähdet
Ylleni syöksähtäin

Olen lentänyt liian kauas
Olen lentänyt eksyksiin
Olen lentänyt siivin voitollisin
Olen lentänyt läpi joka ainoan taivaan

Nyt rajalla viimeisen taivaan
Nyt rajalla kuoleman maan
Minä vapisen enää hiljaa
Rajalla pimeyden

8. Soulburn

Now in the falling of gloom
The red fire paints the empty room
Burn all the bridges, burn the past
Flames will swallow all that once was

Once again the glow returns
Around me everything burns
Burn all the letters, burn all books
Fire will swallow all your lies

Come, fire, rise
Thrice on an autumn's night
Come, fire, rise
Burn my soul

9. I Break (Katatonia cover)

Sounds of imbalance
Sleeps through the never
The artificial lightsource
Is creeping with flies

And this time I break
I will never make
Another day
Defiant to what's delivered

I will find a way
To sever myself
Exit all today
You can't see this
Did you ever say
I break sever
I will find a way
Visit me when I'm there
The weakness of hope
Is the strenght of decline
Remember whar's past ways
And what I've become
The joy if not beig
Something I need
I'm only weather
But only to me


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