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Nothing To Fear

"Nothing To Fear" (1988)

1. R.I.P. (Ripped Into Pieces)
2. Mutants
3. Hell Is Full
4. Painless
5. Fear Itself
6. Sudden Death
7. Incineration/Caustic Sleep
8. When Worlds Collide
9. Victims In The Void

1. R.I.P. (Ripped Into Pieces)

Torn apart from the sight the deadly mass is out tonight
Along the streets the mutants crawl
Attacking young bodies and screaming their call
“Out of our way” is what they say
Worry no more your death will be my pay

Corpses fall…one by one
Dead men crawl…out of their holes
Blood runs red…down my spine
Heads crushed by lead I’m ripped into pieces

And so they say to be prepared the end is near and it’s time to fear
Caught by knives the blood flows free
Out of life and no one breathes
Sharpen the blades to dig inside
“Overcome bitch our you shall die”

In the air where radar scans human flesh begins to burn
Down below the people turn they’re moving fast
But there’s nowhere to go when the knife cuts through me
Oh my God I’m ripped into pieces

Torn apart from the sight the deadly mass is out tonight
And so they say to be prepared the end is near and it’s time to fear
Caught by knives the blood flows free
Out of life and no one breathes
Sharpen the blades to dig inside
“Overcome bitch our you shall di

2. Mutants

Across the lanes the mutants design
A brew for descent to confiscate their wrath of mankind
Their avid lust it sickens the scheme
Afraid of contest to the change the codes of society

Lull yourselves is what they say
Respond to our deeds like beasts react to their tags
Adopt our laws for there is no choice
You gray matter means nothing except a voice
A voice that we don’t hear

We will alter your tormentive ways
The mutants are going to take over

We’ll publicize specifics of your lies
And to the close you’ll sorrow all your sins

Into the dark I sense your steel
Penetrate my spine, try to exhaust my mind

Iconoclast it spreads over countrysides
The dislodging is imminent as the day

Detonation grovels from the depths of despair
No more peace we’ve lost the desire to live
The life you’ve chosen for us
Try your strength you’ve lost all your will
The time is ours and we shall not stand still
The mutants will survive

We will alter your tormentive ways
The mutants are going to take over

Mutants, Mutants…are going to take over
Mutants, Mutants…are going to lead
Mutants, Mutants…no more bullshit
Mutants, Mutants…

3. Hell Is Full

Rats infest the human race
Ruining lives at a shattering pace
No hope for leaches that thrive on greed
Hell is full I bought the deed

Powers an illusion of weakened men
Destroying the ego of a brain termed “Dead”
Wave your fists and lies come out
History reveals what believers doubt
Demented rulers for the time control
Leading astray the robots in droves
Pulling strings of ball less men
Afraid to speak out for the fear of death

Communist pigs patrol streets of fright
Preparing to strike an attack of delight
Rotting flesh give the air a stench
Murderers show no signs of repent
Eternal life is what you seek tin this game
But the fortunes you rape cannot bring you fame
The sign flashes bright on the burning wall
“No More Room Hell is Full”

I blow my way through you force is my game
I’ll stand behind your back make your charade your words
You can’t kill me I’m not really there to take your blows
A well thought thrust will wipe me out of your brain

4. Painless

Secluded by thoughts almost never revealed
He lives in his mind and laughs at the world
Anesthesia benumbs his soul and lifts the curse that’s taken its toll
His world has froze he’s forgotten the past
His mind’s been blank he’s retired and left
A life of helping the young to live and the old to die and the blessed to give

But he knows, and the one thing that he controls is his state of mind
And that’s where he’s got us all fooled
We think he’s insane but he’s actually not
He’s living his past inside of his thoughts

His thoughts are they real or are they part of his plan
To escape from a time which he’d rather forget
He’s chosen isolation away from creation
It’s his peace that matters to him and nothing else
Time, Time means nothing it’s so fribble
And to dwell on the subject is so unreal

Cause of Death, Classified!

One for depression
Two for the lack of thought
Four thousand questions stare you down
Once a life of trust now a broken man
Your concoction of life lives inside your nerves
Handing out answers to those in pain
Seeking relief from this hell
Curious people ask “Who’s this saintly man”
But he’s just an object that has lost his mind

5. Fear Itself

Phobia grips my mind states my fear of nothing
Commit myself to comatose my movement sees and end

My intelligence anticipates an increase for suppression
Wallowing with my diffidence screaming for an answer

An emptiness surrounds me leaving me to wither
I must shake this silly whim for there’s nothing left to fear

I have screamed my last dream
Shadows reveal what I have seen
My fears have been charaded into nothingness
A fool was I to believe
In fear…itself

A feeling of confidence overwhelming erupts within
My character
Success over absurdity
Coward not justified capacities insulted
Exhausted of life in a shell this trend’s to be broken

Over my crisis and I don’t wish to die
Laughing at my freight as it stares me in the eye
Phobias an illusion of a weak-minded fool
Controlling your emotions and possessing your rule

Scared to die
Hear my cry
Ya Ka Bang!
I won’t fear to die

6. Sudden Death

Sudden Death

Following footsteps through barren land
Searching through shadows
Cast by my hand
The sun has beaten a sweat on my brow
Heat has taken my body over
It’s taken my- body over

Day wears on into the night
Death is near, unless I fight
The war is over yet it’s just begun
I’ve got to survive the evil sun

He will be there
Waiting for your body as the end gets near
Cast out- your fears
Mind over matter is the only way out come on

A nightmare in daylight
You tell the untold stories
The rider on white horse
The only way to morning

Screamin, runnin, fallin’ on your knees
We will destroy ya, and then come back for more
Shout out, no one hears your
Useless call

7. Incineration/Caustic Sleep

Forever under fire your strength grows weak
You search for survival in this hell we keep
Penance paid the torture approaches
Wave a fist to try me attempt to crucify me
I’m burned to bits I’m laughing

My evil plots devotion to the sickened minds in motion
Money turns the tumblers in me
I crave the desire to watch you expire
A pitiful sight to see
Which deep blue vein will stop the flow
Well I'm still laughing don’t you know
I’ll inspect you till the closing stage
And laugh you under when you die in caustic sleep

See my emotion watch me take over
Never a leader always a taker
Spare me your anger I could care less

And so the day has come for judgment of you and me
I’ve never seen a more deserving bastard to die the death you’ll feel
Your body will burn in agony and make my pleasure swell
You’ll never see your dreams matter they’ll just fade away

All your life you’ve live a nightmare portraying innocence
When guilt has ruled your mind forever will you still deny
Cry out in pain an danger your God is dead
Must we all live in your shadow

8. When Worlds Collide

In between the wars of time
Death has struck the hour
Lifeless bodies lined the fields
Fertilizing powers of the world

All the powers of the worlds surround
Making our lives crash to the ground
Take you to death your death so…
Your death so young, push on the leaders there is the wrong
They are selling your…selling your head,
Rented you out…left for dead
When the worlds collide

Shadows grew upon the trees
Mortar blasts in the cool breeze
Burnt building lined the skies
No one left all have died


Darkness turned into the light
Death, destruction all in sight
I can’t stand their evil ways
My minds at loss from day to day

Out of dark ashes rose
The universe it was destroyed
Your greed for scepter has recoiled
And left it’s mark in the soil

9. Victims In The Void

Moving along to a distant shore cast into
Fires raging burning what’s in store for me and for you
Witness the screams filling the air bodies burn
Stop the killings it’s over, the tables turn

Onto another day we will fight
Minds forget the tragedies that lie in the graves
It’s over now once and all see the light
The killings have stopped and brought us new life, can’t you see

We fight ourselves to the end of time
Straight into death we are shoved slain victims

Troops fill the air tonight searching for
Terror bloody terror in the sky all over
Stop senseless murdering of mankind
We’ve all got to join to survive

Scaling the lands along in the night
Searching in our fight
Ashes are left of a city now so dirty
Evil minds get ready
Leaving behind the ruins destroyed by demons


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