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Fit Of Anger

"Fit Of Anger" (1986)

1. In The Wake
2. Children Of The Wicked
3. What's Your Game
4. Abuse It (Til It Bleeds)
5. Bones
6. Fanatics
7. Fallen Angel
8. Machine
9. Vigilante Killer
10. Breakdown

1. In The Wake

Possessed by shadows, you turn to run
From what you donít know, something evil
Someone lives inside you, I know the reason why
Somethingís grown inside you, youíre gonna die

Pain it overcomes you, inside your head
Reaching out for help, thereís no one there
Feelings of anger, penetrate your mind
Somethingís inside you, youíre gonna die

Someone lives inside you
Somethingís making you lose your mind

Can you Ė Can you fight it off
Or will you lose your sanity

Left in the wake, one step from hell

Someone lives inside you, I know the reason why
Somethingís grown inside you, youíre gonna die
Someone lives inside you
Something lives inside
Someone lives inside you
Something Ė youíre gonna die

2. Children Of The Wicked

Children Of The Wicked

Walkin the streets alone at night
Everybodyís ready
Darkness creeping on
The cold air is deadly
And soon weíll find the gate to hell
In a fire stricken hole
Then, the master will call out
Behold, I want you to know
I want you to know

As he raises his fist to the sky
Weíre all told to listen
Come my children of the wicked
Into my own world
Thereís nowhere else that you can go
Everything is frozen
This place down here is forever hot
And soon you will like it
You will like it
You all will like

3. What's Your Game

Whatís Your Game

Can you feel what you want
Is your need so strong that you
Gotta have
Burning desire is a one way street
Itíll tear you up and get you beat
I know what I want
I know itís not you
A pack of lies is all you speak
Lookout, youíre in for a treat

Crawl around on your knees
Getting dirty, anything to please
Your mind is an empty space
Itís written all over your face
Do anything to get your way
It wonít work, itís another day
Canít you see its no use
Torturing yourself with this abuse

Fight, Fight Ė to stop your lies
Right, right Ė gotta realize
Hey, hey Ė whatís your game
Lay, lay Ė well thatís your game

4. Abuse It (Til It Bleeds)

Abuse it (till it bleeds)

Suicide overload, she canít get away
Canít get her mind through another day
Praying for the strength
Or the will to survive
Donít wanna be around when
She takes that dive
Simple minds breed simple souls
The time has come as the bell tolls
Her silly ass body crawls into bed
To get by
Under the sheets is where
Sheís gonna die

Around the block is where she goes
Everybodyís had some, we all know
Disease, infections to the point of disgust
Her mind is raged with that one track lust
Calling out to anyone with a gun
She wants to be loaded full of
No potential thereís only
One way out
The end is near as she screams and shouts

Force her- onto her knees
Make it Ė last to please
Abuse it Ė till it bleeds
Make it Ė good to me
Make it Ė good to me
Abuse it Ė till it bleeds

5. Bones

6. Fanatics


Feeling the pressure
My mind begins to bend
A twisted puzzle
Too much to comprehend
Radical Measures
Fanatics run wild
Escape from adapting
To prejudicial lies

Canít you sense my force
Never take itís course
It will cost your life

Corruption will feel us
As we begin to bear
Our strength is in our numbers
And fear sends you there

Weíve become lethal
Our fate can change
Fanatics rule all minds

Attack every thought allowing our plan to work
Never ending rage will build up from inside

And take it all away leaving our hate to show
For obsolescent ways the time has come to change

We have the power to overcome the regnancy
Living for the day fanatics gain control

7. Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Terror in your eyes, time to realize
Your fate has been chosen
No more chances, youíve been
Given enough
To prove yourself
Now thereís the fear, dripping in a tear
Running slowly down
Your mind bleeds sorrow, as if
No tomorrow
Cry yourself to sleep

The men await, while the children
Take their turn on your body
Casting spells upon, hurling stones on
Your tortured waiting soul
Demented little schemes, their evil little dreams
To destroy your face
Fallen apart from the shame and disgrace
The angel crawls to a hiding place

Taken astray, by your swollen mind
Come down to earth, ooh and see the light
You are no one and soon you all will find
Why the angel cant fly

Try to pull a number
Itís all in vain
Your efforts are wasted
Everyone has caught onto your game
The emptiness shows why
No one came
Keep patting yourself on the back
While your show goes down
A well troddení track
Nowhere at all is where youíll always be
A dream world you live, some fantasy

8. Machine


Thunder- hits the sky
Crashin Ė to the ground
Run to the gates
Youíre the chosen one
Engines rumble Ė in the dead of night

Slowly walkiní Ė itís a dark
Lonely crawl
Passiní a life time- left on a wall

Runnin- through the night
Trying Ė not to fight
Pull now Ė Together
(We canít give up)
Scream out Ė for your sins
(Ya gotta try)

Place in your mind,
You gotta believe
Run with the pack, donít look back
Out in the night, nowhere in sight
Press in now, to machine

What can this be
For all you to see
The fear will numb
Machine will come

9. Vigilante Killer

Vigilante Killer

Woken by surprise in the dead of night
Caught in between whatís wrong and right
Donít play the hero, it never pays
The one who kills, is the one who lays
They donít care if you have a reason
Itís all the same to them
Theyíll hang you hard and string you high
And let your body sizzle and fry

Over and over you try to escape
The fear that follows is a lonely wait
Cominí to get you at a quarter of five
The plunge you take is the final dive
The crowd gathers for the show to begin
The lights come on and they bring you in
Tied to the chair like a little doll
Treated to the crowd like a criminal

You will see that I am right
Time will tell, if you, are free
Youíll see, right

10. Breakdown


Screamin for mercy, you are so pitiful
Run for some shelter, try to escape from me
Can you stand it or will you just give up
You know you canít take it
Because I am the one
To tear you up
Take you down
My how the torture
Shows in your eyes
It shows- in your eyes

Grab your belongings, take the next train out of town
The full moon is rising Iím comin to get you now

Blood will be flying when I hit you with full force
And soon youíll be crying, oh why do I have to die?

You are so selfish
Never time for no one
Will you accept it
Your time has finally come

Woman youíre breaking me down
I donít care if itís you or me


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