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That Which Was Once Man

"That Which Was Once Man" (2003 Demo)

1. The Forest Of The Impaled
2. A Thousand Torches
3. That Which Was Once Man
4. Witch King

1. The Forest Of The Impaled

Shadows of a thousand of the tortured
The forest that bleeds and moans.
And cries for the dying
I dine amongst them
Feast here in this waste again
Beneath the darkened eclipse,
Beneath the moon the winds
Blow from the mountains.
Walking eternally; the watcher
Seeking the promise
Left here a century ago
In ancient times
I walked then ageless
Now they awaken, the shadows.

Shadows of a thousand of the tortured
The forest that bleeds and moans.
And cries for the dying.
Lust for the souls of men
Beyond the vast forest
The sightless shadows whisper
In dreaming the secrets of the lost.
The key to reveal the gate.
At the dread ruins of ancient time
The shadows of dead men
Whisper to me the secret of the winded
Palace of darkness

Here in this waste again
I stand holding the iron key
Whispered to me the secrets of shadow
To live forever.
The gate opens before me.

2. A Thousand Torches

A thousand voices howling in pale song
Mournful to raise from the embers
Raise against they who have come to slaughter
And in tumult bring chaos against
Those who would honor the sign of the hammer.

Leather tightened against rings
And upon them each many verses are written
Marking them as those who would stand
In the halls of the fathers, they being sons of the north
Whose will as the very mountains cannot be moved.

Yet the thundering of a thousand hooves
And smoke that from a thousand torches climbs
To blacken the wind; these omens foreseen
By those who are as dead men to the eyes of Wotan
Those who loll in frailty and know only foreign ways
Are fated of murder, pillage, and doom.

Endless forging; of iron wrought these things
Held high and in vengeful hands are they.
For wild men who fear no darkness
Ponder scarcely for butchery or no;
But live only to see blood stained their hands
As they lay down the countless in trampled wilderness.

What rings out during this twilight
Ye the haunting echoes of the summoned horn
The cross wielded by they; so plain yet it forever plagues
That what is not spoken by elders, who speak Wotan’s name
In ashes it shall be, forever more, as the iron strikes.

3. That Which Was Once Man

It was here that they were first seen, upon entering the darkness of the catacomb when the spot from my lantern danced along the glistening limestone, and then disappeared into the shadow, only to illuminate with much horror the foulest of things. Bald and gray, and with yellow eyes like those of a cat, but which pierced me with far greater foreboding. Nigh as tall as small boys, there were a dozen or so, and I could hear them gibbering and hissing amongst themselves. They all turned at my light and started toward me, crawling and dragging their wretched bodies like a mass of lepers. I turned to escape the madness before me: but my lantern was dropped, plunging me into the dark. My memory fades here… little else I can recall of the horror, or how I was found lying in the foyer. I am since haunted by devilish dreams. It seems that I should never awaken from an unceasing nightmare. I grow feeble, my mind grows tired. How I yearn to be taken again by the darkness; taken, so that I witness these things in my thoughts no longer.

4. Witch King

He who within the cold of the mountains
Dwells unscarred by the light
Oh pale dweller who is known
As the scrolls have told
The prince of witchery
He who holds captive in the darkened shrine
Uncursed by the light, a millenia of wisdom
And awaits to arise
Oh wraithen prince what hast thou kept
Secret in the abyssic lair?
And what thou shalt reveal
At the dread coming of your time once again
To those who remain slaves to the light.
Darkened the sky shalt become
Oh lying keeper of madness
Let the unnumbered who dwell within
The cold of the mountains
Follow in the shadow of your passing.
Blasphemic horde who lives once again
Rises to chant the praise
As the scrolls have told
At last your ancient wisdom shall be revealed
And the feared light shall dwell in the shadow
Of your passing.
Witch King


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