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Tales From Beyond

"Tales From Beyond" (2002 Demo)

1. Infernal Breed
2. Oblivion is the Gate
3. Chapter X
4. Astral Rebirth

1. Infernal Breed

Impaler, impaled
They think victory is found
But the horde of the night has come
To take vengeance from the skies
We’re the bringers of storm
Spawned by evilness and rage
The sons of the reborn
The first, the founder of our race

Our endless wrath
Our cruel majesty
To hear their final breath
To put humanity to death

Evil and immortal we shall rule

There, where the mountains touch the clouds
Where the fog covers everything
Where the forests still have secrets for men
There he had his birth
First of many, dead for us
We’ll revenge our father, lost…

No chance, no escape
No fucking cross we’ll stop our rage
You’ve made your last mistake
No more black souls to break

Impaler, impaled
The final victory is thine

2. Oblivion is the Gate

Sudden thunder, you who hold the light
Show me the truth that I can’t find
This mysterious night has to tell me
If has come my time to die

Caught by the chants of voices from beyond
The lookness of myself flies over the path to everywhere

“Lead my way to the world between”

Waning moon, you too will leave me soon
Only the silence will share my gloom
Am I dreaming? I see the kingdom of my fate
Oblivion is the gate

Closer, closer is the wan face, twofold sharp!

She gazed upon my eyes, endless
Her wretchedness even stronger than mine

“Breathe my life away, I will come with thee”

3. Chapter X

4. Astral Rebirth

I behold the black vault
And I see the ancient Gods
As They rise in the skies
I gaze at Them when the day dies

Their presence within my thoughts
Leads my mind to the past

It reminds me ancient cults
When Her rising before the sun
Was the sign of the spate
The flood of the bringer of life

As I stare at the Gods in the skies
I wonder at the time passed

It reminds me ancient rites
That have led the kings to Him
He Who was in the skies
The heavenly reign of the dead

Pharaohs’ fate was in the skies
Up above, among the stars
There they were born again
Just like stars amid the stars

Khufu’s horizon was the way
The south channel led to Him
The way out to reach the stars
For the souls of pharaohs dead

The son of the dead, the new king
Had to execute the ritual
The opening of dead king’s mouth
By the axe of Upuaut

«I am Horus, I hit your mouth
‘Cause I’m your beloved son»
(Pyramid Texts 11)

The dead king could now reach the God
Though the passage his soul could fly
To the skies in the celestial reign
Where to rise as a new star

By the astral copulation
They have given birth to their son
The dead king has reached the Father
He has flied to Him to unite

Dead king’s son has been enthroned
As a new king-Horus called
Son of Him up in the skies
Son of the king who has died

When the dead king touched the skies
Joined with the God above
Now they could be just one thing
For eternity to come


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