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"Astronomicon" (2002)

1. Weird Places
2. Pit And Pendulum
3. ...In The Garden
4. The Violin Of Erich Zann
5. Talamasaca
6. Daimonion

1. Weird Places

The Night surrounds and closes inside...
The woods' silence cries in my mind
And a little light appears on the long dark road...

Black trees around-standing like heroes
Old witnesses of untold thoughts
As a giant shadow grows before my eyes
A castle (?) never seen, a weird place of vile dreams
Calling inside with magic light
As it welcomes with shadows-dancing around

Gloomy figures wherever I turn
The past's dead minds shouting and burning in my fears...
..."Let me show you God with blood"
and a sword like a crucifix remembers the past

...Just illusion, if I dream
Just words in a brain
Just another fight inside myself
At the end of the beginning...
Just words...if I dream; just words in a brain

...battles I go, dead screams burn
Bloody kisses in ever return
And dead emperors...building
immortal graves/To make alive what never stays:
The Past.
...Just illusions,
If I dream just words in a brain
Just another fight in myself
At the end of the beginning...
Just thoughts...if I dream
Just words in a brain...
But isn't the shadows stop for a while
Nothing here but the past surrounds,
Other ages, other fights
Came to the end but here they live
And while surprising, a mirror smiles to my shadowed eyes

2. Pit And Pendulum

In the darkness of Time, in the name of God
Truth dies in the dying shout,
Crying kisses or killer's hands
And the glory grows on glorious heads...
This is the truth of their God;
This is the death of my belief
From the glorious mouth deadly words come out:
They want me to die

I awake but light has disappeared...
Maybe it's died like me in this dark hell
Black days, blind nights,
Redemption-shouts from my heart,
In the killing silence, alive but dead,
I'm going mad
The trembling steps I try to take
Will slowly take me
Finish my way in a Pit.
But I'm falling on the floor and feel
The depths before me/Just one more step
Would have brought me to my death!

Upon rousing, I look around:
I can see by a sulphuros light
I'm chained in a low form:the final plan, the scaffold
And when this thought lights my future
I feel I can't hold on...
So let the
End take me far...let me fly over life
And when the tears flow no more...
Destiny will show truth...

Where dreams are born,
Where I escape from the demons
Hunting in tormented soul,
Where no one follows
There I escape from the demons...

And there are the depths
I escaped from
And demons painted on the grey walls
Looking upward there is pained death
Holding a pendulum in his frightening hand
...just a second-and I Know:I
smile upon my glittering death;
...the moving pendulum...
...Agitation of spirit keeps me awake
While I wait for my death...I'm afraid
The last minute comes, but lets me live
Rats on my straps...and I can stay here: yet...
My calm doesn't live long...something smells strange:
Glowing metal walls!
They seem to be coming closer and closer
All that they offer:
Burn or Fall

3. ...In The Garden

Long ago died silent lips
Ghosts of lovely words, tears
of a never-ending hollow-life
Jewels of the deadly Nights

Memories have been lost in time
Like my fate, my soul-the faithless mind
Fever-grows in empty veins
And just the Garden that awaits...

...With my ancient life, unknown crimes
Deadly instinct never lies
Hunts me to kill, suffer my sin
Forever and a dreamless dream

Over the Garden there is life waiting
Over the walls there is blood pulsing there us blood pulsing
Over the Gates life and death's waiting
Over the walls my hunger sating

Laughing-breaks my heaven's silence
Young blood haunts my aching mind
To rape my garden's (secret) clarity
But I cannot stop this growing pain

Oh, in my garden, there's life-waiting
Inside these walls, there is blood-pulsing
Inside the gates, life and death's waiting
Inside these walls my hunger sating...

Thrill waits to be blazed, flames up
Life's immense current stops
The fate of you-I make it your face
Your love, your hate, your blood, your fate,
Your heart, your dreams
Your mind...are mine...
...oh...What I did...where I killed... in chains...
the morning comes...and I burn

4. The Violin Of Erich Zann

I remember the Night
That sight's still inside
On old men's streets
Ghosts of never beens

Voices of the Violin
Cried for many Nights
Flames of the mind
Hunted evil kinds

The Violin cried out to the night
Silent screaming-by strings' blood
Nowhere I found, nowhere found me
The darkness of Gods
Embrace the crying of voices

He sat in the dark
Candle's gone out
Just the mad sound
Was still in fight
Next to the window
He stared at the Night
And behind the world
Space opened a mind

Coming from the ancient
Dark Dimensions of refused mights
A silent man-demonic fight
By the strings of his life


5. Talamasaca

From that crazy night
I never forget my love
Before he pile of logs,
She stood like unconscious ghost
A last scream from the stake
Her mother was burnt, she heard
The crowd...

I took her far away, over the seas,
Far from the fears I thought
But the demon followed
Lover of the witches and their souls

And now I had to see her there
On the place she's always feared
The flames waited for her blood
'Cause of her demon's fault...

"I've never hurt you, I've never been
The witch you want to burn,
The witch you kill!
Oh, Lasher come,
Show me your love
Give me a vengence,a great last fight
Show me your power,
To show them mine
Destroy these liars, my untrue sons,
The killer crowd..."
And the storm came, the wind blew blood
Walls fell down on human's flood
Souls got burnt in the flashes of anger
My witch stepped in the tower of the temple

Through her eyes, a world of sorrow
Told me a
Tale of fears and horror
In their hearts, she saw all lies:
Her suffer made the demon awake...

I saw her falling, I saw her blood
Flowing out of her scarlet mouth
The storm stopped, the priests stood up
To take her body on the fameing logs

6. Daimonion

My mind's remains come to life again
While ny sould awakes from my sence's Night
But at once another dark's spreading around...
To feel if I were a Hell...
Cold and wet floor under my soles
And black walls're crying ever pain
If the Black walls cry...or is it the
Angels' chorus or Demons' shout??...


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