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Into the Deepest Wounds

"Into the Deepest Wounds" (2001)

1. Remains of Unfruitful Existence
2. Supernatural
3. Ian
4. False Emotion Strain
5. From Whence the Flesh We Conquer
6. Into the Deepest Wounds
7. Colossus Nebula
8. Blinded By a Dark Matter Sky
9. Rebellion at Norance
10. I Am Despair

1. Remains of Unfruitful Existence

What with one hand spinning lies the other feeds on deception
Our young ensure the inevitable
A thousand eyes watch helpless,
the morals spit upon our open arms
Black cover all, the ground opens
technology;s great achievnents
The immeasurable storms bring foretold destinies
Leaving man in his rightful places,
cowering in the face of violence
Numbers rise beyond control all meat for the slaughter;
the great being does not live
It never was and shall be forever,man the temporary inhabitant only by his way

2. Supernatural

Upon us this dreaded harvest -- the sun will never shine on
these runis -- man has failed the crucible.
The apocalyptic frost begins: take the hand of agony,
embrace winter's doom,
For the flesh proves feeble to its icy grip
forzen winds unleash despair.
When the world was enshrouded by the pale moon's eclipse haunting mist it sleeps,from the silence at Black Mountain's peak, merciless waves of Armageddon crash
and roll upon this dying land.
Inherited by the weak, mayhem swarms in its ture form: super natural unerthered by storms.
Rejoice in eternal night fall, in lust with the demise of dawn.
Unchained are the hounds of chaos, they stir beneath the great ice's thaw...

3. Ian

To know his creators form birth,
the world unknowing of his power:
to take rule of his Withered earth,
he is born!

4. False Emotion Strain

The mechanics of monotony,
a perfected science slowly killing man
Slowly killing my will to live, I can hear nothing at all
walking in place nonprogression,
swimming in the seas of failure
Life lead fallowing, demonstrated life is hated,
demonstrated my eyes see
Lend me emotion I will take it form you,
turn from what blinds you

5. From Whence the Flesh We Conquer

Look from the bliss faith once created, in an enigma of ominous inessece,
that which nest in thy soul, lest it burn with the first eclipse,
iniquitous vernal equinox; the xul knows many passages.
His sear of scorched life will not turn away, but vanquish deities once divine; even in autumnal slumber the choirs cease to sing of praise to a godless world.
Let he who hold no power be gone.
In rage of equinoctial storms --
tragedy unbeknowst to the weakest emotion --
abandon from thy self to serve an unseen being
for what have you come?
Queen of the weeping heavens, a detestable allure smolders beyond the fading meridian.
Moon rise on the boiling sea,
at one with the bleeding spirit before me.

6. Into the Deepest Wounds

Is there accomplishment without failure?
Is there life without emptiness?
Can I feel without reason?
It can't be understood, can't you just accept it?
It's too simple to be complex to you: somthing so pure.
Unmatched, unchallenged --
beaten down and pushed back in my mind, waiting patiently.
Your time will come again.
I'm not waiting.
I'm getting out.
Imprenate before the solstice falls upon --
from whence the flesh we conquer.

7. Colossus Nebula

Of all that hides behind the phantom light,
crucify the solace the children of god have cast upon.
Entities which bore a mightier season,
enslaving the sacred lamb, Nergal --
your sphere once burned bright, in the ebony sky,
from a kingdom now devoid in the cosmos;
procreation from the heaving womb of Earth.
The galaxian lord shed its shepherd's gaze
against the great, one-eyed sword,
forever haunteth in the shape of man;
disintegrated constellations, that in invincible dust
Orion, in all spirit, weep.
Shadow of the emptiness
light fallen from the past majestic thrones:
the newly formed heavens in invisible dust.
Nergal, your sphere once burned bright in the ebony sky,
against the great one-eyed sword
forever haunteth in the shape of man

8. Blinded By a Dark Matter Sky

From the dissolving of the rights of expatriotism
comes the fury of the soulless
I lie on my back never knowing if I am awake.
Never knowing, I feel the summons
of the Plague. These visions hunt me.
The coolness of the rain eases my fever-ridden body...
It started as a fever -- from what I know not -- masses expel
forth, their souls in plain sight,
less is their nobility. So the souls stay to hunt,
starved and bewildered the rest wander.
Above me flies a thousand, a flock that disregards me
and fly onto the south.
Upon looking again, they're not there.
Stained black are my hands where they once grew,
I will never use his name again;
I call to the banishment of the wind.
The lord turns his back and lashes with his great tail;
the Earths hakes from this and
I find a young, dead foul.
I blaspheme those that took it from me.
I bent down to comfort it. Holding it,
I cry deeply and insanely for its love for me is gone.
It's carcass feels cold, and feathers they shed;
A feeling of excitement crosses me:
with each violating thrust I feel enlightenment
I hate, so to me they come.
I fall to my knees; I raise my hands above me.
"For what!!" I scream
"For nothing", a voice answers back.
I turn and see king lucifer ablaze.
"For what!!" he cries out.
"For nothing," the voice answers back.

9. Rebellion at Norance

10. I Am Despair

Inexorable fury, a stir by the fall of day
"and the dawn cast a cruel shadow"
what birth in savage form, abomination scorned with bloodlust "quenched beneath a bleeding moon, the ever unseen torment, in a world cursed to dark insatiable as it grows yet stronger" the hunger that burns inside, the evil, which can never die, the beast that stalks the lamb this night and the twilight grew ever still
"in this foulest of seasons" a lifeless malevolence, keeper of the godless flame "to sufficate the hope of life"
I'am the night you fear, I'am the child's cry gnarled are the claws of fate,
"to which many human shall suffer"


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