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Abolish in Thorns

"Abolish in Thorns" (1995 Demo)

1. Supernatural Terror Unearthed By Storms
2. Gazing Into A Placid Stream
3. A Cold Labyrinth Beyond The Dark Towers
4. Iconoclasm Disintegrates the Flower of Mortality

1. Supernatural Terror Unearthed By Storms

Upon us this dreaded harvest,
The sun will never shine on the ruins
Man has failed the crucible, the Apocalyptic frost begins.

Take the hand of agony, embrace winters doom
For the flesh proves feeble to its icy
Grip, Frozen winds unleashed this despair.
When the world was enshrounded by the pale moons eclipse.

Haunting mist it seeps, from the silence at
The Black Mountains peak. Merciless waves
of Armageddon crash and roll, upon this dying
Land inherited by the weak.

Mayhem swarms in its true form
Supernatural Terror Unearthed by Storms
Rejoice in eternal nightfall
In lust with the demise of dawn
Unchained are the hounds of chaos.
They stir beneath the Great Ice's thaw.

2. Gazing Into A Placid Stream

Secluded, I sit motionless on the grasy knoll
A calm wind warms me, The Sun guides me.
Silently my eyes do close and through them I see the stream.
In the Waters I see the temple aglow
Red now flows the water as the skies burn an orchid hue.
Crumbled are the Ancient ruins of Purity
There once white color is charred black
Above them burn stars in forms of black
I cower at these visions

Haunted by these images I see my truest love her body lays quiescent
Her raped and battered corpse lays on pools of her innocence and warmth
Her tears blind me while I kneel to embrace the deceased; I look away
I gaze into the stream once again
and see my eyes cold and crazed they stare back
For what is to come you will never know.
I have seen the violence destroy the vanity inside.
I have seen the black blind the sighted,
and passion deafen the ones who can hear.
Before me lay the three dead prophets, dead by there own hands.
For this I laugh

3. A Cold Labyrinth Beyond The Dark Towers

Eternally the grim fog sets, to rouse from
a slumber of centuries, screams of malediction
emanate when diabolical procreation overshadows the meek.

Crumbling fall the statues of Icons
As the infernal deluge consumes the
Landscape, entwined in thorns paralyze
weltering mortality, quickly sinking below the
molten sea.

The winged tyrant took flight
Apocalypticus weaves its trance

The faceless wolves roam unbridled to exsistence
Chilling winds of the Anu befall all conceived
Brandished by nightfall smother blooming hope
Profane hooves thunder across the ravaged plains

Chaos blleds from the eye on the throne,
Chasms billowing stench of the kingdom
that once ruled, seven, horrid and soulles. A hunger for
mortals, their frenzy unfolds.
Forever banish to the heaving underworld pits,
Quetly flow the river Styx.

4. Iconoclasm Disintegrates the Flower of Mortality

Like a flower that blooms on a fresh spring day.
It overshadows before a fierce winter storm.
The balance of what is, will be declared never.
The thoughts that hunt me, and cloud me with resentment as I watch the Oak.
Beneath What is buried?
Darkness slowly falls.
It knows the dawn shall never come.
A tear of hope blocks my vision.
For the wind whispers the end.

Like that of a leaveless tree

It is like that of leaveless tree.
My shaky hands comfort what I can see.
Through a vivsion of distorted color.
A fine mist from the heavens freezes what it touches.
I hunch over to get my breath while beads of sweat roll of my brow.
The stillness moves me like that of death.
The horizon burns with just a glare.
The Oak which no longer exists is a symbol.
there beauty and scent entrance me.
Could it be a sign?
Unseen to Mortal Eyes Echoed screams break nocturnal silence,
Moonlight sets upon the cold labyrinth.
Devilbirds breed in shadowy caves
Darkened skies have long been ablaze,
The beast reared forth from heaven
To plague across blackened shores.
Doom clouds grow above.
A thousand foul devour their young.
The inhuman apparition casts its
Great SHadow, unseen to mortal eyes.
Helpless lies the Goddess of light.
Behold the vile legacy never-ending
Stare at the dismal smoke ascending
Through tyranny take rule of this Withered Earth
The spawn unseen to mortal eyes awakens beneath the dirt.


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