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Prophecies Of A Great Plague

"Prophecies Of A Great Plague" (1996)

1. Fragments
2. Confined To Illusions
3. Conjuring The Undivine
4. A World Lit Only By Fire
5. When All Hope Is Lost

1. Fragments

Have You Ever Looked Inside Yourself?
Do You Really Know If You Exist?
Are You All Actually Singular Beings?
Or Are We Just, Fragments Of Someone Elses Dreams?
A Seamless Patchwork Of Fantasy,
At The Edge Of Infinity
Suspended Animation's Dynasty
I Have Often Pondered My Purpose In This Life,
Desperate Quest For Truth
Are There Absolute Wrongs Or Rights?
Moral Values Redefined I'm Freed Of Guilt,
Conscious Of My Own Demise,
My Fleeting Time Intrudes Upon My Memories Of Life,
Hasn't Been Quite As It Seems,
Distinct Plateaus Of My Infancy,
Defined From My Present State Of Being,
Segments Of My Mind, Are Withered Away.
It's As If Places Never Have Occurred.
What Became Of My Will? Clouded By Thought,
Drowned By Tears That Reflect A Lost Part
Of My World.
Lives Of The Past Transcend To Lore,
Erased From Existence Forevermore.
Dreamscapes Await The Soulless Land,
Impending Disaster Now At Hand.
While The Heaven's Reveal A Fallen Paradise,
Do We Have Predetermined Lives?
Are We Only To Die?
Is There A Universal Truth,
This Has Burdened Me Since My Youth.
Lies. A Seamless Patchwork Of Of Fantasy.
At The Edge Of Infinity.

2. Confined To Illusions

Grief Flows Through Me As In The Sea
Recollection Brings Me To My Being
I Stare Toward The Bleak Horizon
Visions Of Despair Have Left Me Numb
I've Been Stripped Of My Past Life's Shell
Confined To Illusions In This Realm
Trapped In The Shadows Where I Wait
Patiently In This Dream Like State
Where Am I? What Have I? Why Am I Here?
I Will Soon Be In You, You Are - In - Me.
What Shall We Do With Our Life?
Transport Of Souls Migrated
Memories, Of Prior Lives I Can't Remember,
Or When, If Ever Happened -
When Comes The End?
Through A Thousand Lives I Have Witnessed Time,
And With These Old Eyes Revelations Shown,
Now I'm Bound My Fate
Wedged Between Two Worlds,
Old And New Lives Meet.
And Existence Spawns, Distant Spheres Collide
With Each Passing Second I Draw Nearer To The Light
Twisted And Turning Within The Chasms Of Demise.
Collaboration Of My Body/Soul Reveal As One
Roaming Free Eternally The Cycle's Finally Done

3. Conjuring The Undivine

At The Cemetery
Fog Descends Upon The Graces
The Witching Hour,
Resurrecting Those Left Unsaved.
Ancient Slumber Broken, Await The Sign.
Age Old Spells Respoken, Conjure The Undivine.
Unrested Demons Set Free
Take Flight Again
Women And Children Weeping, This Is The End.
Caskets Breaking
Hands Arise From The Underground
Hear Them Chanting,
Evil In Chorus - A Ghastly Sound.
The Skies Crack, The Seas Swell,
Flashes Of Lightning Illuminate The Atmosphere
The Fear Spreads Like A Plague.
Phenomena Of Otherworldly Energy
Watch The Clouds, Spread As Though Enchanting.
Witness The Way, In Which We Meet Our Doom.
Surmounted Victory, Solemn Assembly Of Souls Gaze On
Cracking Laughter, Forever Smitten Is The Light.

4. A World Lit Only By Fire

Where Does The Soul Choose To Exist
When Life Has Ceased To Be?
In A Horrible Place, An Infernal Realm
Are We Condemned To Misery?
Or Is Death Just, A Space In Time,
Beyond Our Land And Sea.
Beyond Our Will To Comprehend
A Void In Purgatory.
The Gates Of Hell Are Spread Out Wide
To Welcome The Lost Of Roam
Children Born Unto Darkness Find
A Brand New Place To Call Home.
So When Your Final Hour Strikes,
Where Do You Think You'll Go?
To A Plain Of Eternal Happiness,
Or An Infinity Of Sorrow?

5. When All Hope Is Lost

In The Twilight,
The Faint Echoes Of Despair
Waft Through My Open Window - As The Snow
Descends Softly To The Earth - Where Are You?
Now I Know That The Sun Will Still Rise
Without You Here With Me,
I've lost All Hope.
How I Remember The Way We Spoke,
The Night Before You Died,
Even Then I Realilized, I'd Never
Meet Another Quite Like You.
...As The Dusk Replaces The Day,
A Part Of My Life Is Silently Stifled -
I've lost All Hope.
You Were Stricken, Chilled Wind
Came Out Of A Cloud, Torn Away From Me.
I Was Weeping, As The Colour Faded
From The Elaborate Realm
Of Peace We Called Our Home -
There You Were - Totally Devoid Of Life,
My Mind Raced With The Thoughts Of Yesteryear,
Why Has This Tragedy Befallen Me?
Will This All Show Itself To Be A Dream?
Awakened By A Scream, Visions Of,
The Way In Which The Tears Streamed Down Your Face.
I Never Said Goodbye, I Couldn't Speak
Trying To Form The Words, Just One Last Smile.
My Life Has Come To Pass
Now The Hour Has Come,
My Liberation From This World
As The Sun Beams Into My Dwelling,
I Draw My Last Breath.


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