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"Battlecry" (2005 Demo)

1. Prologue
2. The DragonLord
3. To Walk Amongst the Gods
4. The Unwritten Chapter
5. Battlecry

1. Prologue

2. The DragonLord

The dragonlord sits at his throne, unprepared for what's to come

For many years we hid in fear, but time has come, freedom is near

I've gathered magick from the stars, I ve mastered sorcery at last

All hope lies in my vengeful soul, I must stay wise, don't lose control

He has the stone conceived in hell,

I hope he cannot see my rise, his ignorance his own demise

I cannot do this on my own, my allies brave, will take the stone

But I will stand alone and face his wrath

He was born a mortal, but changed into a demon

He was cursed with incredible powers

As I call on sacred gods to guide me in this journey

My men prepare for battle with the dragons

I walk along this lonely path

I keep my wand and sword by side, my patience has no yet been tried

We reach the fort of the dragonlord, I shout the word to draw their swords

I brace my destiny at last

The winds of death are blowing strong, I hear a godly voice

He summons all the dragons to his aid

Feel our pain

Lightening strike

Swords collide

Blood is shed

The dragons circle round as his lifeforce drains away

His arrogance, he cant believe a mortal stole is life

The dragons return to heaven, but first before they leave

They cast his soul into a hellish land for eternity!!!!

Oh oh……………..

No fear again, we can live life

I use my magic one last time,

Destroy the stone and let the dragons be

Energy flows through the earth

And nature begins its rebirth

The time is here to let go and be free

The threat has disappeared and the sun shines high and bright

Peace is now our common way of life….

(Lyrics written by Lee. Copyright © Winterheart)

3. To Walk Amongst the Gods


As I walk alone with you, my heart begins to burn

I know my time is coming near, but soon will learn

The meaning of life and death, the glory of the stars

My spirit walks amongst the gods and cries……

You think it was meant to be, your suffering that made me see

I know our time was short together, forever

Too little, too late to see, the happiness for you and me

If only I could live forever, together

Your eyes are glowing in the reflection of the moon

But the skies are blackening, impending doom

You think it was.....

I'll fight the gods for you

My place, has no existence

To walk amongst the gods

Has no meaning to me

You think it was.....

A spell I cast, to keep you safe, enchanted lands of lost

I'd give it all away, for one more moment with your love

I'll fight the gods for you.....

(Lyrics written by Lee. Copyright © Winterheart)

4. The Unwritten Chapter

The Unwritten Chapter

When the sun has set and the moon is shining in the sky,

A story upon which im sure a thousand more will die.

The power of the sword is bringing chaos to the land

You cannot fathom the great evil, but soon you'll understand

The stars are moving in the sky, your fate is drawing near

The hidden truth revealed by the wisest elven seer

I am the only one who can resist the evil force

I must destroy the sword in time, my destiny's on course

Death on the fields of despair

The Demons will rise in the night

The kingdom will burn if we fail

Keep faith and keep hope in your heart

Releasing the dragons and fighting our wars

The glory must be found

Seeking the truth and defending our land

The gods will give us strength

Death on the fields......

Apocalyptic battle won, the reaver now destroyed

The Demons fear the new world, as humanity unites

My death is honoured through the land, my soul will wait and watch

I wait on summon for my help, the demons will come back!

Death on the fields......

(Lyrics written by Lee. Copyright © Winterheart)

5. Battlecry


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