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Innocent Dream

"Innocent Dream" (2005 Demo)

1. Innocent Dream
2. White Witch
3. From Here to Eternity
4. Neverland

1. Innocent Dream

Now I'm alone in front of the seas
Your name echoes from the deepest ocean
I'll wait for the end of the day
To begin my damn war

And I'm ready to deliver a blow
To whoever brings you pain
My sword sparkles in the darkness
And will never be soiled by innocent blood again

Please open your eyes and look at me
I'm here at your side

Dancing in the twilight
While the world falls down
Into darkness
While a dream of you lingers on
After the shadows and long hours of loneliness
Heaven sent me an angel

All the time that I stayed in your arms
Where I found shelter,shelter
I prayed for my soul to join yours
I prayed to stare through your deep eyes

While my shaking hand caressed your face
Only inside my music my agony turns into life
Follow the throbbing sound of my wings

Whatever happened between us frightens me
But your strong arms enthralled me

repeat chorus

2. White Witch

Time has come
That I reveal what's in my heart
My dark side is out of control
And all the demons tha dance with me
They don't leave me alone

The hell seizes me
And now I'm hobbling through the storm
The blaze of your eyes is the beacon
That can save me,that can save me now

White witch
Please come back
Please come back to me

I'll wait my rebirth from your lips
Enthralled by your glimpse
White witch
My strenght is in yourself

Bring me back into a world of illusion
Bring me back into your mind white
White witch
Save me from the hell
Take my tired hand and show me the way

repeat chorus

3. From Here to Eternity

I'm still here and I feel the moon whisper on my skin
I have no answer for all that you asked me
I cried crystal tears while you didn't see my blood
Seeping from my wounds
You're like a sad black rose that is born inside my

From here to eternity
This rose will be inside of me forever
Like I'm forever yours
Now can't you hear my scream of pain

After the darkness
In the eyes of an angel my dreams turn to dust
Your figure appears in the candle flame
Your voice is like an angel whispering
Deep is the veil that weighs up my

repeat chorus

4. Neverland

Stars shine bright
On our hopeless fight
Chocked and chained
In a misty land

Look above to the new day
Rain is gone,so raise your hands

[1st chorus]
Somewhere high and far away
There's a place for you
Second star to the right
Straight on to morning

No more shame
Every dream comes true
Just believe
And find your own way

Take my hand fly away with me
Pure music all that you need

repeat 1st chorus

This is our rebellion
It will shake every nation
Come join in our singing
And give a meaning to life
In anguish,in terror
We bring salvation to you
We come from far away
A place you call Neverland

[2nd chorus]
We shall live in neverland
Be forever free
Come with me to neverland
And escape your world


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