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"Despair" (2007)

1. Winter Forest
2. Tyrant Of Nihilism
3. Reaching The Depths Of Death
4. Despair
5. Clouds Of Agony
6. Nihil

1. Winter Forest


Hopeless, alone, lost
Walking on gloomies forests
Hungry beings surrounds me
Suicide fantasies chase me
The visions don't disappear

Winter Forest

Awaked anxiety, decision made
Dagger raised
For last life's blow
In my forbidden forest
My suicide body will be forgotten...

2. Tyrant Of Nihilism


These People don't have ears for you
They aren’t ready for your lips
Dont take anything from yourself to mankind
Take everything away from them
And if you wish to give them a gift
That be a handout , even so
Wait them to beg you

You must commit suicide
You must disappear in front of yourself
It's painful to give birth , the others said
So, why you keep giving birth
Says the tyrant

The living with mankind corrupts the character
Above all when you don't have a character
God has its own hell
It's the love for mankind

Life is free for great souls
For you , lonely one , there are places where
fragrancies of the silent seas blows
It was necessary to take off your eyes
So , you don't suffer so much

3. Reaching The Depths Of Death


A phoetus is born , dying
Dying of anguish
of hope (...)
Without meaning , he bawls
Lifeless , he cries
The phoetus with no destiny
Lives the past
Of hadn’t born

Courseless , he walks
To beyond the dark
Snap his cord…

You are free child
Free in loneliness
You are beyond me
And beyond the creation…

Of evolution…

All of us…

4. Despair


5. Clouds Of Agony


The journey was tiring
You shall to rest now
Your destiny is already drew up
You discovered your own truth

Rest in the most magnificent valley
Where the field's lilies grows

The voices don't torture you anymore
You left your prison
Go away...

Everything is so clear now
But the eyes still in pain
Am I still alive?!...

6. Nihil


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