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Celestial Winds

"Celestial Winds" (1997 Demo)

1. Tétrica União
2. Spiritual Death
3. Desire… Just Another Feeling
4. Dark Deepest Dreams

1. Tétrica União

Por entre as sombras da Noite,
Sob o amargo cântico dos corvos,
Através do denso híbrido nevoeiro,
Cambaleando por entre os tétricos lamúrios,
Das almas perdidas.
Com o fogo ardente da emoção,
Nossos espíritos se unirão.

2. Spiritual Death

The Angel of Death – The robber of life
The mirror of darkness – Show you the lies.

By rites I invoke – By sword I command you
The suffering is inside me
The darkest I embrace thy.

Show me the eyes of the beast
The eyes of myself – The eyes of us all
Take me from this world of pain
From the pain of this world – The pain of us all.

3. Desire… Just Another Feeling

Sometimes, just a very intense feeling
It tooks over our being, without fighting back
Conquering our soul with no regrets or remorse
Desire… Just Another Feeling

Deny to all of my fruits
The sons of darkness, the sons of light
Deny to all of my dreams
My unholy dreams that I spell at night

Walking around there – Trying to destroy the pain
My heart was bleeding – I don’t want to be hurt again.

4. Dark Deepest Dreams

Lonely now – Death it comes
Forever now – Forever pain
Bleeding inside – Bleeding to death
No one can see – How must I detest
Dreams of flesh – Passion for fire
Hate in my veins – Hate and desire.

Darkness takes me – Judas breaks me
Unholy blessings – Cannot take me
Madness working – Religion faking
Unholy bleedings – I’m now making.

Paradise, in the sky,
Paradise, full of lies.


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