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Fire In The Hole

"Fire In The Hole" (2004)

1. Catch 22
2. A new Mankind
3. Hide & Kill
4. Leap in the Dark
5. Burnout
6. Go the Whole
7. (I've got) No Time
8. Midnight Touch (instrumental)
9. (She's a) Regular Boogie Woogie
10. Get it on
11. Sailing Ships
12. Spiagames

1. Catch 22

You Were Born In A Full Metal Cradle
Swingin' On & On Until You Tried To Paddle
Growin' Up, Your Father Barked At You Like A Hound
'Cause ou Let The Fork Go Clangin' To The Ground

7A.M. Still Not Of This Earth
Mama Screams:"You're Late"
And You Set Up With A Jerk
"Everything You Do,You Do Worst,
But When You Fuck The Dog, For Sure You Go First"

Press The Pedal, You're Going Too Fast
The Copper On That Bike Is Givin' You No Rest
You See Him Coming From The Drivin' Mirror
Trying To Make Tracks Like A Rally Hero

School At Last With A Brand New Fine
Mr. Brown Is Waiting With A Bulldog Smile
You Didn't Study, You've Got No Books
You've Got A Lot Of Troubles, Son, You're On The Ropes

Twenty-Eight Years, Past In A Flash
Two Kids And A Wife And Still No Cash
You Wanna Go Back But There's No Way
Isn't That Your Style? Go Ahead Anyway

"I Mustn't Do This, I Couldn't Do That"
Time Is Passing By And You're Getting Too Fat
Things Are Changing, It's A Catch 22
Man Please Take It Easy There is Nothing You Can Do

2. A new Mankind

Hell! I Can't Believe it
Mother Nature's still bleeding
Now the time is over
Human hopes start falling

Life we're badly wasting
Must be healed, protected
Damn! I'm not so far from truth
Wipe away the insanity

Why,you've got to tell me why
There's no care,no wisdom
Change the course of human fate
Just one law: Survive!

Stand by, breathless and wild
The Earth has claimed a new mankind
No Time, Life's got the right
To strive against this crime

3. Hide & Kill

Read the news at breakfast time
One more dead, another crime
Everyday somebody's added to this black list

Written fate, in the shade
They're waiting
Someone will pay for their nervous breakdown

Chorus: Kill, Hide and Kill

No one man,no one soul
Has the right to kill at all
Everyday somebody dies but he doesn't know why


They're shooters,tooth and nail
Sniper rifle doesn't fail
Is there someone who can stop this mess?

4. Leap in the Dark

I need a lot of money
To satisfy the little vices for myself
Can't get enough of my-endless pleasure
Honey don't try to stop me
'Cause you can't

My mission's living fast and loose
I'm sure I ain't no fool
My mission made my life so wonderful
I just wanna keep really to my own line

I know you'll understand me
I've gotta slow my rool
To have a brand new chance
Can't get enough of my-endless pleasure
Now I guess all my plans
went down the drain

Come and get it
Go the limit
Everyday's a leap in the dark

5. Burnout

4 a.m., fooled my night away
Strange eyes slip in the darkness
I'm so tired, I wasted my time
No bucks, no bucks at all

Night by night
I see one thousand faces but I really don't care
Midnight Rider
1) Go your way straight ahead 2) & 3) Show me the way

Don't you forge lies I didn't say
Bad thoughts keep me movin'
Tell no bullshits, man, treat me right
Let me out

Chorus: Higher and higher hang your fire
Screamin' and livin' with desire

6. Go the Whole

I Can Remember
Good times in the garage
Young kids with cheap guitars
Strong faith defenders
Rockers standin' by
Take your dreams and bring'em to life

Pre: Is your brain so down?

Sometimes I wonder
It's cool, it's really kickin'
Hey man, you've done the right thing

Pre: Is your brain so down?

Trust me, go the whole
to Rock'n'Roll

I won't surrender
That's the way I face the world
I'll just hangin' there
Maybe things will go better

7. (I've got) No Time

Hard To Believe
We Cross a Light Tunnel
Born From The Dark Where All Is Lightless
From Then,Every Single Day
Findin' A Reason, Findin' The Way

Do Ask, Do Dare
Life's Too Short, Take Care
Come And Get My Doubts Away
On The Loose From Every Kind Of Rules
Get Busy, Stop Fakin' Off

CHURUS: I.....'VE GOT NO........TIME

Hard To Believe
We Cross A Light Tunnel
Born From The Dark Where All Is Lightless
Play Hard, Make Time
Breakin' Loose My Mind
On The Muscle 'til I Die

8. Midnight Touch (instrumental)

9. (She's a) Regular Boogie Woogie

Dressin' like a sex-queen
Long hair on her shoulders
Down-town all around
Shakin' up her bongos

Starin' at her pictures
I'm really in a frenzy
I wish I could take her
In a bad boy car

Move on, it's time to party
At last I'm gonna meet her
Stay down like a hound
(I'm) smelling at my stonefox

Finally in the cool place
Talkin' to my honey
I wish I could kiss her
In my bad boy car

So hard to have a chance
There's no way to succeed

10. Get it on

Zapping All Nite With A Beer In My Hand
Music's So Boring, I Couldn't Stand
I Need A Shock, Something Hot
(I Hate Those Loops That Never End)

Give Me A Dose Of Rock'N'Roll
That Bloody Dj's Never Known

I've Been Waiting For So Long
Now I Want To Get It On

Day After Day, Baby, I'm On My Way
Just Can't Believe What Some Radios Play
A Bunch Of Words Out Of Season
Over A Music Without Rhyme Or Reason

Give Me A Dose Of Rock'N'Roll
That Goddam Dj's Never Known
For Sure I'll Never Change My Mind
I'm Not So Deaf Nor I'm Blind

Shout It Loud With A Bass In Your Hand
Beat Your Drums As Hard As You Can
You Need A Guitar, One More Shot
Crank It Up, I'm Addicted To Rock

11. Sailing Ships

12. Spiagames

You live emotions, in total freedom
You fly like an angel
You fight like a devil
It's an open challenge
Someone doesn't arrive at all

One arrives first
Some do not arrive at all

so you know you could be hero
like a passion fire under your skin
Yes I know, I could be hero
like a passion fire under my skin

You feel the cold wind
Your heartbeat's rising
Facing the wild bunch
Few seconds to glory
Racing the hard tracks
Someone doesn't arrive at all


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