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"Septem" (2005)

1. Clay Warrior
2. Consumed
3. Rites of Flames
4. As I Lay Dead
5. Lost in Pain, Living in Vain
6. The 8th Day
7. Decadentia
8. Hymn to Fail

1. Clay Warrior

Thou shall now in your time to burn
Find out thou art not the only on
To believe the lies set in your mind
By the world of weakness you took as guide

Display thy courage when thou art a coward
Be brave to fight when the weak step foward
Shallow followers of lies and fear
Cries for mercy when death grows near

Thy fear shall doom thee
Thou shalt crumble before me

Clay Warrior
Shaped by misery
Clay Warrior
Blinded by cowardice

When your time comes thou shall fall
Thy disguise crumbles and shows thy core
Hide note the fear controling thee
And now thou hides from everything you see

Thou are not the last to fight for lies
Within your doom your heart the cries
They're beaten like thee by all disgrace
Fight for nothing, Warriors of clay

Disgrace conquered with pain
Your causa is over and nothing changed


2. Consumed

A gap's been shown, within my soul
I'm fragile and torn, to beings of old

Pain is no barrier, good is no goal
Strengh is a mean, cruelty is gold

When it rapes my mind, puts me aside
Consumes my sanuty, like a parasite

I now weaken, I now fade
Bring me back, bring me awake

I cannot kill it cuz it's inside my head
I cannot kill it cuz it's fucking dead

It takes me over, sets me to its will
It drives me frenzy, makes me wanna kill

Set me free, let me be alone
Let me forget for what's done is done

Let me rest cuz I can't make it
It's note the last, but I can't take it

Bend me until you fucking break me
Shape me til I'm yours to take me

I'm dead to be when your dead to me
I'm dead inside till you leave my mind

I'll claim my life, by suicide
You steal my mind, my parasite
You're my perversion, my obsession
I'm crucified, paralized

Consumed, I feel I'm dead
Insane, just leave my head

I seek destruction
In my obsession

I push your wrath
So I can come in

And you can1t fight me
Just ask me to leave

But you have no power
It's up to me

You cannot try cuz I'm inside of you
You'll be disable until I'm trough

I take you over, I can do what I please
I drive you mad, till you kneel to me

I won't leave, just give up
Join me when you hand enough

You won't last cuz no one does
Rest assured I won't leave your world



3. Rites of Flames

The demons are laughing and the angels cry
On my holy actions to sustain a lie
Thou shall be judged for my word is the law
My name carries fear for the evil I've fought

Terror through religion disguised in my words
Hatred in my eyes and my blood running cold

Compelled by Satan, in the name of Christ
Rapture in thy demise

Burning I watch thee
Your last sight shall be me
The Flames shall burn thy sins
And satisfy the hate I feed

Deceive calling God to aprove all my crimes
Through lies, the flames burn the souls that dies

I will curse thy post-mortem, thou shall burn in hell
The church will name for what sins thou fell

Use holy words but I personify evil
Here I'm cursed and damned for all time

The lie is built on me
And my sword is blasphemy

Rites of flames
By the power invested in me
I offer no last rites unto thee
You will dwell in my belief

Rites of flames
You will burn for my truth
I will banish the sin in you
Rites of flames

4. As I Lay Dead

Where do I lie?
Now where am I?

I feel numb
I see none

I feel broken, worn-out, cold and dead
But I see my own, I can hear my head

I've been taken somewhere I don't belong
Leave me out of here, let me get back

I hear the calls, dragging me to stay
I can't do it now, but I fade away

My body is quiting, I can't help it
But I don't wanna leave, not just yet

I lost all that I had
I lost all that I had
I can't get through to you
I don't know what to do

Can't find my way anymore
I have the key but I lost the door
I don't know what to fight for
So cold and quiet down this shore
Now I can see after the storm
Now I can finally hear my call
I accept that I'm no more
I take my path and leave you all

When I find the path, I hope you've reached
Your destination so to speak

Because you are the ones that make me want to stay
Because you are the ones I'll watch over every day

So it goes, so I pass
But keep in mind I'm note the last

I'm your despair, your cross to bear
But keep in mind still I'm there

You cry and you cry and you still deny
But nefore the end you'll have me in sight
Wipe the tears cuz the pain is gone
I'll be by your side when the day is done

5. Lost in Pain, Living in Vain

Set yourself free
From the bondage of pride

False, eventually
A dark night sky

Measure the damage
Taste the poison

Submissive, even in rage
Dominated by some

Cry for care
Watch your corruption

Haunted by weakness
Thoughts of depression

Rapture in madness
Enjoy destruction

Blood weak and rotten
In hope for ascension

Lost in pain, living in vain
Set yourself free from distress
Dwell in weakness
Lost in pain
Living in vain

Rust your mind
To reach the light
But your dark side
Is the one that fights

For you are so weak
And your virtue is gone

So envy me
For what has to be done

6. The 8th Day

On the eigth day, the world was ill
Nations wept, fullfiled prophecies

On the eight day, crime was created
To kill, steal and create world policies

On the eight day, terror appeared
So we could fear our blood and politicians rise

With all our greed, money grew near
To finance sin, make you and me die

Seven days to create beauty and might
One day to bring it all down
Chaos was created in one day and night
And this day endures until now

Seven days of blindness and trust
One day to realize the truth
Legions cast out by the apple rust
Demons draggin' the planet to its doom

On this day God created evil
And we became weak, we became miserable
Offered our flash, we became despicable
Rapacious, we became hungry
Only cruelty feeds our starvation

On this day He hated his creation
Possessed by wrath, we became rotten
We became sin, we became molten
On the eighth day, we became dead

On the eigth day, He expelled his son
And we all followed Him in years to come

On the eigth day, drugs to the young
Through this fredom, we grew slavery

In our kingdom of chaos, Lucifer sung
And his choir of darkness is still our lead

On the eigth day, we heard the false prophet
And his word would last until the Fall

On the eigth day, the word became profit
And this one profit bound us all

Damned in creation, our fate was sealed
Sentence of death, signed in blood

We shreded the world into warfield
Laying to die on a bed of mud


7. Decadentia

The wicked lead the way
The stench of despair
Submitind to our fate
The decay now is shared

We all know where it goes
We all know what it does
Mallive has been installed
The path to our fall

Through the turns of time, through history
The seen abyss, the dirt in it
We make a fire ourselves...
Jump in and burn

The inocense is gone, the doom has been seen
No redemption is sought until it's too late to redeem

Watching the last light, the last drop of air
Perception of the world dying with a cold stare

Crumbling, falling, burning

Generated, born, we're falling...
Manipulated, torn, we're dying...

Perception of the Fall
The First see it coming
A Fate that blinds us all
The dust that we're becoming

We all know where it goes
We all know what it does
Mallice has been installed
The path to our fall

Only a few see the casket we're going in
The damnation we will suffer eternally

Hope now is fading, we all know our fate
Paying the ultimate price
For the world that's been defaced

Crumbling, falling, burning

8. Hymn to Fail


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