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Sing Thou Unholy Servants

"Sing Thou Unholy Servants" (1996)

1. Forcefed Into Blasphemy
2. An Autumn Evening
3. Black Goat
4. Beautiful Sorrow
5. Adversary (Taste of Forsaken Desire)
6. The Rite of Darkness (Bathory cover)
7. The Shadow (Hill of the Horned Goat)
8. Thou Shall Not Mourn

1. Forcefed Into Blasphemy

The air is black, gazing at your stone cold forest
In near reach, dazed staring down at nothing
Wondering what you must see
They pray for your salvation
I know your true destiny
Sitting by a root of life
Branches grasp my soul
Praying hands mean nothing to me!!!

Satan whispers
Heed your blood to me, I shall give you eternal life

Flames spitting forth their movement
I stare, wanting your powers
The forthcoming mist
Lying in a field of tear
Unconscious hatred black my mind
Why! Why!
Faith is for the weak, faith are lies
And give Satan your full mortal lives!

Rape religion

2. An Autumn Evening

I see around me, the sunset so grey
Stretching their shadows, so far away
Beneath the cemetary, my footsteps tread
Lie low and alone, the silent dead
Beneath the ground, beneath the mould
Forever dark, forever cold, demons rape
Immortal souls
As they laugh, the night is born
Strike down christ, with mournless blows

An autumn evening, darkness shall crave
An autumn evening, Satan has slain christ

I dream of those who are no more
Sweet darkness, are you there soul
Demons of hell, I see you again
As hanging children's arms, weep in pain
In the fiery fields, place my blackened soul
In his narrow cell, forever reign
And shed a tear of blood upon my coffin
From each fallen drop brings me my

Darkest autumn!
My darkest fuckin autumn

3. Black Goat

4. Beautiful Sorrow

5. Adversary (Taste of Forsaken Desire)

Black hearted
Adversary demon of sodomy
Grant me your sweat of your winged body
My desire to fuck you is oh so arousing
As I make thee young angels watch in lust
Oh whore of the night I shall take your
Soul in fiery vein my venomous cock penetrates
Tampered places many have gone my worthless darling

Hope to see you when I return back my love
Beside my throne sits a whore
Submissive cunt cum to me and explore
Your forbidden desires (let the blood orgy begin)
As the stiffed demons dance around the priest
Of a dark distant (the dark distant air!)
Ridden coven witches stir their disease ridden cauldron black
Sickening secretion fills the gallowed
Hallways of immortal suffering cunt worshipping slut
One of the chosen few come forth and strip your skin
Show me your true form cloven hooves of power (run)
Shall rule the world


6. The Rite of Darkness (Bathory cover)

Crusted blood on altar black
The rite of dark is done
The semen burn in sacred flames
The witches sing their song

The night is filled with joyous laughters
Orgy of the damned
Prepare for sacrifice by death
On my command

Infernal eternal
With the power in our veins
The rite of darkness

Candles glow with strength and glory
Blind the eye of sun
Demons rings the sabbath bell
The rite of dark is done

Naked bodies form the circle
Flesh and lust collide
Warm blood float and torrent faster
The wounds stand open wide

Sorcery blasphemy
Recite the words of spell
The rite of darkness
Deeds of Hell

7. The Shadow (Hill of the Horned Goat)

Cold and black, the night shall be
Naked bodies filled with lust
I proclaim in my master's name
Receiving poor souls from which I take
Hatred for god, you all will follow me
Satan's disciples, I will set you free

In the feast of darkness
I shall feed upon your weakness
The shadows are cast upon the hill
Hill of the horned goat

Where joy forever dwells, hail horrors
Hail infernal world, and thou profoundest Hell
Receive thy new possessor
One who brings a mind not to be changed by place or time
The mind is it's own place
And itself can make a heaven of Hell
A Hell of heaven...
Better to reign in Hell than to serve in heaven

8. Thou Shall Not Mourn


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