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Delusion Of Grandeur: (A Gathering Of Heretics)

"Delusion Of Grandeur: (A Gathering Of Heretics)" (1999)

1. As They Age, Thy Engage
2. God (?) Has Abandoned Us
3. The Hills Will Be My Burial Shroud
4. 7~8~69~?
5. Your Children Shall Take Me As Lord
6. A Widow Cries...
7. Copulation In Thy Paranormal Forest
8. Oldest Joke In The Book
9. Bastard
10. Cruel, Despicable, Non-Caring Breed
11. A New Ice Age Approaches
12. Time: A Journey To Failure

1. As They Age, Thy Engage

Age frightens the once beautiful
Her only reminders being photos long since passed
For there was a time when her sultry hair would
Not Gray
A period she rekindles fondly
Recalling upon her ways of frolicking through
So well sprayed and kempt
Randomly selecting stallions to provocatively tempt
And hope with a sheer intensity
That her cradle will be occupied
Swaying with sweat and heat
Praying to be remain dignified
But modernism has collected her
Picking to be remain dignified
But modernism has collected her
Picking at her skin and shape
Caused her bones to brittle and her nerves to elate
But this fact of aging she defies
Through artificial activities
And endless strenuous primping
Enhanced for festivities.

2. God (?) Has Abandoned Us

How can it allow the novice to assume?
It�s hierarchy of supremacy
A force or perhaps a being
That taught us to forgive thy enemy.

Their stances are stern
Their battle lines drawn
Burt will god claim the heathens
Awaiting the age of a new dawn.

God has abandoned us
Sheered upon our example with disgust
The lord learned not to revere us
Because we treasure darkness instead of holiness.

The antichrist stronghold
Seems evident in the pagan mannered culture
God is rotting carcass
It�s meat picked clean by satanic vultures.

Satisfied with the unpure practice of occultism
The majority of man lending credence everyday
His instism led him on a path less trodden
Mysticism earnestly guides his way.

3. The Hills Will Be My Burial Shroud

Why should the dead profit from the dead
Only to continue a pattern of monetary gain
I had no control over my introduction
Into this sphere of dread
They cannot tamper with my body
Without evidence or a name.

They have been plotting for my plot
Those considered the mystery men
Awaiting to possess the price able rot
No matter how detestable the cadaver therein.

I do not want them to own me
In my precious instance of transformation
Nor the ground they plan to seed me in
Just for business accumulation.

My tomb will be a dank desolate cave
In which my bones will be enslaved
Improper procedure, this my chosen grave
No roses of respect
Nor ashed to be saved.

4. 7~8~69~?

Poisoned, Hanged, Burned,
Overdosed, Disease, Bled, Collision,
Natural Disaster, Natural Causes,
Cannibalized, Drowned, Mutilated,
Choked, Asphyxiation, Beheaded,
Beaten to Death, Electrocuted, Frozen,
Suffocated, Acidized, Stabbed, Dismembered,
Bacteria, Shot, Starved, Spontaneous
Human Combustion

How should I die?, How must I perish?

5. Your Children Shall Take Me As Lord

The world is responsible
For creating another martyr
And you have been killing me
Since the moment I began dying
Why do you scald me
For not imitating your intrepid falsity
Each day I wake to grace the earth
With my godliness.

It is not Jesus I worship
But the image of me
They crucify me.
For crucifying the one crucified
How do they know
The one they praised
has not lied!!

If one is to be adorned
I want to be as well
Yet also abhorred
Burden me-but your children
shall take me as their lord
My death wish they must buy into
and they will afford!!

6. A Widow Cries...

Look at her beautiful face
Lovely beyond compare
Torn with immense guilt
Even miracles can�t repair.

Her feelings all forlom
Wishing loneliness wasn�t so deep
Now her young daughter is fatherless
In desperation she begins to weep.

7. Copulation In Thy Paranormal Forest

Copulating in thy paranormal forest
Whilist thy embers and twine entwined
Celebrating pagan joining dreadful to the holy
A union of blesmished flesh anticipating new design
Her perfume was a mix of mandrake and poisonous leaves
A noxious scent to mere mortals
Yest it�s alluring fragrance attracted me through the breeze
I discovered her lying provocatively
Upon the stump of a fallen oak
Her milk white flesh covered in a funeral shroud
Entering her wantonly
Crushed berries spilled messily from her vagina
From the depths leviathan smirked
As thy moon ebbed the ocean tides
My bewitching mistress became as wolf
Clutching her hipbones, she promised to provide
Demoness her paint applied strategically by Azazel
D assume she was sent from heaven
Yet she resides luxuriously
In a jewel covered castle in hell
In desperation I hold my orgasm at bay
Vampirising each other, biting deep and hard
The deceiving fog shrouds orgiastic deviltry
And the trolls and faeries pay us no regard
A Victorian 18th century cemetery
Hel the confines in which we conducted our fare
And death appeared to endorse us
Riding a top a gorgeous black mare
Crimson cascading in torrents
Canines prinking our jugular veins
And our lewd, lascivious behaviour warrants
A need for those deranged
We culminated our ritual
By fucking in the coffins of those newly disinterred
Set up and audience of Christian skeletons
To applaud the absurd
Torches aligned with the finest incense
Hallucinogenic aphrodisiacs ingested
Involved in the tradition of occultic sex
Which the church has always detested
Aren�t thine drunk on spurt wine
And baffled by drugs lady fair?
Shall thou beg for more of my plow?
Or the violent pulling of platinum hair?
Once delicious aristocrats rose, virtually
Yet still visible were their tattered noble clothes
Rich heritage apparent
Fortunately they sold their souls
To watch pornography
And throw roses upon our dramatic paroles
Aroused y our version of tracheotomy
Nearing climax a pack of wolves began baying
Towards the nocturnal sun
Thirst corrupt they descended upon my harlot
To lick her wound, dripping with blood and cum
Twas upon a midnight dreary
Our legends became subject for inquiry
Thrice repeated out love completed
Ghost paths carved a story never repeated.

8. Oldest Joke In The Book

Carry on objects of mindless objectivity
You fail to remember you loss of life
Never shall you inspire any authencity
The world could do without your ambition less vice.

Sneering at what you admire
I have already acquired what you may only desire
Your ammunitions a pitiful drop of water
Unable to extinguish my fire
Raging inferno, my path unbarred
Laying brick to construct an empire.

The oldest joke in the book
Is the mirror, which mimics your invisible look?

Does my cosmetic appliance baffle thee?
Forcing you to spit your venom of stupidity
Is reciting Halloween is over
As creative as you can be?
Or are you beguiled by your talent less atrophy?

9. Bastard

Father I will never forgive you
For how hard has been for me
For all these years so struggling
For never giving me anything
All this hate and hurting
Buried deep inside of me
My tears are real, as well as the pain I feel
And l�m tired of living this
Bastard�s life that l�ve lived so long
The only happiness l�ve found
Is in my daughter�s eyes
It amazes me, how much I see of me in them
Of this bastards, of this bastards
Father, I was just a baby
When you walked away from me
How could you just abandon me?
To face this cruel world alone
Father, I know l�m a better father
Than you could ever be
Because father I have been wondering
Where you�ve been for my entire life
Because my tears are real as well as the pain I feel
And realice everything you�ve given up
And realice everything you�ve given up
Father, I don�t know how you live with yourself
Knowing that you�re abandoned me.

10. Cruel, Despicable, Non-Caring Breed

Humans are a cruel, despicable
Non-caring breed
Only willing to further themselves
While spitting on those in need.

They will obtain what is yours
Once you turn youth cheek
Gapping for gain
Plotting against the meek.

I feel as if everyone
Is toppling me
And very often competition
Is smothering me.

Every rat including me
Sifts through paper
While sneering jealously
Toward the new invaders.

Their private through register hatred
But their expressions reveal a happy farce
And their judgemental through swirl
And their smiles are very sparse.

11. A New Ice Age Approaches

Too mechanically advanced
To grapple with the turning century
Our fixation to advance has dehanced
This empty carcass called humanity.

Unbeknownst their veins have transformed into wires
And their brains a giant microchip
Commanding them as capable liars
Bones of stainless steel
Pupil, telescopic lasers
Data now sustenance
Turning warm homosapiens into digital instigators.

Living breathing calculators
Unauthentic terminators
Prepare the lime, sewage corpse curator
Inceland world imminent
Lay waste the propagators
First test, destroyed by fire
Culmination Sodom & Gomorrah
The end result of humanity�s desire
A new beginning for a sinner�s plethora.

We have reached the ends of your means
When scientist can reproduce life synthetically
Drastic weather changing seasons erratically
Past predictions come to pass accurately.

Frost invaders our lungs worth
As storm hails plunder the earth
Never subsiding fog obscures our vision
Hiding the ice burnt shells of the unliving.

Post mortem hypothermia
Suffering world invaded by a holocaust of snow
What was now buried beneath frozen rumble?
Reminisce of an age when sparks made beers glow.

Ghastly limbs mutated in odd shapes
Chilled of their warm vitality
Purple icicles formerly unbound
Now solid blocks of water decorating the ground.

Ruins of the earth
Trapped in eternal slumber, beneath frozen seas
The ancient gods free to plunder
And sow the soil with fertile seeds.

Gusting winds howl
Whispering eerily discordant overtures
And nothing is heard but silence
And the few remaining parasites who faintly stir.

Beautifully decimated metropolis of dead life
Museum of the deceased encased in ice
Crystal coffins preserve flesh for the coming
Carnivore race
Dead and stiff expressions of terror on their face.

12. Time: A Journey To Failure



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