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"Objectify This" (2005 Demo)

1. Retard Olympics
2. Get Back in the Closet
3. Objectify This
4. I Didn't Know You Wore Glasses
5. Scumhole

1. Retard Olympics

It's happening again - the games continue on,
With a multitude of entrants, competing for the prize
They line up at the start, they might look a little different
But they all do the same old thing, with a stupid grin they call it

Balls to walls, I've watched you fall from grace and gall
To mediocricy and then further down the line
To grime and greed, it's hard to see where you are going next
'Cause I cannot participate in these Retard Olympics

I cannot believe that I held you in such high regard -
and I know that you can't be the future
Of what I live for, there's no place left
for you here....the only thing left for you is to

Rot in fucking loser hell
Rot in your fucking poser hell

Please stop the Retard Olympics
( Can't stop the Retard Olympics )

Rot in your fucking poser hell

2. Get Back in the Closet

Here, I see a bitter man with a lot to say
Just like me, and most would say, the only way
That could be, because there is no chance in hell
To recieve a comparison of you to me

So you think that you can run your mouth behind my back?
I never gave a reason for a covert ops attack
Don't you fucking smile at me when I know your intent
You're just jealous that you will soon be at your end

So I laugh, because I know that you are
( Not worth my time )
Your attempts to sabotage my success
( Will not work here )
You are just a washed-up relic of a
( Shameful past life )
What a joke that you turned out to be
( Outlived / Outshined )

Your time ran out 10 years ago
It's time for you to move on with your yuppie life
From now on stay out of my sight
Or I'll just fucking stomp you out....

Like the bitch that you are.

3. Objectify This

Who do you bitches think you are,
With your double standard terminology?
It seems that you would say anything
That your twisted mind can put together
To make yourself be the new victim
Of the "cheauvanistic world"
You can fool all the others,
But I can see straight through the lies

That you try to pull over on us
Men, and make us out to be the "pigs"
I know how you all love the head games,
But it's time to get a fucking life,
Or kill yourself.

Why should we deny ourselves enjoyment of our bullshit days?
You flaunt your bodies willingly, then take offense to reactions
If you want to hang with us, you'd better learn to take a joke
Otherwise, just shut your mouth and get back to the kitchen
Where you belong - out of earshot.

You are what makes violence towards women hilarious
After all we've done for you, I hear you feel you're objectified?

Objectify this

I see your lips moving, your mouth's open again,
Everyone has had enough, it's time to shove my cock back in

4. I Didn't Know You Wore Glasses

It seems like only yesterday when strength ruled supreme,
Of mind, of fist, of soul, and of character
When men were men, and proud of it, and made it known
That the only reasons they remained were all their own

All their own, and not to seek the favor
Of a bitch, an idol, or family - back then it seemed so genuine

And I remember you, the way you carried yourself
Where have those days gone to? Now, man, you look like hell
Yeah, I remember you, you used to stand so tall
But you traded your wife-beater for a sweater from the fuckin mall

A total reverse of morals that you
Once held so true, it now seems so false
Fuck you, faggot, poser, loser
Run back to high school, it seems you need more time

Are you lying right now, or were you lying back then?
Either way you're just a fake and doomed to follow the trend
So keep your MTV, your magazines, your sheep
I know that wherever you go, inside, you'll always be weak

Nowhere to run......Nowhere to hide......

5. Scumhole


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