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"Vampires" (2006)

1. Stagedive
2. Vampire
3. Bloody Angel
4. Trust
5. Burning Feathers
6. Epos
7. Rage

1. Stagedive


Standing on the stage, you feel the drums in your body
The amps are on the limit and you think your ears are hit
The bass roars and thereís sweat in your eyes
The riffs are sharp as knifes, itís like the best thing in your life.

Your idols are Metallica,
They are Motörhead, for you they are the best
Because thereís only hard and fast Metal,
There arenít lies and the guitar cries.

You do your best but you want to get better
Anything other for you doesnít matter
You dedicate your life to rock, rock, rock
Thatís all what counts itís like the best thing in your life.


Stage Dive, there is a monster in you

Stage Dive, you know that is true

Stage Dive, let it break through

Stage Dive, itís like the best thing in your life (itís just the best thing in your life).

2. Vampire


Creature of the night, protected by the darkness, heís gonna track you down

Hold your purity tight, the footsteps in your nightmares, heís gonna track you down

Trapped in the course of time, dammed to live forever in darkness

The soul in the body declines, donít want his identity to confess.

Hunted and scented by the people everywhere, for his desire never satisfied

Inferior mankind dare to make a judgment of the one who hide

Frightened of his superhuman might, you canít defend oh agony

Heís gonna take you all the lights, you canít pretend oh agony.


To much of decades he lived

Centuries of pain

You can remove from his deadly kiss

He will try it again

He will bite you again.

3. Bloody Angel


Forest give birth to the darkness

The end is near for the crowd

The death is in the mountain

And the humans will dig him out.

The daylight is your only friend now

You have learned to love it so much

The wounds in your neck are purple

He left them with his deadly touch.

The masters of puppets are lying

They know the danger is near

The angel the only honesty

Rest of your life is fear.


Terrible skull between the leathern wings

Red hot eyes without pupils

He bare his teeth waiting to rip a hole

Into the human body.


The bloody angel is hunting for you

You have to hide before the day is through

Black snow is falling down to the earth

Itís the true old evils rebirth.

4. Trust


Believe in nothing I say to you, so you can survive in the world

Do not trust in other man, or you will you will become hurt.

Speaking to you Iím your eternal voice, only I can say what is right

Other advises are sometimes good, but itís difficult to decide.

If you listen to someone else who tells you fucking shit

Then youíre wasted, you are lost, then youíre not so slick.


Donít believe in idle compromise,

Then you can say your last prayer.


Trust in me, trust in me, Iím your bad dream, you make me real

Trust in me, trust in me, Iím your bad dream until in eternity.

5. Burning Feathers


A wall of bones and human flesh, build a limit between heaven and hell

Now the brave of the humans is unbroken, but the last word isnít spoken.

Armies in fire all the heroes dead, glory and might never will come back

No one will get trough impossible fight, angels are struggling with faith by their side.

Angels are fallen, their feathers coloured black, black as the darkest memory of the death

The enemies have come to burn the empire down, devilís no illusion, the lord has lost his crown.


The fate is written down, the gate offers the way to the dark count

The fear of a slow dead is returning, the feathers are burning.

6. Epos


Have you ever had a dream, while you grow up fast

A perfect home like in TV, but this dream donít last

We walk through the streets right along, but we never reach their ends

In this fucking life you must be strong, you must hit and donít defend.

No alternative, nothing makes sense, your only wish is to be dead

Your only friends are your beer cans, sometime you will go mad

Emptiness is in your own, your screams die away in the darkness

Itís creeping out of every hole and captures your spirit so nothing can leave your head.

You think about a lot of things, the sense of life for you itís really nothing

To young to die, to old to live, thereís a fight between you and yourself in your head.


In your head, your hopes and your fears,

Itís all in your head.


Your home is nowhere, you are everywhere

Coming down up from the stairs

On the way to yourself

Twisting and turning so nothing can leave your head

7. Rage


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