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The Deer Will Hunt

"The Deer Will Hunt" (2006 EP)

1. The Promise And The Breath (Act III)
2. Dark Beauty And Desire
3. The Fire Before Me
4. The Deer Will Hunt
5. Where He Can't See

1. The Promise And The Breath (Act III)

Wherefore hath thou taketh?
She hath but not a life
Daunt thee in formality
Darest I claim thee adamant
A peasant, a thief of a heart
Behest of funeral light
Wadst thee thy penalty?
Then by the noose shall I die!
Torment thy night in sleepless
In nightmare wadst my flourish
Tis a December in June?
Irrelevance merest a season
In letter believeth me
Tis quill shaketh?
I, of not a forsooth
But pain shall cometh thee!
Findeth thee, thy body
Thy breath, nay a morsel left
To die as thee liveth, in beauty
As to me, drowneth in temerity
But life merest a costume for our dance soon to be
Spareth me this absolution
Tis pagan boundeth for hell?
No! For hell cometh now!
Oh the dagger be thee muse
Thy "fathers" lies, now my truth
No such need for my reprieve
I shall bringeth heaven to its knees
Thy rage soareth in this tempestuous night
A blood stained canvas, thy tabard I painteth
This art unforgiving
My demise, that is a lie!
Falleth we both but difference exists
Thy "daughters" trust, thy "daughters" love
To have myself what ye hold not
E'er thou maketh thee grave
To whom oweth this invitation?
Then cometh the masquerade indeed!
...and to regret our hearts not abide
A love carved in death, forever we fly

2. Dark Beauty And Desire

My heart aches for the truth in this life
My lips yearn for the taste of the night
My eyes burn with the lust thee advance
My mind bleeds through the bindings of Christ
Midst the dancing candles
She lays there naked
Dark hair and pale white skin
I've cried myself to sleep on the coldest of nights
I've prayed to the sky with the deepest of faith
I've read the verse with nefarious eyes
He's been in your heart, but I've been between your thighs
Take me now, take my soul
In sin we burn
Like wolves we devour
Stand back now, my love
Does he come for us?
With our stained foreheads
God closes his hand
Take them all with you, Lord
To a selfish heaven
Leave us here to rot in bliss
You've made her heart nothing but sick
You've lived your life in agony
Cold, under a blanket of morality
We search for something real
Your body is all I want to feel
Walk with me through the night
Feel my heart beat, make my lips bleed
The faith of which they speak
Leaves the blind to weep
Though I'd be a fool to see this belief
She is all I want
Faint with desire
Lose me in thy rapture
Prepare thyself
For God dies tonight

3. The Fire Before Me

So vague, yet so eloquent
That taken from your idiom
All that time you have mused
Yet so little is realized
From your verse, coquettish
Though I speak for myself, I am not aroused
Rise above their mirth, my girl
The wine is poison, you see?
Though it is all that you need
Pour it on the barren heath
Faith portrays a belief
Her life before me
My life she gave me
A prayer in nightmarish verse
Burning faith you can't see
With haunting auguries, I sleep in lunacy
The time you search for is not
No clock can measure the length of my pain
Misery makes a splendid second hand
So here you come, Jesus Christ
Indolent One!
My mother would die for you
If you don't kill her first
I don't want to cry for her
I don't want to cry out to you
The air seems so dry today
Heat is all I feel
As the smoke blankets the sky
And sadness undresses my eyes
I choke on the embers of devotion
For days I saw that fire
Watching their lives burn
Smelling their hope
I knew you'd send no rain
God, was it not enough they believed?
I don't want to cry out to you
As they did

4. The Deer Will Hunt

I suppose our actions speak from loud words
Such is the boy alone in the cold
Father speak now, sugar coated bullets fly
Take the wisdom, as it is yours
The compass he holds, as taken from God,
does not show my direction

Heaven is the forest
God is in the leaves
Winter must be the devil
Yet much is false in these trees
We were like soldiers in war
Time is an ambush

Last night I dreamt of my fathers death
I did not cry, I did not try
I did not weep, what does this mean?

Mother waited at home
Kitchen table, the altar
Spread the meat upon it
Profound is the zealots mantle
Christ on the wall, the ultimate trophy
Guilt smells so sweet
Childhood reveals the hunter

Knelt in the snow, I closed its eyes
Knelt in the snow, I closed his eyes

The deer will hunt you as you did them
My father's hand I let go
Your ideals vast piled high around you
Stand back and watch them devour

5. Where He Can't See

The ground is a magnet
Much fills the little time I have to think
Screaming, prayers fly around me
Memories hover
If this is His vision, may I end up where He can't see
If this is His vision, take me where God can't see


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