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"Worn" (2001)

1. Silent Aeons
2. Worn Out
3. More Than Gods Could Dream
4. Waves
5. InColdBlood
6. On Borrowed Time
7. Dirge For the Final Journey
8. Winter Within
9. Discord Symphony

1. Silent Aeons

This silence has tied me up so tight that I can't breathe
The night will pass away before I dare to fall asleep
Within this tranquil darkness I dread to close my eyes
The stars so cold upon me shine from pitch-black sky

I know what's beyond there
The astral secrets reveal to me
The darkness rising, devouring this wretched earth
My soul is sinking into the timeless void

I fear to watch the calmness of the moonlit sea
For I know what waits under that deceptive serenity
I shiver to think the silent hills after sundown
The blackness so vast upon me, heavy on my mind

A vision of sheer terror right before my eyes
Travelling through the aeons till the end of time
A glimpse of something that was meant to be concealed
It's a dream I won't wake up from, turned to reality

I've seen what lies ahead
The mysteries revealed as night prevails
The darkness rising, devouring my wretched mind
My soul is screaming for final relief.

2. Worn Out

...Gently blows the wind, and the ashes fly
So the dead cover those who yet have to die
And when the last embers flicker away
Maybe the new dawn will show the way (or lead me astray...)

Right from the start inviable and shallow
A fucking scarecrow, no path to follow

In this cold caress I've grown to live and breathe
All my memories they seem to twist and fade away
What was my kingdom has turned to lead me to my grave
Now all the wrath is gone and there ate no more words to say

Time, embrace me now (embrace to set me free)
And in a moment you are gone (gone to give me peace)

In my world it all has turned to grey so long ago
I'm only what I despise and for now that's all I know

"Scenes from a mutilated memory, life torn apart, years of shame,
crippled love, anxiety, frustration, suffocated will -
I've been born to wrong reality..."

Set me free, flow away (flow away to cease the pain)
for this worn out lump no more wants here to stay.

3. More Than Gods Could Dream

The wind sombrely sighs your name in the trees
The waves whisper of the love long since gone
As I hearken to them, my loneliness grows ever bitter
Evanescent are the moments of joy in this world

Each night when I close my eyes I see you again
You take my hand and together we'll fly away
(and reach for the stars...)
But in the end your imago begins to wane
So every time my fate is one and the same
(you are drifting away...)

A lifetime of pain and regret reserved for me
Just unfulfilled dreams for the rest of my years

I still believe that we were meant to be one
Each dawn I die again when I know you are gone
(and I've been torn apart...)

"If a dragonfly dances too close to a candle it will burn", you said
My imminence, my burning flame made you leave?
But isn't it so that one must cut the wings of love so it won't fly away?


All my life, all my life I've been destined ti wander in shades
All these tears, all these tears I've cried in vain for you to return
And this pain, and this heart-rending pain is all I have left of you
How I've loved, how I've loved you more than gods could dream

If only, even for once, I could see your face...again...

4. Waves

The soil I'm lying on is cooling down with the vanishing daylight
And bitter are these tears in my eyes
They're slowly flowing down my cheek like glowing pearls
But those pearls are for the swine

The mind behind this weak body tries to isolate
Not willing to crystallize the reasons for my grief
I try to figure out how I came to this state
Where all the paths lead me just further from the light

Time flows on like a stream and passes the dead of the night
But it just pushes me further from delight
I feel my life sinking far too deep
When this self-deception won't let me fall asleep

The sky breathes black but still it shines
Like a halo upon my mental darkness
I'm bleak, cold and blond as the lack of will makes the waves roll in...

Here I ride again on these waves of misery
I'm all but sane as I close my eyes
and try to see the stars, which shine no light.

5. InColdBlood

...Weight ascending on the scale of sins, the price we all must pay
Rendering accounts in cold blood, no compassion for today!!!

6. On Borrowed Time

Light of saving grace - glowing dawn at the end of our world
The morning sun will rise as soon as mankind dies
Our last and final chapter is soon to be closed (relief)...

Wandering pale, our presence here in vain
Tomorrow's gone and our lives scattered in yesterdays
The shades are closing in, heart of this earth now bleeds
Last lights flickering, our journeys turned to shadow chasing

All things bee said and done, this road has come to an end
And this is the road wew can't walk back and start all over again
What was pure is stained in dirt, all fragile torn to dust
This supreme king of all the living sits on the bough he cuts

This place without meaning, these times without a reason
Only little men with their little lives, little deeds in their little minds
Once so proud standing tall, we walked this earth so strong
Now we just born, waste and die for our good times have passed by.

7. Dirge For the Final Journey

Crawling clouds hide the moon staining silver on the waves
Like a swarm of blowflies darkness slowly spreads throughout
They're coming back again this time with a width of horizon
Mourning will come to an end, morning will never draw again

Burden grates the bones like fire licking naked skin
Like the memories fuel the flame of burning pain inside
Time is ripe, unlock the doors to tiny, hidden room inside
Let the demons walk in, let the graves of time be sealed

...And whole earth falls asleep
Once abundant stream, now dries way...

(This is my legacy, written with razors to my flesh
my heart is buried, my soul dwells in sin
I belong to the abyss, and I fall with joy
for there was time when I walked among you all...)

Why won't this nightmare never end
After every funeral morbid season come again
I can't know if there was life outside anymore
As this winter within ripped my heart out and cut my soul in two

There is a point when every streaming stops, the Oceans calms
Like a swarm of darkness blowflies slowly start their feast
Long and surreal journey this has been, and I know this is the last
Mourning will never end, morning will never draw again.

8. Winter Within

Another daybreak, naked and freezing inside
Cobalt blue flame burns in empty, tired, jaded eyes

Slowly morning sun lights the fire burning again
And horizon drops with poison rd as blood of time
Walking down the street- a trail stained by other bastard- Sons
Mother-Earth turns a blind eye, I choose my path again

This season we called winter has abandoned me
Filth flows on ground, the river runs with ease
Same war is lost every day, depression claims it's ground
Town swarm with people, could I be more alone?

No!!! Wind whips these walls of stone
Time is still as she is gone
Long days of winter drawn in line
Only a trace of waste I try to leave behind

Cold sky lies shattered and all the fractures fall on me
Body roams alone as mind is wandering north
Heavy clouds hang low just to keep me company
A burden I don't want to bear, yearning season's here

Shadows call me again...

9. Discord Symphony

In a moment of a nightfall, threshold of a storm
Overture fades and the shades grow deep

All alone, forced to witness same play every day
Ground moans in black, newborn leaves fall and decay

For so long neither the wind has blown
Nor the sun shone to dry the pus in my wounds

Gradually spirit of our age dissipates
Dead emotions can't replace frustration and disgrace

From the cradle to the grave
Dancing in dark, atonal haze
Helical path leading downwards...
Maybe its time for us to leave
Helter shelter we achieved
Failed creation of our symphony...

And then the pain strikes again...

Drawing last poison breath, as the rain falls
Our creations of violence, now the drain calls

All our time spent to solve this mount of troubles
The more I try I dissolve to all fading Gray.


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