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Fallen Stars And Rising Scars

"Fallen Stars And Rising Scars" (2003)

1. Killing of Wolves
2. Like Father Like None
3. For What Is to Be Lost
4. Fall of Eva
5. Annabel Lee
6. Confession
7. Subroutine
8. April's Ruin
9. That Was All About
10. One With the Fall

1. Killing of Wolves

1) KILLING OF WOLVES (Music: Domenik)

You can't stand the silence
Like insects you fly
To draw every attention
To annoy all the rest

With words you build miracles
With deeds piles of sheet
You're just bleeding wounds
And I'm the salt

Dancing in circles
The zero perimeter
That's what you are
And what you represent

Nailed to the cross
Which you so admired
Fuckin whores of lesser fathers

Broken and forsaken
This wastefall is taking me down
Hanging on a freefall's bliss
Tonight is departure
Tonight it is judgement

Nothing is floating
In these concrete eyes of deepest regret
For now is only pain
And then you get used to it

This war of dessorted values
Takes toll
Even from the dead

Walking puppets
In a carnival grotesque march
To fulfill the emptiness
Of promises

Walking every demon
That's the tale of heaven grace
Despise is for now but
Mistakes for ever

Dreams feed the fire
Of this cosmic failure

2. Like Father Like None

2) LIKE FATHER LIKE NONE (Music: Alx, Domenik)

Walking from a dream
Falling into a nightmare
Father`s raised me
Into a man of the fall

I'll never sacrifice
My restless sleepless nights
Where you're come to destroy
Celebration's joy

My mother's bruises on her skin
Engraved into my heart
To exorcize my inner pain
By fuckin up my dreams

I was young you fuck now choke
I don't have to laugh with your jokes
Trembling words exhaled in pain
And never comes the rain

Nothing to admire an idol of mad (falling)
Tears or water on my face it's the same
To you (angel)
Massive disappointment (I break) again (in tears)
I tried to make you proud and failed (fading)

Ambitions you demolish and shattered (in pieces)
I never understood the reason why you had to
Treat that way (burning me)
The principles where more important
Than (happiness)
Grap the child and squeeze it of his dreams (dying)

3. For What Is to Be Lost

4. Fall of Eva

4) FALL OF EVA (Music: Alx)

You've turned your stare away
From spring's love and sweet smells of May
Locked in the attic where daddy has a drink

The sheets soaked by sweat and blood
Innocence juices run like flood
While he's touching you... while he's caressing you

The warm rays of light are not pierce your darkness
Loss and miscarried dreams frame your eyes
While your heartbeat stills

In a prayer you were once told
That this god is not of yours
Childhood's wounds wont mend
And nothing will come to end

The star tha shines within so bright
It is dying and surrounded by fright
The eyes you were raised to love
Now they've taught you to hate

Lost in a nightmare scene that never
Seems to change
Autumn leaves are falling dead
Whispering your name...

5. Annabel Lee

5) ANNABEL LEE -Edgar Alan Poe- (Music: Alx)

It was many and many a year ago in a kingdom by the sea
That a maiden lived there whom you may know by the name of Annabel Lee
And this maiden, she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child, she was a child in a kingdom by the sea
And we loved with a love, that was more than a love
I and my Annabel Lee
When the wing seraphs in heaven above, coveted her and me
This was the reason long ago in a kingdom by the sea.

But a wind came out of a cloud chilling my beautiful Annabel Lee
So that her highborn winsmen came and bore her...
Away from me

And the moon never beams whithout bringing me dreams
Of my beautiful Annabel Lee, and the stars never rise
Whithout seeing oh, her bright eyes of my beautiful Annabel Lee
Would you shine for me?

Not half, so happy the angels in heaven, covered her and me
Yes it was the reason long ago in a kingdom by the sea
When the wind came out from a cloud by night, CHILLING AND KILLING
MY ANNABEL LEE, to shut her up in a sepulchre by the sounding sea
But neither the angels in heaven above
Nor the demons down under the sea can ever disserved my soul from her soul.

And so all the nightide, lay down by the side, of my darling, my darling, my life, my life and my bride…
To SHUT her up in a sepulchre by the sea. In a sepulchre by the sounding sea...

6. Confession

6) CONFESSION (Music: Domenik)

I watch you all... I feel your passions
I lose myself in your yearnings
Birds of exotic essence fly in the core of your eye
Yet... we don't understand each other`s song

The light is always pale
For the one who denies to fail
We all cry in a favor of two dry joyful eyes

We are all just drifting dust after a scar engraved past
Images nailed so deep into my heart
Of bravest men following fate's funeral march

Everything is floating

It`s floating

It's always the fear of the prey
It's always the Impatience for May
It's always the longing for a wave
It's always the shattering of a day
But cares me you all, I never meant for thing to be as I say

I don't want to cry for you
I want to run free with you

7. Subroutine

7) SUBROUTINE (Music: Domenik)

Awake... pressure becomes my oxygen
Breathe out
System freak... Human nature erased
My veins are strings of a digital way of living

I see what I believe
Mind=erased heart=erased void=activated

Can't you see you`re just another one


I realize the obvious
I am the one in the whole world
I failed
But im still breathing. Or not?

Im sorry... But I can`t stand this maze of deranged emotions
I miss everything I never had
Butt I could have
But I won't have

The knife seems so tempting
I cut oFF the strings

8. April's Ruin

8) APRIL'S RUIN (Music: Alx)

Take love in vain
It's all the same
Difference is the privilege of loss

Spring it came too late
This is my fate
April tou fooled me
In this dance
And you placed the roses
Too close to my eyes

Spring of '83
You're tempting me
Exposing my heart
For all to see

But you didn't ask
I had no chance
April you fooled me in this dance
And I had to travel an ocean of pain

We born and die in fear, the honor circle closes
And what is left in between a sad loss of time

Spring time delirium
It's all about my void
Is a scar of a thorn in the skin
A prophet once held me in his hands, and died in my tears
Mother please save me from these chains of mercy and grow me a man I'M AFRAID.
April, april you fooled me why? THE JOY OF A FLOUR DREAM...

9. That Was All About

9) THAT WAS ALL ABOUT (Music: Alx, Domenik)

So this is ending... So this is where I understand
A man who's mendind... and I would walk if I could stand...
What have I learned? By following this journey's end
The pain I've earned is the message I send to you

They burned my fine years and turned me to a reflection of ash
I spared them my ice tears so now it`s time to show them the lash...

But time is flying and I'm not gifted with wings
So I lay down crying whispering my dying wish...

Fallen stars and rising scars...

So this is how we dance faltering and breaking
There's no such thing as chance... forgive the others for our bad
This is how we fall, we leave no trace behind
But maybe my tears will quench the thirst of a mind
Nothing is to stay we are just trivial androids
And what is wrong with what? I say: It's not our fault!!!
And so this tale now ends in tears but nothing more
Cause all of these are just words of a madman, of a wasted soul...

Fly away... I want to lose myself in a day dream, in my mothers voice
Singing me in sweet sleep
I lay myself deep in your womb, where it all began
Give me one more chance to face this world with a smile
My wounds are so hostile against time that they won't close
No matter what I do, so please just let me dream away
And... go...

10. One With the Fall


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