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"Warmouth" (1999 Demo)

1. We Have Arrived
2. When Night and Day Become As One
3. Brutality Denied
4. Left to Die
5. Depressions
6. Shadow of the Beast
7. Torture

1. We Have Arrived

Jump in hard the pit goes wild
That's where you want to be
The feeling's really violent
You fucking scream at me

They kick you in the back
And throw you all around
You don't fucking give a shit
You listen to the sound

We have arrived

Bang your head and don't forget
The feeling deep inside
The sound of drums rise in your ear
And the guitars go wild

So scream out that you're here with me
And jump on someone's back
Let them know that you are near
Trash-Metal attack

We have arrived

2. When Night and Day Become As One

When night and day become as one
Things we said are still undone
Total chaos everyone
Moon that hides behind the sun

Voices in your head
It ain't over yet
At night we go to bed
In the morning wake up dead

What we see on every night
Frozen body's sometimes fried
People running every night
Because others want to fight

Snow that disappears
Also are your fears
Guilty are you to
Of the things we do

What you do is what we say
What you fear is what we pray

3. Brutality Denied

Brutality denied
Hatred inside
Crying out in secret pain
Disappear in pouring rain

Bewildered is the path we choose
We wil win and they will lose
Now you feel the endless pain
Choose to die or to remain

The world belongs to all of us
Those we do and do not trust
Thinking of the only way
Every morning every day
Before your eyes you see your dreams
You hear silence you hear screams
(You hear those fucking screams)

4. Left to Die

Struck down long forgot
So my corpse will slowly rot
Left to die killer runs away
You killed my spirit but my soul will stay

Haunt you down that's what I'll do
Keep you awake at night
Everyday you dream of me
Terrible things are what you see

You should have mercy
That's what you had to do
You didn't spare my life
That's why I'm haunting you

Breathing down your neck
You know that I'll be coming back
Someday you will fall
And I'll be there to watch you crawl

5. Depressions

One year same vicious lie
The need to betray
The essence to kill
Afraid of my strange insomnia
Morbid thoughts rule my mind

Depressions all the time
Keep me awake at night
Depressions all the time
Nobody's on my side

I've lost my control
Pain taking over
Every day closer to death
Takes my breath away

We're not coming home
We won't take the victory
It all got out of hand
Overkill and misery

6. Shadow of the Beast

Running night and day
Try to get away
Fake your true identity
Save it from reality

You wan't no one like me to see

Shadows in the night
Don't try to hide

He's only afraid Of the thing they made

Scream to your god
Awakening or not

Don't you want to see Beast in misery

Now he's not alone
Friends are skin and bone
He smells the blood you see

Of men like you and me

So the day has come
All shadows are gone
We are still in fear

The beast might reappear

7. Torture


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