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Decade Of Decibels

"Decade Of Decibels" (1993 Best of/Compilation)

1. Warning
2. New Age Of Total Warfare
3. Burn Down The King's Road
4. Metal Anarchy
5. Blown To Bits
6. Military Shadow
7. Elite Forces
8. Disgrace
9. Deathcharge
10. Living For The Last Days
11. Dance Of The Dead
12. Prince Of Darkness

1. Warning

2. New Age Of Total Warfare

New Age of Total Warfare

Just decibels volumes our lust
And all your views have turned to dust
Fire the blanks left in your gun
Just give me booze and loads of fun

This is the new age beware
This is the new age of total warfare

Now it's so loud we cannot stop
Turn it up until we drop
This is our cult can't stop us now
A blazing hell unholy row

No rules no law no turning back
You're gunned down full scale attack
We won't conform just burn ya down
A perfect freedom is what we've found

No alibis just left to die
Aim those frets between their eyes
Hard driving bass detonating lead
Crossover sound power and speed

3. Burn Down The King's Road

Burn Down The King's Road

Walkin down speeding you're the trip
Just look around focus really hip
The summer of hate and we were all there
But money talks and they don't care

Burn burn burn the King's Road
Burn burn burn the King's Road

Burn it down

Peculiar floors viv she got is sussed
Financial power it's so strange to trust
Illustrating gain for nothing or less
The clock has stopped wound up but depressed

Lookin' round I just see apathy
But that's your problem it won't happen to me
Inject fuel to evaporate
Strike a fuse or it will be too late

4. Metal Anarchy

Metal Anarchy

Won't see us running
'cos that's their fate
We'll shoot to kill them
We're not too late
Destroy with volume
And drink too much
Won't let them tell us
They've met their match

You see us coming
Then run like hell
With sheer volume
We'll shoot to kill

This is Metal Anarchy

Pure filth was just the start
Won't grind us down
You boring fart
We'll stand together
And we'll stand strong
Destroy their vision
Before too long

5. Blown To Bits

Blown To Bits

Ego trippers as sure as hell
Standing up until your fall
Hiding behind your pathetic lies
To be deceived until the day you die

I ain't gonna fall for that
Think you got me in your trip
Blown to bits in a state of shock
Inflated egos that'll never stop

Now I ain't saying I'm so lazy
And you bet your ass I've really worked
Won't stagnate 'cos that just gets me down
At that rate I'd end up going beserk

Lookin' back I think I realise
What was in my head and your lying eyes
But you can't see so don't you itemise
I'm never gonna stop so don't you fantasise

6. Military Shadow

Military Shadow

It's been some years
And I'm a tiger in a cage
From '67 I can't walk
To feel my rage
The crash is loud
And the brainwash ain't so nice
I walk on wheels
No confessions paid my price

Torture me and shoot me down
3ft high you'll take my crown

I'm in a military shadow

I'm in the dark
Regurgitate and feel so sick
Just done my time
Beneath your effort theres a trick
You shoot me down
And you tear me limb from limb
But now I'm out
And I'm ready to kill

7. Elite Forces

Elite Forces

I'm watching you just walk on by
You're looking so cold, a tear in your eye
This shouldn't be, you tear out your hair
Scream stricken with fear and they would not dare

What will you do if you've all got it wrong
Don't be a fool and try and suss out this song
Let time reflect on you a closet ghost
If we are eliteja forcejwhy call the last post?

We don't speak the same but still we all know
This movement won't die a cult horror show
When we step aside to pump in new blood
To erupt again it will not do no good

What will they say when we are long gone
A mark that we've made no power as strong
They tear down our history of father's that fought
To start just again the lessons that were taught

8. Disgrace


Shoot to kill

It's in my brain - in my brain
I'm on fire a kid insane
It's in my head in my head
I'm so sick I'll end up dead

I'll run around just runaround
But you sods just get me down
Then run away then run away
And I wake up and it's today

This means war this means war
So fucked up won't take no more
I'm in a trance just in a trance
The reapers called the final dance

Just look me in the eye
Just look me face to face


9. Deathcharge

Death Charge

Death - turn ontune in, drop out
Charge - black out cardiac
Death - famine, rich man, poor man
Charge - country town and city
Death - hear, see, do nothing
Charge - rest us in our peace

Death - tax lawmen you counteth
Charge - you were born to pay
Death charge - gothic system despise
Death - rating cash to die
Charge - just to follow leaders
Death charge - loners life I have

You're so frightened and ya keep on running
Locked in doors with your T.V. and news
They've got you wound up and there's no chance sinning
Don't pull the wool with their don'ts and do's

10. Living For The Last Days

Living For The Last Days

Youth and sin and anarchy
Spread around the globe
Volume sounds and shakes
The night say goodbye to the old
Destruction upon violence paves the only way
A fire burning so displeasing welcome to your day

Blood suck the heart of metropolis
Echo through ya mind
Perpintrator holds the key
Destroy his fuckin kind
Macabre solutions they unfold
Open up the night
Bursting out of mother's wombs
At last we've put this right

11. Dance Of The Dead

Dance of The Dead

To St. Giles and no remorse
So demented and untame
Start tearing up the Earth
Who's influence and who's to blame

In the ground for some time now
Elizabeth's long gone grey
You find the lid it's decomposed
Have you wondered who will pay

Bring her upright to the top
Her corpse is all decayed
Swing the blow now don't stop
You've succeeded uncouth raid

Like a ripped up wreath
Ain't gonna rest in peace

12. Prince Of Darkness


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