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"The End is Here" (2003 Demo)

1. After All
2. Sacrifice
3. Lose Control
4. Burning

1. After All

After all we've been through
I've had the feeling lately your nightmare's coming true
All day long, everyday
Misleading deviations taking us away

Why didn't we go - long ago
Not trapped forever - we must break out

And now the days carry on
And as the days carry on
We'll be moving on
I don't want to be here
I'll never return

Realize that what we've done is not much
We have to find a better way to be gone
We can't break free
We can't get out
When your time comes you will know
You'll feel it trapped inside this soul

2. Sacrifice

Trouble is coming
It's on its way
And I know that the ball's about to break
In this together
It's all I know
And this time we're gonna pay

Sacrifice is all

The end is here
The end is now
And I know that there's nowhere left to run

Sacrifice us all

3. Lose Control

We're gonna go away
To a place where we'll feel no pain
A place I would rather be
Caught in a moment
Set your conscience free

And here we go
We are not alone
Eyes are watching as you let yourself unfold
It's a comfortable feeling
Wrapped up in us all
We've reached our destination
Next stop hallunication

This feeling wrapped up in us all
Heart beating slow
No turning back
This feeling wrapped up in us all
Up in us all
Let go, lose all your control

Your conscience goes
Your mind is not your own
I never want to leave
Higher and higher
Elation, round and round we go

4. Burning


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