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Imminence of Death

"Imminence of Death" (2005)

1. Lies and Illusions
2. Chaos Will Bring a New World
3. Imminence of Death
4. As One Man Dies
5. No Pain No Gain
6. Our Last Horizon
7. Does God Play Dice?
8. Origines
9. Relativity
10. Warrior
11. Remords
12. Struggling Minds

1. Lies and Illusions

2. Chaos Will Bring a New World

No longer the same
The order as changed
This time is chaos
A better world?
No more references
No absolute
Individual values
A better world?
An obliged passage
To coonsciousness
To freedom of thoughts
To better individuals
Struggling minds
For a time
Lost in darkness
Fighting to find the light
Healing wounds
Yet so painful
No more certaintie
Fear and doubts
Filters off line
To know not believe
Will chaos bring a new world?
Accurate readings
Reality perceived
Without lie or illusions

3. Imminence of Death

Mother of life
Yet so deadly
With her cold arms
Embraces without mercy!
Frozen to death
Strong element
She forces down
Against the will to live
Drowing deep
Into darkness
A force of nature
Fluid coffin
But also cradle of fall
So powerfull
Hands on life and death
In her grace
No escape for her own child
Gift once given
Taken away
Breathe the water
As it goes higher
Take a last breath

4. As One Man Dies

As one man dies
He can see it all
What he was?
What he has done?
As one man dies
He remebers it all
The good, the bad
The scenes of his life!
Incarnation has a purpose
The evolution of the soul
The karma has to go on
To increase man's conscience
The gates of hell closing behind
All our past lives we can't remember
Reincarnate to live again
To live again we are condemned
Hell is the state in wich we are
It is right here right now
We suffer in our mind
For our own good
For our deliverance
Unique moment of clarity
To be graspe
Offered to our true self
A change for the next level

5. No Pain No Gain

Always complaining
Want more - want better
Always compaining
Never satisfed
You want improvement
You want things of change
Stop bitching - stop whining
Get up and move your ass
I'm tired of what I see
I'm tired of what I hear
People are so lazy
Nothing falls from the sky


Don't blame the others
You are responsable
You get what you deserve
It's no magic
Make the effort
Get the results!


6. Our Last Horizon

Violent attaction
Devouring matter
Warping space
Stopping time
Quantium gravity
Matter cemetery
Light prison
Vortex in space and time
Singularity, infinite density
Unified physics
Mysterious frontier
Fascinating, inspiring speculations
Science and fiction
What are those monsters?
Wormholes to elsewhere?
To other dimensions?
Birth of new worlds?

7. Does God Play Dice?

8. Origines

Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée
Quand l'univers bascule sur lui-même
La mort est une force créatrice
Comme les plus grandes violences
Qui fécondent l'évolution
Qui précède toute création
L'évolution l'a bien prouvé
La science la démontré
Les ressources réafectées
Engendrent de la complexité
Plus de carburant à bruler
La fusion a cessée
L'astre va s'écrasé
La boule va rendre l'âme
Ampleur inimaginable
Cataclysme effroyable
Créées au coeur des étoiles
Éjectées dans l'espace
Composantes de futurs éléments
Briques du minéral, du vivant
Elles vont traverser le vide
Et peut-être un jour finir
Grain de sable, goute d'eau?
Feuille d'arbre, bout de peau?

9. Relativity

You hold the truth?
Closed minded
Lack of tolerance
Proof of ignorance
Various perceptions
Single situation
Judgment's creation
Personal thought patterns
Restrained conscience
Source of distortion
Human beings doing their best
Within a specific context
Knowledge, values and abilities
Defining perception
Constructing illusions
Breeding a lie
Trusting the judgment
Believing a false truht
It's an illusion you are take for reality
Will you ever realize the RELATIVITY

10. Warrior

Step by step
One moment at the time
With patience
The moutain can be climbed
Body, mind and soul are a battlefield
Ripga has to be conquered
When the battle is over
Relative conditions are neutralized
With the sword of clear conscience
Illusions are transfixed
Not the absence of conflicts
But the way we face them
It's as well under our feet
As over our head
The kingdom to be conquered
The warrior's reward
Our absolute nature
Our sacred essence
Pain is a warning
Experience is a school
The universe is a path
The peaceful warrior's...

11. Remords

Pour tout le mal que j'ai fait
À moi, de sentir la douleur
Des remords qui grossissent
Dans mon âme
Et finissent par prendre tout la place
Malgré les pouvoirs du temps
La plaie reste ouverte
Ma prise de conscience me fait mal
Mes idées ne sont plus les miennes
Je veux faire taire vos voix dans ma tête
Je veux me repentir, je veux oublier
Ma morale a fléchi les genoux
Je sens le serpent se serrer
Autour de ma gorge
Mon souffle se fait plus rare
Le goût du sang envahit ma salive
Que celui qui n'a jamais pêché,
La route de ma pénitence est longue
Je la finirai dans ma tombe

12. Struggling Minds


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