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Unchain the Wolf

"Unchain the Wolf" (2000 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Forgetting the Origins
3. Ars Occulta
4. Intermezzo
5. Stigmata
6. Unchain the Wolf
7. A Scream in Pain

1. Intro

2. Forgetting the Origins

A man come from other dimension
The one who cheated Death.
Make himself eternal
God of gods
Warrior of warriors!
He came down on Earth
In lightings chariot
Finding primitive life forms
Modified biological structures
Leaving signs so deep
In time, blinded by christianic ideas
By Christ who dreamed of power
Forgetting the origins and the past
The truth buried carefully
Inside humanity's mind
No one have ears to hear
No one have eyes to see
In these sacred books is written
"It will be back and show us the power
The way of immortaliy"
In a place long ago forgotten
In a sanctuary of gods
Guarded by mystic creatures
The Astral Gate revealed
Stands in front of us
Waiting for the true signs
To penetrate new horizons

3. Ars Occulta

Inspired by the occult
I become a creator
I built upon my shadows
I search upon my hatred
An artificial procreation
Of a non-human being
A dream of all generation
Bringing life from dead
I gave life to a monster
An evil among us
With no face, no shape
A half dark shadow
Living beneath the Earth
I learned the spells from demons
Ancient spells revealed
The gates of hell are opened

4. Intermezzo

5. Stigmata


Tears of blood, drop from the eyes,
A virgin born, a life of lies,
A false messiah, false prophecy
Rises from sins and blasphemy
Messenger of faith - a lie between believers,
Impaled on cross - flesh to feed the crows,
Cult of the dead - unholy priests
Show us the marks - Stigmata!!!
Red blood from his hands,
Slowly drops, like a cold river
Cold river of vein, wounded soul,
Breathing the poisoned air.
Impaled on cross - foolish son,
Pathetically - begging for mercy,
His pure flesh - ragged by frosty winds,
Sky is getting darker,
Soon death comes.

6. Unchain the Wolf

Unchain The Wolf

The one who walks towards the wolf,
Will find his death,
On the way of human souls,
On the world of fire.
Wolf, night's king,
Keeper of the keys,
That knows the path,
That knows the signs.
Wolf!!!An evil creation
Enemy of light
God of all warriors.
You can see through darkness,
So guide my steps and take me there,
Beyond the forests, beyond the seas,
Beyond the world we see.

7. A Scream in Pain

A Scream In Pain

I can't no longer resist
Without testing the pleasure,
Pleasures of this mortal world,
But something stops me!
My faith? My religion?
A paind with thorns like steel
Pierces my heart so deep,
I can't no longer resist,
Living by halucinations,
This pain desecrates my body,
I feel to scream.
The torture inside,
Coming from nowhere,
Left alone in this miserable world,
Weak spirit is fading.
And my heart is bleeding,
From the emptiness inside,
I hear them calling - words of temptation.
Inexplicable feelings, within mind,
Awake from dream to reality.
I made the first step,
And enter the temptation,
Inverted to darkness, feeling so good,
Fear of God is gone, all beauty wasted,
No more alone, I won life eternal.


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