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Mass Murder Genesis

"Mass Murder Genesis" (2003)

1. Murder Introduction
2. Blestem
3. Silent Disturbance
4. Conjurer of Suffocation
5. Decay
6. A Smile in the Face of Death
7. Crawling in Red Ashes
8. Tormenting Spirit
9. Infinite Path of Unreality
10. Names on the Pyre

1. Murder Introduction

2. Blestem


Rau al lunii.Rau al mortii
Ce de secole intregi
Veghezi capataiul noptii
Teasta spulberand .Sfintenia alungand.
Rau deplin in noapte eterna
Noapte eterna si rau deplin.
Un ragnet,un urlet . Razbate din bezna
O dulce chemare a unui strigoi flamand
O creatura hidoasa jumatate om si fiara
Ce cu sange cald se rasfata sub clar de luna
O victima plapanda a carei suflare a incetat
Odata ce coltii bestiei
Carnea frageda i-a despicat
Bantuind prin padure spirite ratacite
De blesteme unite vor chinui in noapte
Pe toate cele vii
Preamarite tie mare intuneric
Rau al noptii rau al lunii
Ce de secole intregi
Veghezi taramul mortii
Aerul ingreunand lumina alungand
Rau al lunii rau al noptii
Rau al blestemelor
Necurat si plin de amaraciune
Doar focul te imblanzeste
Samanta ta ce locuieste
Ingropata in puterea timpului
Si leac nu-si gaseste doar sufletul inraieste
Milostenia o goneste

3. Silent Disturbance


The story begins in a legendary land
From mountains to the sea
In a cold winter day
When wind whispers silently
The birds are afraid
Of what they see of what will be
No one knows the horror hidden
An eye of the beholder
Watching in the gloomy sky
No one knows the story of hidden evil
Prophets are dead saints are forgotten
Flashing look of the devourer
Hungry for meat of pure angels
The sea in blood red
Mountains are screaming
From the skirmish resulted
An angel crucified above the clouds
Splide wide open with guts falls
Blinded by darkness
Seeking light in vein
Helpless couldn't move
His wings are in flames
Seavenger demon
Eat the soulless carcass
Mournful demon laugh
The end is here......
A fireball in the water
The trast of crushed skulls
Living creature's departure
No one knows the fate of mankind.....

4. Conjurer of Suffocation


Banished from my tomb
From the silent darkness
I came on dirt
To make the innocent cry!
My scream is a howl
Of mournful hatred
Mangy grin savage torment
When the petrified moon
Arise on the nightly sky
Like the reaper starring eyes
Within them pits of hell
Mirror reflecting temptation
Haunted by past lives
I commit murder without sorry
Stick the claws and teeth
In the throat of victims
I feel they're agony roaring
How nice the look
Drowned in a blood puddle
Disappearing in the shadows
I care the curse of immortality
Trapped in a half-wolf body
Instigating and malicious

5. Decay


Decay is moment of prey decay is moment of pain
Decay in time to die decay is god's final day
The fall of gods the fall of times the fall in agony
Materialized in flesh and has no remorse
A face so good behind diabolical smile
He's the sin in body of serpent
Spitting on the cross desecrate the goodness
Proud he's the leader of men
That led to christ's death
Prayers of hatred invade the head
When howling wolves
Acclaim his arrival prince of doom
Bringer of damnation breathless bodies
Falling beneath your touch
Perverted creatures of hell
Dethroned the heaven's purity
Baptized all unholy souls with blood
From open wound in the skies
This is the fall of god the fall of time
This is the fall of god and rotted ideals
Raise armies from below invocate
The horny beings of death
With wings that cover the light of day
In the endless dawn of victory
Show again that strength is one
Love and mercy is no worth
Only blood from christian throat
Armageddon is unleashed
Under the sign of tormenting

6. A Smile in the Face of Death

7. Crawling in Red Ashes


Revolution evolution
All the slime
On the cross you will die
To keep the true spirit alive
In sorrow and hatred
Bring the pagan cycle
To eternal sparks
Degradation of the light
Keep ancient hail alive
Murder the holy swine
Torture with nails
Envenomed with pains
Rape sisters of mercy
Their songs in womb to die
Feel the true warrior alive
Maniac with burning desire
Rages like unholy fire
Ashes of the enemy
Fly through oblivion
And suffocate the bastards
Who made prostitution of mind
In another time

8. Tormenting Spirit


My seed swear vengeance
Written with blood from carved flesh
Making rage and evilness
To destroy all merciful kind
Like a bloody revelation
In a most desirable dream
Soon becoming real (throw away the doubts)
We see the true end
Of christian mass dementia
Embraced by unholy strength
The trinity is broken forever
Resurrection of lust and pride
The era of infinite wrath
Scum is defeated forever
Flag of fate cutting the wind
Pagan touch venomous presence
Cold spirit heart of serpent
Slaughter sans mercy (the soft minds)
Bloodbath or new beginning
Our never ending flame
Bound in chains free at last
A bow we made and kiss
The healing hand of death
Old order came back stronger than ever

9. Infinite Path of Unreality


Traveling alone in this
Cosmic and mystic fog
Feeling a strange presence
In front me all darkness
Master of the universe
I follow your paths
Show me the sense
The meaning of eternal life
Diabolic creatures
Floating in shape of shadows
Leading me to the secret
That has always been there
Beyond mind perception
Inside deep within stolen
Only darkness surrounded me
Only the stars are shining
A splendid view over the earth
But new dimensions open
To touch his cold realm
To know the pure essence
There where only immortals
Feed with knowledge
Somewhere out from this world
In the crimson land

10. Names on the Pyre


Condemned to burn
On the funeral pyre
No room for trail
Murder murder
Only thing to know
Mortal sins to follow
Deadly grow to hear
The Armageddon's call
The joy of redemption
Preachers of the holiness
Purest sorrow bringers
Names names to hate
Persons to vanish
For the sake of godness
Old believes forgotten
In the name of god and jesus
Death row no protection
Sentenced to die
In the mystic fire
Wearing a pathetic mask
No one to know the anger
Chained to a life of misery
In the most superstitious circle
Jury of disgrace


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