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Criteria ov 666

"Criteria ov 666" (2002)

1. Opus I. Velocity. Electricity. TVnecro
2. Opus II. With No Half - Measure
3. Opus III. Anthem For Doomed Youth
4. Opus IV. Anger
5. Opus V. The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence
6. Opus VI. Nothing. Immortal
7. Opus VII. Victory!
8. Opus VIII. Universal Separation
9. Opus IX. Xtc-Elevation-Trip

1. Opus I. Velocity. Electricity. TVnecro

2. Opus II. With No Half - Measure

Its criteria are easy 'n' fast
Hidden behind... the sun
He lights you through the moon
And you're great and he's your friend
These are the criteria ov 666
Ego decore domine sathanas
Ego decore domine sathanas

His word inspires you with a little hope
He gives you courage, the courage of despair
He can enlighten you on reality and death
Your life in his hands and the dream become real
The unbelievable in everything
Just observe through the third eye

Flamme odi urite, dolorem meum vindicate
Urite in nomine noctis
Vita malum est, instructa ad malum
Universi finis malum est
Omnia malis est. omnia est. malis est.

Now. free the dogs of war
Pester the church of god
Molest the chosen one
Everything here is sin
Man is sin and good is sin
Give us the illusions we lost
In the name of power
Of luxury
Of blood money
In the name of nothing and none
Damned goat, give us back the pure valley
And the moonlight nights

3. Opus III. Anthem For Doomed Youth

An ecstasy of flumbling
Fitting the helmets just in time
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
And foundring like a man in fire or lime
Through the misty panes and thick green light
As under a green sea, I saw him drowning
The creatures in the frost's breath
Blasphemy in my eyes
The holy sin for the glory
All... in my dreams, before the helpless sight
I come, falling in the dark
The world and men are hurting me!
The world and men are hurting me!
In my dream before the helpless sight
The great hymn...
In my dreams, before the helpless sight
I come, falling in the dark
For all... follow me

Our sword is truth, our shield is faith and honor
In age or youth, our hearts and minds we pledge
Though we may day, to save our people and land
This cause will stand, our millions marching on
We close our ranks in loyalty and courage
The god our thanks for comrades tried and true
Let traitors squail and fear the wrath of honest men
Who rise again to smash the devil's throng
We march and fight to death or on to victory
Our might is bright, no traitors shall prevail
Our hearts are steeled against the fiery gates of hell
No shot or shell can still our mighty song
Can still our mighty song
Your honor in my heart
Oh falling earth
Covered with pestilence and death...
What passing bells for these who die as cattle
Only the monstrous anger of the guns
Only the stuttering rifle's rapid rattle
Can patter out their hasty orisons
No mockeries now for them, no prayers nor bells
Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs
The shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells
And bugles calling for them from sad shires
What candles may be held to speed them all?
Not in the hands of boys but in their eyes
Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes
It is sweet and meet fitting to die for ones country.

4. Opus IV. Anger

Anger it does many things
Anger it helps decide your actions
Anger it makes you not a human being
The calm before the raging storm began
All of hell's children looked downward
Anger it's a kind of guide
Anger it's when you let the person inside out
Anger if you let it out, will you be changed?
Anger, hate, pain, death, fear!

5. Opus V. The Ultimate Supreme Intelligence

Mind in fog, spinning about
Walking alone, through a forest of doubt
Searching for reason, proud and frail
Running in circles but can't find the trail
Emotions are blended, spinning inside
Chaos with peace, humilty and pride
Feelings suppressed, so hard to know
Which feelings to hide, which feelings to show
Troubles are false, troubles are real
Torn apart, don't know what to feel

I am the shade
Of dark and spiteful hatred made
I am the shade
Of dark and spiteful hatred made!
To haunt and lurk among the shallows
Of the ghosts, the graves and the longing shadows
I am the one
Lost from the gloried and garish sun
My fate sealed with the blood of men
Was I once he
Who loved the sun, was darkness free?
Fate was mine to weave and twine
Insane and lost
Was I once he
Who loved the sun, was darkness free?
Insane and lost
Without body or soul but breath of frost

6. Opus VI. Nothing. Immortal

Godfather death
Mister tyranny
Each message you give
Has a dance to it
A man say has twelve children
And damns the next
At the christening ceremony
God will not be the godfather
The devil will not be the godfather
Wearing his streets like a whore
Only death with its finger on our back
Will come to the ceremony!

7. Opus VII. Victory!

The sun never sets where our flag flies high
Victory is simple as it shines up in the sky

We'll hang 'em high as we hail new glory
So raise the flag once more
And remind us what we're fighting for
As our blood and loyalty reign

Reign forever more
Reign forever more

Victory! for the ashes that we left behind
Victory! for the sake of those who fought and died
Victory! for our freedom 'til the end of time
Victory! you'll soon hear our battle cry karnix

All hail new glory
All hail new glory


We'll always have our hearts and that they can't take
We'll always have our heads to know what's at stake
We'll always have our pride and not know disgrace
We'll stand against the world and never hid our face

8. Opus VIII. Universal Separation

A century of universal decay
In cyclotrons nuclei are split
Souls are split, sounds are split insanely
While behind a quiet fence on a bench in someone's garden
Doom weighs a century of separation
And her eyes are ancient and her palms are taut with nerves
It comes oozing
Out of flowers at night
It comes out of the rain
If a snake looks skyward
It comes out of chairs and tables
If you don't point at them and say their names
It comes into your mouth while you sleep
Pressing like a washcloth
Beware, beware
Nearby and cynical, death brandishes a hasty spade
Here whispers are worse than curses, offer no consolation
How long the bureaucrats babbled on like crows about universal good...

If you meet a cross eyed person
You must plunge into the grass, alongside the chilly ants
Fish through the green fingernails and come up with the four leaf clover
Or your blood with congeal like cold gravy
If you run across a horseshoe, passerby, stop, take your hands out of your
And count the nails as you count your children or your money
Otherwise a sand flea will crawl in your ear and fly into your brain
And the only wall you'll keep from going mad, is to be hit with a hammer
Every hour
If a hunchback is in the elevator with you
Don't turn away... don't turn away
Immediately touch his hump
For a child will be born from his back tomorrow
And if he promptly bites the baby's nails off
So it won't become a thief that child will be holy
And you, simple bird that you are, may go on flying
Whan you knock on wood
And you go
You knock on the cross

9. Opus IX. Xtc-Elevation-Trip


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