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Preludium to Massacre

"Preludium to Massacre" (2003)

1. Enslaved Skies from Divine Hatred
2. The New Born Funeral
3. Breathing the Infectious Particles
4. Impenetrable Fog
5. Enthroned by Vilest Instinct
6. Affliction
7. Post Slaughtering Desolation
8. The Day Following the Liar Birth
9. Mayhemic Wrath
10. The Necrogoat Ceremonial
11. Blackhorned Blasphemy
12. Outro

1. Enslaved Skies from Divine Hatred

Echoes from the past
Suddenly resound
As the bell of the leper
Rings brighter in the ablaze sky

Beneath rust lies the old wound
This corrosive stone marked by the invisible

By forgotten slights
Living’s destiny had been compromised
Cold hurted earth
Nothing to expect but revenge

Infernal gusts are slashing the barren ground
Contagious dust spreads on the torn roots of hope
Black streams of blood are running the hills of pestilence
Draining the purest anger from the heart of the creatures

Messenger of absolute demise
Triumphant hymn of utter hatred
Bewitching emotions of unholy sublime
Unleashed scream from the depth of eternal torment

Contaminated firmament
Pierced by a thousand stars
Watching at the eye of the dying horse
Struggling in his own bowels

Echoes from the past
Rips the possessed nightsky
Wrath of the conspirator
True evil deliverance

2. The New Born Funeral

3. Breathing the Infectious Particles

Wandering sight of disease
Infiltrates the porous lands
Asphyxia, suffocation
Taste of dried blood
Invades your scabbed throat

Burning your chocking lungs
Infected partilcles infest the cells
The labyrinth of your anatomy succombs
Anathematized by sickness

Ideal of purity finally comes true
Ancient uses and codes have to be restored
From resignation to repulsion desolation has been embodied
And by the dying vermin will born the new life intolerable demands

A trail of nauseous mud
Follows the procession
Of the cursed
Degenerating breed

Spasms and convulsions
Tumefied wistful eyes
Imprisonned in morbid flesh
Plunged in the deep well of depression

Hammered existences
Suicide arises above
Soaked in virulent insanity
The threshold seems to get nearer and nearer

Feel the fiend’s presence
Voices from internal cosmos
Screaming deaden guttural cries
Calling your names one by one

Diserved journey
To the other side
Diserved death
Perpetrated by the instiguator of malevolence

4. Impenetrable Fog

5. Enthroned by Vilest Instinct

Each candlelight has been smothered
To leave us immaculate darkness
Craft of magnificent decay
Majesty of grimness

Descending down to the abyss
The valley of the dead
Necropolis of fallen souls
Where the Lightbearer is king

You holder of the plague
Violent venerations, sacrifices
In the name of your greatness
The black temple has been raised by the order of the damned

Closed to the devil
With extreme devotion
The ultimate orgasm
Can only be reached through perfect suffering

Evil conception
Inbreeding of the sinister and atrocity
Obscure perspectives
Sadism supremacy

The throne of dominating chaos
Has found his pretender
Disenchanted evidence
Self-proclaimed emperor

Angels are trying to spread
Their atrophied wings in vain

Sarcastic laugh
From providencial persecutor
Heaven’s scum
Primary demon blessed by sin

Enthroned by natural vilest instinct...

6. Affliction

7. Post Slaughtering Desolation

Morbid fascination…
Sleeps beyond the dream
Coffins made of skins
Inborn, carved destiny

Weakened, prostrated in pessimism…
My strength is forsaking me
I can’t spit the venom of hatred
Paralyzed and worried

Sweep the dust and faces from the past
So that I am totally lost
Astray in anxiety
Exhausted by frustration

Downtrodden emotions
Downhearted forces
Bleed on the edge of existence

Wasted draft of life
Life drags on…
Where is my will
(Willpower to hold)

Submerged in doubt

Watch the smoke smells the dead…

Useless quest of the draconian soul
As I bury myself alive… in a suicidal silence...

8. The Day Following the Liar Birth

One blow of those devastators winds
Has been enough to destroy the whole of god’s work
Six days of toil reduced to ashes
No rest for your pitiful disciples

They try to rebuild your great house
But they do it in vain
There will be no reward
Back to their strain...

Desperation and sarcasm besiege the believers
Breeding unfidelity within the ranks of the higher

Humiliated men of god, servants of deception
No longer follow the path to the deceiving religion
Their eyes turn away from heaven’s grace
Their mouths smell the bitter aftertaste of the Celestial Jerusalem

They ‘ll betray you like Judas will betray your son...

While gnashing gates of the great whore Babylon are opening
Lost souls are crawling in the river of putrified corpses
Driven to that place of depravation and blasphemy
Driven to that treacherous trapp of sufferings and unspeackable pain

Flimsy architectures collapsing
Blown up and set on fire like straw
Heaven’s vault blasting rings the sound of chaos
Smokes from the burning churches embrace the defeated paradise

Hear the cry from the future crucified called Jesus
He of the pretended lord
He of the bitch called Mary
Profanatory forces are now released...

Human spine will bend till it give way
Like the ground will give way beneath their feet
Plaintives whispers kreeps under the closed doors
This Petrifying grimly wistle penetrates the homes to take you

You’ll be wiplashed and floored
By the putrid breath of the reaper
Governed under the cover of his darkened wings

By Immortal powers of hell
Will born the answer…
Will born the chosen one…
Will born the Fame of the Antichrist

9. Mayhemic Wrath

Forsaken withered world
Fed on uncontrolled rage
Devilish wits
Swarm like worms in the cadaver

Demonic legions
Of lunatic spirits
Succomb to the call of the moon
Using the second side of the mirror

Thy others selfs
The night’s own
Awaiting the afterglow
The children of the underworld

Going on prowl
Like packs of wolf
From dusk till dawn
Seeking weakened victims

Devolved bloodline of the undivided horde
Only the noblest strength must survive
No shelter in the dark, no escape
No shining light to run away from death desire

Frigthened preys
Are savagely killed
Trapped in this perfidious ambush
Trapped in this macabre masquerade

Regulators of human species
Flesh hunger leads your instinct
Predators of the predators
The heathen blood flows in your veins

Disfiguered faces
Shredded bodies
Greedy knifes claws and teeth of the night
Stabbing and ripping the skins
Bathing and drinking
In the unpure corporal fluids
Breeding the elite of the occult legacy

10. The Necrogoat Ceremonial

Agony of god’s offspring has the shape of a cross
One pathetic symbolic to illustrate the book of sacred lies
Supported by a community of weak followers with empty mind
One by one they’ll be slayed through a total holocaust

Feel the wrath of our coming gathering
While they pray their christ
The same they shamefully killed
This time no resurrection for the son of god...

Despise human
Despise simplistic beliefs
Despise simplistic visions
Of life meaning

When innocence dies
And kindness falls
Come to a vision filtered by unholy blackness
Spellbound by horror and antichristian warfare

Fear is the only true god
Worship the goat of terror
Crowned by hate and despotism
Enter the bestial celebration

Praise the unknown
Praise the blasphemer

You master of desecration
Exterminator of the weak
Great tormentor each soul you crush
Emperor you rule through infernal slaughter
Infamous you inflect unbearable punishments
Your realm is nothing but carnage, massacre, and ravaged landscapes

You who wear the horns
You who dwell the rotting flesh

Virgin’s blood is filling his cup
Mutilation, rape, murder in his white empty eye
Representative of true evil
Representative of the eternal decadence
The beast of a thousand names…
… The black god called SATAN

11. Blackhorned Blasphemy

Blackhorned blasphemy
Mother of the soiled
Spit and piss in the holy wine
And drink their blood

Slashing their skin
Biting their flesh
Through hellish iconoclasm

You destroy…
And burn…

The void is all you want
Blackhorned vision of purity
Death, sin, crumbling disbelief
Check and pulverize human’s heart…

No one is spared
Rape, desecrate, profanhate, soil
All fucking crucifixs are turning
Upside down…

Blackhorned Blasphemy…

12. Outro


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