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Remnants of Deprivation

"Remnants of Deprivation" (2002)

1. Spreader of Decease (Burn the Bitch)
2. Carved Down to the Bone
3. Gasping...
4. Remnants of Deprivation
5. State of Putrefaction
6. To Disgrace Condemned
7. Time to Retaliate
8. Butcher Knife Impalement
9. Exposive Surgery

1. Spreader of Decease (Burn the Bitch)

Dreaded fuck face, grotesque
Abomination, to our race disgusting
Fraudulent, putrid hypocrite
Calculating, sinister, corrupt
Dishonest, devious, unclean
Filthy two-faced liar
Rancid whore, spreader of disease

The time is now, time to stop this sick infected whore
Introduce her to reprisal, present the consequences
Of her unclean, dirty, wicked living
Limb by limb, I will deform her
She will not twist another mind
Not lure, deceit, infect, defile

Violent grab, pound her face into the dirt
Mud soaked, hold her down by the hair
She's fighting violent, no breath, panic
Face turns blue, army boot face kick
Numbs of, falling down, passing out
Blood seeps slowly, pitiful moaning

Open hand face slap, she will not pass out
Not escape the pain
Her silent crying swiftly changes to screams of terror as I start
My work of torture on her torso, breaking ribs and bruising white skin
Broken bottle glass reflection shows her deformed face expression
Nose, chin, lips severely damaged, skin and tissue mixed with her own

Blood, she'll bleed, drain the bitch
Lying in a pool of her infected dirty blood she pleads for life
Her cries for mercy only fuels my burning hatred, time to die
Burn the fucking bitch, pain will now transform
Change it's face, become more extreme, progress into death
Pure vengeance will flow, broad of hate
The urge that has grown strong, stimulate

In my eyes she's nothing but a repulsive vermin, source of illness
Spreader of disease, burn the bitch
Bring the flame to her body
In convulsing spasm she burns
Skin peeling off, the flesh exposed
Boiling blood expands burst through vessels
Suffer wrath of fire, you disgusting fucking liar

2. Carved Down to the Bone

Smashed up face, cracked bones, broken skull
Carving deep into his body, digging for his dirty soul
Through the tissue, slicing, hacking, vicious way to meet my goal
Screaming out in agony, need the pleasure of his torture

Impose this empty, naked feeling, purge my from my core
Tiny piece of meat, carve from him
Open up his bowel, sick amount of gore poured out
Soaking my clothes, my face coloured red

My intentions for this carcass is to stimulate my desire
Carve..slice, bring myself to absolute sickness
Smear myself with his blood, frenetic stabbing slicing and dicing
Carve down to the bone, see how far I can push myself

Violate and butcher, carving in my signature
Hang his body up on meat hooks, let the metal pierce his skin
Cut him up, obsessed by the cruelty, the cruelty that has filled my being
Sweet taste of brutality, lurking in the shadows I am

Patiently awating victim
To mutilate
Leaving a trail of ill-treated bodies
Shallow graves with corpses that are carved down to the bone

Carving deep into his body, a frenzy of self-hate exposed
Through the tissue, slicing hacking
Through the meat down to the bone

3. Gasping...

Knocked out cold, unconscious black
Knocked out cold, ambushed
Where am I? Head hurts
Damn, neck is stiff
Can't move
Blurry vision, can't see straight
Close my eyes, focus
Starting to regain my conscious, no memory
Trying to move but I can't, tied down to a chair

Squirming to loosen the knots but they're rock solid
The panic is starting to rise
Trying to figure out, who would imprison me?
Shadow moves swift around the room and comes straight towards me
Lifts his hands, I try to duck to get away
He's putting something on me
Plastic bag, total panic
Cutting off all air, suffocating
Total panic, hyperventilate
Taste of blood, in my mouth
Can't move my arms, screaming out

Falling over, hit the floor, flash before my eyes, gasping for air
Starting to feel dizzy, try to bite the plastic bag
Can't reach... life starting to slip away
I can feel my body, starting to give up
Pounding, inside my chest
Feels like i'm gonna blow
Then, suddenly, he lifts me up
Not much time left, I can feel him poking at my mouth
Poking, sticking a hole, letting me get a taste
Slowly, my mind is again under my control
I can hear him, at the end of the room
What the fuck is he doing?

A strike to my head
Once again knocked down
Rips up, steps back, lifts the bat
Strikes my chest, intense pain
The perpetrator laughs at me, can't see but I know it's him
I know this psycho wants me dead
Adrenaline is working fast, I want to crack this bastard's head
Pierce his lungs, watch him choke
I sense a smell of human death
Realize i'm not the first to suffocate then left to rot in this room
The plastic bag sits tight and firm I feel it's time to get it off
This cunt won't break me he will die
With furious anger I start wobbling with the chair
Feel the wood giving in, knots loosen
I will break free

Again I feel strong
Fueled by hatred and lust to slay
Picture him beaten and dead
The instant my hands are free he's back with the baseball bat
Smashing and pounding, time must be now for attack
As I charge I feel the knife, took me by surprise
Slicing my throat, quick I die

4. Remnants of Deprivation

Mountains of bodies entangled, endless, entwined in barbed wire
Deep cuts in their flesh, ruthless, gruesome obliteration
Bodies of the women lay naked, spreading legs from violent rape
From pain deformed expressions on their faces
Robbed of life still screaming loud

Remnant of a mass extinction, deprivation of life
Erased to breed a new existence, brought forth by a lust for purity
Vile stench of death fills the air, the bodies start to decompose
Maggots dwell on rotting flesh, deterioration spreads a stench
Stings the eye, regurgitate the gut, suffocate, repulsive scenery

Remnants of deprivation, bleeding faces
Staring empty over land of mass destruction
Heaping for air, gasp their last breath to the sound of pitiful crying
Death, is all around, limbs torn violent, from bodies, still moving, still breathing

Clinging to life, disfigured, choke on their own blood
The last few survivors, soon to rot, all will be gone, extinction
They're the last of the human race

Mountains of bodies entangled, endless, entwined in barbed wire
Deep cuts in their flesh, ruthless, gruesome obliteration
Bodies of the women lay naked, spreading legs from violent rape
From pain deformed expressions on their faces
Robbed of life still screaming loud

5. State of Putrefaction

Body in a state of putrefaction
I don't know what's taking over control of my mind
Scars and bruises covering my torso
Brain is feeling mushy, I can't hold a single thought

Body in a state of putrefaction
It is like I am dead but still alive
Deep inside me I can feel it taking over
Growing stronger by the minute

I'm gradually falling into pieces
Big festering wounds are starting to appear all over me
Obscure, defect
My dried out skin starting to crack up
Exposing my flesh, grotesque pain
End this life...

I must kill myself
I can't stand to rot away
This time I will succeed
Succeed to end this painful nightmare
Leave this rotted body behind

My wish for death has grown so strong now
There's only one thing on my mind
Before my eyes I see it pictured
Crystal clear, the way to die
With a firm grip around the rifle
I am starting my journey towards the tunnel of light
Putting the barrel straight into my mouth
One swift pull and my brain comes flying out

Bodily deterioration
In the mind obliteration
Determined to relieve myself
From this sick abnormal situation

6. To Disgrace Condemned

Journey towards total humiliation starts up
No warning, nothing to indicate the wicked degradation soon to be
As they deliver themselves to the land of inbreeds
Submit to hillbilly law

Stranded, separated and dislocated
From the woods approaching, two men
They grin their black tooth grins, gleam with empty staring beady eyes
Mountain men with sick one-tracked minds
Without grasp of reality
Rednecks, 12 gauge rifle, farmer outfit
Drunken by homemade whiskey

The yokels of perversion attacking
Taken by surprise they're captured
They stood no chance, taken off guard
Overpowered, unprepared
The strongest, most defensive camper tied up with a belt
Force him to a tree

Now they turn their focus to the shorter fat man
Slowly backing, trying to get away
Panic makes him tumble, fall down
Soon his screams will echo

They start to slowly move in on their target
Crawling backwards, grins expanding soon to cover their dirty faces
"Won't you give us a ride boy?"
The panic then becomes total, when he hears a voice
"Drop them pants son"

Paralyzed from the fear he is thrown to the ground
Getting set, from behind, tear his messy mud-stained panties
Give the sick command - NOW SQUEAL
"Suck with that pretty mouth of yours"

Dirty deprivation of pride, raped by the rotten Crocker
"Squeal like a pig"
Captured, degraded and sodomized
Submit to perverse treatment

7. Time to Retaliate

This fucking bastard is getting on my nerves
Always mouthing off, reek of foul odour
Grotesque appearance, ugly as shit
Just one look at him makes me wanna vomit

This fucking bastard is getting on my nerves
Always mouthing off, reek of foul odour
The sound of his voice sends shivers down my spine
I can't take it any more now his ass is mine

Time to retaliate
Slash the cock off ram it down his throat
Hit him kick him, no mercy will be shown
He will suffer for his ignorance

Suffer severely for my sweet revenge
Breaking his arms with a violent snap
Put his legs up stomping his kneecaps
He screams out in pain, bleeding, begs for life

He will feel pain unknown this worthless piece of shit
Time to burn him, work him over with a blowtorch
Skin is melting skin is melting
Sour smell, makes me vomit
Makes me hate him even more

Hacking with my knife I will go berserk
Slashing up his stomach, ripping up his throat
Stabbing his face, peeling out his eyes
Drenching myself in blood

Carve out his heart, squash it with my foot
And every other organ waiting in his gut
When i'm through with him, there won't be anything left
Total dismemberment, is all that's in my head

This sorry motherfucker should've left my world alone
Minded his own business, not interfered with mine
Start to pour out gasoline all over the remains
Burning bright he'll soon be gone, no one will ever know

It's time for retaliation
Suffer my violent retort
Vengeance is mine
Time to retaliate

8. Butcher Knife Impalement

13 inches of razor sharp cold steel
Buried right between her pretty chin and forehead
All the way down to the metal plated handle
Massive damage inflicted
Goosebumps on my skin as flesh surrenders to the steel
Body twitching, bleeding from the knife attack

Another victim left to rot with work of violence on her corpse
Gruesome mask of terror left with cruelty on her body parts
Grinding my way down through flesh
Tearing, hacking, slashing, bending
Impulse to expose

Homicidal, blinded by rage
Freezing my mind, my anger
Knife through the skull
Stabbed in the face
Grinded down
You will not survive
Suffer severe
From my butcher knife

Impalement - stab
Inflicting severe
Bodily harm
Violate your corpse
Relentless I stab
With my butcher knife
Raw fury
Rapid striking torso
Ripping, stabbing, poking, piercing

Instinct forcing my mind
Rapture, overwhelmed, redemption
Carve this motherfucker down
Impaled by butcher knife
Exposing brain substance

Twist the knife inside her head to force the skull in half
Play with gel-like substances, then smear it on my face
Sick twisted morbid obsession, in my perverse mind
Deranged in consciousness
I can't feel that what i've done is wrong

Free from guilt
Strike another blow straight up her cunt
Slicing up her vagina, remove her clit
Raping the corpse, cunt moist with blood
Smearing my seed on carnal remains

9. Exposive Surgery

Sharpening up the axe
Need to have it sharp and shiny
Envisioning his death
Absolute mayhem
Gonna open up this bastard
Invicerate his body
Hold him down to the ground tie him up
Anger rising
So vicious is my being
I cannot control my hatred

Rip the clothing off his body
Piece by piece I strip him naked
He's gonna suffer explosive surgery
Violently eviscerated
Body pierced with sticks
Nailed down to the ground
Head cracked open by the stone
Smashing, pounding
His face unrecognizable due to the severe beating

Cracking bones with every blow, I enjoy the slaughter
Blood is pumping
I stand and watch him spastic twitching
It makes my juices flow
I can't help but smile as I start separating skin from tissue
I'm obsessed by the thought of removing every vital organ
Leave him in a pool of blood

The ribcage now I see
Furiously I bend it open with my crowbar
The bones are shattered
I know this fucker is still breathing
Suffering my treatment
Working down in his bowels with my axe
Slice in random
This autopsy is for exposure
Soon his body holds no organs

Messy bloody pile of gore
He's empty now my work is done
He has suffered my exposive surgery


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