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A Conflict Scenario

"A Conflict Scenario" (2001)

1. Entrance
2. Reptilian Triangle
3. Painting
4. Texture Shock
5. Evolutionary Masquerade
6. Cementing with Introspection
7. Pipeline Dialogue
8. Your own Palestine

1. Entrance

2. Reptilian Triangle

Reptilian Triangle

Waves of strength and angry rapture surge in scenarios
where harm or gain to reproduction grows
fight or flight response triggered by rules
by objects sculpted by death's own tools

like a cool blanket of cortical mass
checking burning primal coals
followed by fabled hope of depraved struggle's tolls

my objective faculty steers me for
an odd intrusive experiment of self-deplore

mental scenario - mirrors alpha glow
extroverted leaps - signal energies
carnivore caressed - prehensile limb expressed

emergency pathway
triune split
mid-region mediation,
upper override quit

flat skull caps indicative of agonistic schemes
seeking violent conflict through self-promoting genes

social primates, human children
organize in hierarchies
facial intimidations
hint emotional anarchy

these are remnants of chaos
rank diagnoses serve as keys
to peoples once living within
reptilian societies

tiny fists clenched,
tugging fearlessly
orange hair and scalp dangling freely

wake with wasted fuel from ideal scenes
scramble for seat in social Colosseum

3. Painting


Observers feel
for one victim
From two parties guilty

With cold repose
With inward hate
Some defend both
Some abstain

Try to pretend
The monster's intent
To silence with violence
and retch not from scent

Genuine glee
thrill of teenage mischief
grown men swarm
to rip at the hetacomb

for one hundred lost
is three the cost?
milled to brown mire
quenched their ire

with film and sound
paint this scene
which exploits your
culture's private memes

to taste a glimpse
of passions clandestine
simulate and go to
your own Palestine

4. Texture Shock

Texture Shock

Imprinting of solid crisp forms into soft clay
as culture is the architect of cognitive mazeway
walls and corridors simulate righteous edifice
foreign shapes categorized automatic dismiss
dyed tide. Divide
chaotic trees growing within black and yellow streets
...constitute subjective ocular geography
hopelessly conflicting
with constant radiating...
...white pillars supporting square colossal mountains proud

fragile youth bleeds into Saharan desert sands
her round face stretches. featureless body bends
twig-like fingers reach toward the gushing stream
blade between thighs
spout of liquid for miles
we welcome you woman
be free as light in your smiling eyes
these plains are yours
delight for endless times
history's cerebral mutant gods
burning orb screeches with distant violin
liquid loathing streams in through window sill
tied divide died
multiple tools for identical use offends the eye
with contemplation mind rejoices at higher and higher
digressions from its branded norm of home
nonsensical daily acts morph to purified pathways sewn
to refuse language. embrace noise
cognitively globalize

5. Evolutionary Masquerade

Evolutionary Masquerade

Emanation, outflow, overwhelming fuel
unperceived instrument grounding daily duel
stimuli of passions correspond to bleak,
antiquated features of prehistory
in present isolation from this distant state,
ardor serves as proof of violent masquerade
aside from random adaptations for like goal,
actual interaction strategies unfold

traces of untamed deeds felt
though our primate ancestors compelled

blood spent for blood
now inactive agony

vague remnants of desperate feats
cerebral bondage

vein - in colossal culture complex
strain - gene flow in drifting phase

emission of gray pressure
through abstract expression
evolutionary environment
cognitive homeland, tormenting descent

6. Cementing with Introspection

Cementing with Introspection

Analyzing fragments of my
bodily experience
lonely flights on windy bridges
noble quiet southern sun
melodies neatly mold onto
internalized curvature

wave, concave
sighed, solidified
probe, overload
tried, unsatisfied

Cave, sine-wave
Cried, specialized
Reach, others teach
Styled, self-actualized

tones are bookmarks in my neural library
pulling tastes of dusty passions
cataloguing manuscripts of same story
cementing with introspection

teeth grinding, clenched
toes, fingers bent
eyes inverting
stone shapes drying

preparation for - final thinking hour
to walk through finished halls of
galleries with art - dear to this slowing heart
and outwit chaos with silence
analyzing fragments of my
bodily experience
lonely flights on windy bridges
noble quiet southern sun

7. Pipeline Dialogue

8. Your own Palestine

Your Own Palestine

from world power to servant state
from self-sufficient to tied and raped
civilizations clashed one god prevailed
occupied by those your fathers hate

media provoking sight and sound
setting the stage as your haventown
internalized out-group hatreds swell
festering unsaid tribal quell

they wear greenish golden armor, you bear skin
theocracy aborts free life, wasting kin
mercenaries eject icy steel, last rites burn
dehumanized forms in bondage, its your turn

emblems of your scorn- what will you do now?
all wear the same face- what will you do now?
all share the same thoughts- what will you do now?

breach, equate
erupt, separate
rip, mutilate
breach, equate


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