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Backwoods Bludgeoning

"Backwoods Bludgeoning" (2006)

1. Backwoods Brutality
2. Beetlejuice Bukkake
3. Cumstained Murderweapon
4. Ice-Pick Vasectomy
5. Skill-Sawdomy
6. Lawnmower Lobotomy
7. U-Haul Full of Dead Bodies
8. Inoculated Life (Gorguts Cover)
9. Outro

1. Backwoods Brutality

Down In the southeast Texas sticks lies and corrugated trash heap
An economic wasteland inbreeding has run-rampant
Criminally insane DNA disease infested, innocence molested plagues the population
It’s rumoured rotting cadavers litter the woods
Wholesale slaughter exclusively bound and gagged
Finally after days of intense torture murdered so brutally
A cesspool of human remains disembodied corpses exhumed
The vermin of society hunt for flesh
Homo sapiens a backwoods delicacy
Dismemberment begins without even the basic human emotion compassion is ignored
You pleas for mercy head by no one a cesspool of human remains
Backwoods brutality

2. Beetlejuice Bukkake

Victimizing the innocent purging the flesh of the infidel
Duct-taped mouth, knots secured peel the undergarments aside
Very carefully feed her my cock
Inch by inch demi-god’s judgement
On this worthless bitch instruments of torture
Pains divine razor slits
Lower abdomen foul life forms
Methodically inserted next to the intestines
Insects feasting on the bowels of the living
Parasitic hunger
Dying from the inside
Insect infested cadaver impure fantasies
Demonic desires precise incisions
Malicious coroner of the living
Disease of the lunatic, addicted to the gore
Post-mortem fuck frenzy
Lacerations… defecations… ejaculations… abominations

3. Cumstained Murderweapon

Oriental beauty lady of the night
Enters my van we go to an isolated area
No sign of civilization just her and me, alone
Demonic lust takes over beaten to semi-conciseness
Bound and gagged
I move her into position lying face-down
I spread her thighs her womanhood
I forcefully plunder
Fuck her! Rape her!
Molest the whore!
Pierced nipples severed clitoris feminine circumcision
She will never orgasm again dirty whore!
Sodomize the worthless bitch feel the build up throb inside
Face her to your erect member uncontrollable ejaculation on her face splatters
Razor’s edge the incision to the larynx is performed
For memories are eternal in a culvert lifeless she lies

4. Ice-Pick Vasectomy

87 thoughts, masterpieces in the making
Contempt for the one she loved
Death, a slow, torturous one
Desires meet dread, love blends with wrath
Love is so blind
87 punctures, an ice/pick vasectomy
Emotions swelling with black hatred
Slashing in a murderous rage
Revenge of the most heinous king
87 gouges, vasectomizing
The worker of iniquity atonement of blood
By the one who caressed her
Not by a dead impersonal god
Rage is also blind
A corpse who no longer bleeds
Penis turned into Swiss cheese
Sorry son of a bitch who’s life is the atonement of sin
Paid for in his own blood
You adulterous fuck!!!

5. Skill-Sawdomy

An abomination in the eyes of the lord woe unto thou seeker of forbidden fruits
Thy sins of sodomy shalt not go unpunished so saith the lord, thy god
The lord speakerth through me as his vessel of judgement his wrath eternal
Ye repenteth not
…his words…
…my words…
The holy spirit has blessed us with his presence
10 AMPs of divine power
Flows through my hands thou shalt be uprooted
Cut like a cancer by a jewel of your flesh
Down the middle of thy shaft your penis cut into twine
Thy anus ripped in half at 4500 RPMs for this iniquity against the king of kings
Thou art an abomination to me drinker of masculine seed
Your flesh shalt be cleansed as your blood stains my blade
Shredding your colon severing your intestines
Heathen queer of the devil may the lord of hosts given me the strength to drive thee out
By the blood of the cross, I case y out!
She sacrifices for your sins have been offered the blood of thy flesh has washed your sins away
Now the atonement has been accepted

6. Lawnmower Lobotomy

3.5 litre engine squashing bodies splitting vertebrae crushing skulls
22” blade running at 16,500 RPMs
Multiple decapitations brutal circumcisions of the masses no escape
Overpopulated castrated
Lobotomizing the species victims forced to stand single file
Cutting down the rootless weeds wretched life mowed into extinction
Unidentifiable remains dismembered hurled throughout the air
Shredding the flesh blood sprays chaotically a whirlwind of devastation
Projectiles of bones & human tissue shrapnel of the damned
Muti9lating the masses a fitting end to a worthless lot
Extinction of the human race now you die!!!

7. U-Haul Full of Dead Bodies

100 degrees Fahrenheit engulfed in darkness
Pitch black black as night stench of carbon monoxide lingers
……oh, so slightly engines humming a grinding tune
Suffocating air an unquenchable thirst metal grinds with metal
Stranded in paradise paralyzed with dear
From heat exhaustion your loving mother dies
And you brave father had one too many heat stokes
Holding your baby sister watching, horrified panic-struck
As you’re forced to witness her life lost an infinity
Ever so sweetly plucked from her fragile body
Death by starvation as strangers and loved ones die side by side
Al you know is an impending doom the putrid smell of feces and urine
Mixed ever so slightly with the nauseating stench of rotting corpses
Fills your nostrils
Seizing your sanity knowing that you’ll die like the others
Without water, without food consummation of the dead by the living
Days go on forever nights, an eternal damnation death turns his head, scythe in hand
Towards you, time to die exhalation of thy last breath begotten forever
Another member of the faithful forgotten forever
100 degrees Fahrenheit engulfed in darkness

8. Inoculated Life (Gorguts Cover)

[Gorguts Cover]

Normal Children's birth, some could be painful at times
As the newborn rise, slowly all the pain will die
While life grows inside, joy and fear dwells in my mind
Everything went fine, until I got some weird pain inside of me

Unable to eat, vomit endlessly
Strange anomalies
Something dwells inside, growing suddenly
Then I started to bleed
Unbearable flowing haemorrhage
Infected remains
Were draining out of me as I went insane

Inoculated life

Blood all over, ??????????
As they pull out
Embryonic waste
No human from
Yet to relate
For the mother
Now it's too late

Gory delivery
Innards will follow
As they pull out the foetus
Pungent smell rises
As the mother waits for surgery
Disgusting mutation
That science has never seen
None would be able to tell
What kind of life it could be

Normal Children's birth, some could be painful at times
As the newborn rise, slowly all the pain will die
While death grows inside, mortal life fades in my eyes
There's no way to hide from this inoculated life

9. Outro


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