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"Pre-production demo 2" (1989 Demo)

1. Engulfed by Flames
2. World in a World
3. Liquid Courage
4. Oppressing the Masses

1. Engulfed by Flames

On the case of an unusual death tonight
Corpse erupt, sweet smell of cremation in flight
My eyes attracted to a pile of ash, in all my time I have never seen that
Distinguishable by a single leg intact

Body of flesh, bones all turned to ash
Fire of no one's guess entraps

I'm wondering about the feelings that you've felt
Was it pain delivered straight from Hell?
Did you grasp out, did you reach for the sky? Or did you collapse, only time to die?
Burning story too difficult to tell

[Repeat Pre-chorus]

ENGULFED! You're swallowed by the flames
Temperature Burns Away.
No Crawling, No Feeling The Pain.

[Solo: Flynn]

[Solo: Demmel]

[Repeat Chorus]

Cases numbered, but no way to explain
How a human just burst right out into flames
The fire engulfs your body, attacked; you hit the floor, an oily pile of ash.
And what is you can now be swept away

[Repeat Chorus x2]

2. World in a World

I, Being The Judge Of This Legal Court
Motion For The Accused To Arise.
Stand Up Boy, Here's The End Of Your Life.
Now All Be In Awe Of My Upper Hand
And You Watch As I Detain.
I Swallow Time, Twenty Years
Of Your Life, I Have Obtained.
Sorry In A Cell, With The Rest Of The Dogs
I Do Nothing But Wait.
I'm Being Fed Shit, Tormented, Such Hate.
Bashed, Beaten, Battered, Some Inmates Here
Just Cannot Defend Their Lives.
That For Me, The Luxury In Here Is Only To Die.
[ Solo: Flynn ]
Now You're In, Here To Stay
Life Sentence, Convicted, And Now You
Must Pay.
So Watch Your Back And All That You've Got.
Stealers Take, Killers Kill, But Usually In The Dark
Cold And Empty Grey Matter Of Your Brain
Would Spray.
Unpleasant Taste It Leaves In Your Mouth.
This Place Is Hell, This Place Is What We Call.
World In A World
And You Fear This Fucking!
World In A World
Guilty You'll Rot.
[ Solo: Demmel ]
Warden Hates Because He's Playing The Part
He Makes His Point By Turning Guns
On The Unarmed.
Or Solitary Confinement They'll Keep You
You Resist And
A Battered Mess, And Oh I Regret
When You're In Here Slop Is All You'll Be Fed.
And When You're Tired And Needing Some Sleep
The Cement Floor Is All They Feel You Need.
World In A World
And You Will Fear This Fucking.
World In A World
Guilty You'll Rot.
World In A World
Held Out Of All Sight.
World In A World.
To Be Here Is To Die!

3. Liquid Courage

I Reach Out, And Grab The Devil.
Pour His Hell Straight Down My Throat.
Go Home To The Darling
Where's Your Pain, Give Me Pain Ten Fold.
Soft Face On My Backhand.
Soft Heart Broken At My Feet.
Careless Of Your Feelings.
Reach Again, Strike Again, Feel It.
All This And More For You.
These Are The Things That I Put You Through.
Bleed For Me Once, And Again.
It's Not What You're Doing.
Liquid Soul, Inside Of Me
My Conscience Black, Plaqued By Disease.
Losing Mind, I'm Slipping Fast
The Bottle Empties Courage In Me From A Glass.
Next Day My Eyes Have Opened
Look To See My Battered Wife
Living This Depression
Poor Again, Drink Again, Slam It
Savior In A Bottle
Courage Capped And Sealed Tight
Helps Me To See Brighter
Things I Hate Washed Away Leave Me
All This And More For You
These Are The Things That I Put You Through

4. Oppressing the Masses

Land Of Old, This Soil I Now See Turns Grey.
Looking On, I See Crowds That Stand Against
Tyrant Guns,
Blow Them Away.
All For The Sake Of Freedom,
Look To Your Screen They're Screaming, Help.
High Upon A Pedestal, Man's Mind Speaking
What I See, Is What I Hold; Rower And All
That's Around.
Curfew At Dusk, And My Soldiers Litter
The Streets.
This Is For The People, No, We're Breaking,
Taking, Killing.
We Bleed From Tyrants War, Runs Red Through
Streets Of Blood.
The Freedom That We Would Seek Is Screaming
Lost Liberty.
Oppressing The Masses, Could This Be.
Oppressing The Masses, Could This Happen To Me.
Deceiving Things He Says You Might Take
As True.
One Word Believed By Him, His Strings Attach To You.
So We The People Must Unite, And Defy.
Destroy The Power, Fight This Man's Rule
Must Die,
By Our Hand.
Oppressed People Of This Land.
Convert, Exist The Planned Way.
Revolt, With Blood We'll Flow The End.
Oppressing The Masses, Could This Be.
Oppressing The Masses, Could This Happen To Me.
Gone Year's Of Ten
I'm Still Power Alive.
My Dominos Fall On Taking Other Men's Pride.
All For The Need Of Power
Watch As I Devour You!
This Virus Of My Intentions, Infectious.
Your Land My Carnage Forth.
Obviously Death Results.
I Am The Ugly Face, The Spreading Disease
I Am Oppressing, Raping Life, I Do As I Please
And You Pay The Price.
You're Lost Without Arms To Fight
If Given The Spine From Hate
Would You Cower, Or Rise And Say.
Oppressing The Masses, No Not To Me.
Oppressing The Masses, No This Could Never Be.
Oppressing The Masses, To Be Free I Would Rise.
Oppressing The Masses, For To Live Contained,
Mind Would Die!!


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