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Violent Mosh

"Violent Mosh" (2004 EP)

1. Let The Violation Begin
2. Thrash Maniacs
3. Artillery Attack
4. The Plague Never Dies
5. Shadow Of Death *
6. Killer Instinct *

1. Let The Violation Begin

Representing the law, Extorting our blood,
We´re victms of abuse, buying our freedom
Cops are thirsty to rip your ass apart,
tracing people like dogs, we´re trapped in a dead end

Running, we can never hide
Fear, invanding our minds
Mayhem and terror are spreaded on the streets
But there’s always a way to resist

Reply all repression
Face the authority
Answer with the same aggression
Let the violation begin

Corrupted feelings are supported by the State
To serve and protect is to violence and to rape
Dollars means respect, Exhausting our vital force
Officers are dirtier than the criminals they chase


Justice is blind because their crimes are forgotten
Screams are silenced with the sticks in our throats
The years of submission´ll be avenged someday
Action brings reaction and it will rise with pain!

2. Thrash Maniacs

You fashion bastard with empty head
Your words does’t mean a shit to me!!!
Speed and aggression will overun your vanity
A spit of hate in your face!!!

All your money can’t buy you attitude
Everything you live is a fucking lie
Be honest with yourself. Poser
Fuck off and die!!!

Before you see
We’ll blast your head and kick your fuckin ass!!!
My pleasure is watch you bleed

Your way of life is a fucking trend
Brain-washed people adicted to shit
A personality that you just pretend
Hell is coming and you gonna burn!!!

An army of pretensions and ignorance
No brains to be individual
Brutality is coming to get you
You better run, you sucker

3. Artillery Attack

Born in a world of madness
Sick and tired of all this shit
Tolerance is for the fools
My last hope is a war

In this life they´ll pay

Your heaven will never come
I´m not going to wait until I die
Raise your head and raise your voice
Let´s start to kill

You better start to pray


Speeches are for those who believe
That just words can change the reality
Stupid rules of conformism
Transformed existence in a purgatory

In this life they´ll pay

Terminate the authority
Blast the barriers with all your felling to kill
The power is at our hands
Crush the oppressor and thrash´em all

You better start to pray


Speak your mind/ Begin the slaughter/ Causing mass destruction
It´s up to you /United Forces/ Die Hard
No remorse/ hunt their heads/ and show no mercy
It´s payback time/Forget the law/ Become a Violator

4. The Plague Never Dies

Crawling through the night, they’re are hungry for somes lifes
No one can stop them, their desire is plundering
Everything they touch is transformed into ashes
Uncontrolled strike,as fast as it can be

Destroying, devastating, they’re coming over here
You better be prepared, because the plague...
Torment in fire, power and pain, total disaster, the plague... never dies!

After their attack, nobody can resist
No traces left behind, the assault is thundering
Remain on the target and become their prey
You´ll be taken by violence and seized by the plague

Destroying, devastating, they’re coming over here
You better be prepared, because the plague...
Torment in fire, power and pain, total disaster, the plague... never dies!

Once the butchery is over, their mission is done, but their weakness is now revealed.
A fulminating quake comes to knock them down. The plague has no strenght to arise. Everything´s reverted, a twister in their minds. A terrible pain remains.
Pressure over bodies, they´ve came to deadline, there´s only one solution: evacuate

5. Shadow Of Death *

Running through the battlefield
Stepping on corpses
A scene of terror has taken all sights
Nothing to do for their miserable lives

Can you feel my burning eyes?
They’re consumed by pain
I’m fighting for no reason
Dying by the man on command

The shadow of death!!!

Face to face with enemy
He isn´t different from me
May God has mercy for his soul
Cause I won´t have it

I can´t take this hell anymore
Struggle to escape from this place
I´ve nothing more to loose
Except for my chains

The Shadow of death!!!

God is away. Awake. Wake to die.
Live in demise, walk in the edge of the sanity.
Vision goes blind; heart goes dark, waiting the sentence to burn
Kill innocents is to kill, to fade, yourself.

Drowned in a sea of hate / total disorder/
March into Devastation / Living in torture/
Pain! Inside of me! No hope
You gonna die

The Shadow of Death

6. Killer Instinct *

Life is a mercyless fight
No one can win
Ally with your arch enemy
You can't fail, you can't ruin
Eliminate your fear to feed your hope
Then kill, dig and bury!
We just think we're human
Making a perfect society
A fair and honest lie
That hides all the misery
A million people die
Behind this hipocrisy

Only one survive!
Killer Instinct!
And you gonna die!
Killer Instinct!
This is the life you live!
Killer Instinct!
Killer Instinct!

Justice doens't exist
The hate create the death stream
When anger and pain command
Life lost the mean
Pray looking to the heaven
So you never see the hole you are in

It's the natural selection
Existence is stiff
This primal rage is destroying us
No solution for this conflict
The last stage of evolution
Is another step to the cliff


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