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Killer Instinct

"Killer Instinct" (2002 Demo)

1. The Battle Of The Broken Heads
2. Killer Instinct
3. Slave Machine
4. Blind Legion

1. The Battle Of The Broken Heads

2. Killer Instinct

Life is a merciless fight
No one can win
Ally your arch enemy
You can't fail, you can't ruin
Eliminate your fear to feed your hope
Then kill, dig and bury!

We just think we're human
Making a perfect society
A fair and honest lie
That hides all the misery
A million people die
Behind this hipocrisy

Only one survive!
Killer Instinct!
And you gonna die!
Killer Instinct!
This is the life you live!
Killer Instinct!
Killer Instinct!

Justice doesn't exist
The hate create the death stream
When anger and pain command
Life lost the mean
Pray looking to the heaven
So you never see the hole you are in

It's a natural selection
Existence is stiff
This primal rage is destroying us
No solution for this conflict
The last stage of evolution
Is another step to the cliff!

3. Slave Machine

Each of you receives a mask
To cover our individuality
Make you follow the rules
Ain't we got any choose?!!

You mean nothing
You are what you got...
"Show me the money then I can give you life,
everything has a price!"

To live is pleasure for few, few people.

Slaves of our own creation
We can't be saved!
Born from our ambition
We are slaves
This was our sin!

Envy is our religion
We got to earn, no matter the way
Sellfishness kills inocents
A bloody game we must play

Technology utopia
The new age of information
A small screen for a giant world
It's nothing more than manipulation

Mass comunication
For all the population
It's the strongest way
For wide domination

Obey the politician
Join the submission
Pretend that nothing is happening
Believe in the words they're saying

4. Blind Legion

I believe in heaven
That's why i'm suffering here
That's why nothing is going to change
Until the day I die

I believe in fate
God give me all these pleasures
Why should I help you
If even Him doesn't care

Obscured lies
Beneath, inside mankind
wanna take part in their legion?
Do want to become blind?

I've got a place for you next to the Lord
Pay the price and save your soul
I have the power to make you live
Follow me or burn alone

I don't need to fight for my rights
Justice will come one day
Keep praying and peace will reign
Or face the God's rage

The more you pray the more you die
The more you pay the more you suffer
The more you agree more you are used
The more you believe more you become blind!


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