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Do or Die

"Do or Die" (1988)

1. Warlord
2. Hellbound
3. Militia of Death
4. Prelude/Scavenger
5. Valhalla
6. Burning from Within
7. Berserker
8. Killer Unleashed
9. Do or Die

1. Warlord

Music: Ron Eriksen, Brett Eriksen
Lyrics: Matt Jordan, Ron Eriksen

Snatches a victim; slashes 'till death
Takes a human life and decapitates their heads
Throws the axes forward; watches them die
Blinded by hatred ... They're doomed to die

Cutting humans one by one
Leaving to die in their blood
Grabs another body - the knife sinks in
Spiteful fury ... To live a life of sin

The need to fight all rules him in every way
Warlord lives to kill every day
The blood on his blood on his hand satisfies barbaric lust
Warlord soon to strike

Warriors of death dressed to fight
Taking lives and destroying the night
Swinging the swords straight from hell
Taken by madness... Conquers the citadel

(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

Watching lives fade away
Crushing underfoot those who pray
No regrets - torture will last
Taste his blade ... From the past


2. Hellbound

Music and Lyrics: Ron Eriksen

Merciless men - hateful victims
doing battle in the night
patriots rally to the cause
some just living to fight
few will win, but countless die
they will never see the sun rise
steal from the dead, desecrate
dead eyes have no sight


countless souls falling to hell
eternally living their sins
a life of death and butchery
all watrriors pay in the end
blade strikes home - the world is black
cannot evade the capture
satan loves men who kill
and lusts eternal torture


More to fight - the need to kill
you're just the devil's token
no time to turn wrong to right
the hourglass is broken

(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)
(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)


3. Militia of Death

Music: Ron Eriksen, James Lareau
Lyrics: Ron Eriksen

our sawtooth blades shines brightly in the morning sun
together are the power - this world ours before long
on a mission of hatred, we will trust on man
fierce as wolves we fear no one for a madman leads our clan

no time to catch your breath tonight for you will get no mercy
our superhuman colossal force surges unleashed desire
like the chariot of the reaper we will leave a bloody slaughter
now move on to conquer more - onward, enslave the virgin daughter

Militia of death
Militia of death
Militia of death
Militia of death

splitting hemlets, splitting skulls, drinking the blood of ancients
slaves to their crown - to their throne - fall to spiteful power
our instruments of torture meet soldiers with their deaths
we take adandoned weapons - the dying take last breaths


(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

to their thrust is our parry - assaults come less and less
the enemy hurt and dying - from our blade's caress
the land we walk is brains and blood - full with mangled corpses
opponents of divine militia fall to hated forces

we have no friends, just victims - our enemies all gone
together are the power - this world is ours and strong
like the clash of thunder we did trust no man
fierce as wolves we fear no one, for madness is our clan

4. Prelude/Scavenger

Music: Brett Eriksen
Lyrics: Matt Jordan

the stench of roten meat
lies in the air
wreaks the smell of death
corpses bloody stare

eyes of glassy blood
lurking like the wind
waiting for another life
another life to end

dreams of blood and bowels
send sensations high
no meat to be found
nowhere prey to die
for scavengers wander
wander across the land
scanning for abandoned kill
scourching what they can

temptaions beyond extremes
existing but none shall ever see
sucking bone untill there's none
no wasted piece of meat

no time to feed their young
wait for tortured cries
a helpless victim
is the one that dies

(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

scrapes the carcass clean
blood is everywhere
consumes every morsel
they'd rather die than share

5. Valhalla

Music: Brett Eriksen
Lyrics: Ron Eriksen, Matt Jordan

the viking lives - never dies
he is born with eyes beyond eyes
slashing back with only his sword
not slaying to be adore
the Viking needs to conquer all
until the day that he will fall
he will perish at the gods' command
but he must die with his sword in his hand

to go to Valhala - the promised world
where every weapon shines like pearl
battle rages night and day
endless combat - the Viking's dream

finally arrived to see
at least - the land of the free

we live our lives born and free
we will die for victory
never complete untill all is ours
sail away at the midnight hour
it's time to go - yes, now we know
the gods call us - to battle we go
never look back - no second thoughts
no remorse for the men we have fought

and go to valhalla - the promised world
where every weapon shines like pearl
battles rages night and day
endless combat - the viking's dream

(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)
(Solo - Brett)

6. Burning from Within

Music: Brett Eriksen, Ron Eriksen
Lyrics: Mat Jordan, Ron Eriksen

eight hour hibernation
in a deep trance to lay
brain sedation causes
existence on a diferent plane
a body which is evil
inside deserves to burn
dreaming through the final day

blitzkrieg erosion
body fluids evaporate
carbon ash replaces
moist and mortal flesh
intestinal eruption
brittle bones splinter and break
corpse remaining falls
floor and form will mesh

flesh dripping flames
pain so intense
cone of stench by name
multiplying cells
divide and ignite
like a cancer aflame



(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

somnolence is ended
or maybe lasts eternally
body to ashes; ashes to dust
what once were eyes now cannot see
a soul of goodness in a man insane
fair about to turn
finally took the only way out
the brain the last to burn


7. Berserker

Music: Brett Eriksen
Lyrics: Matt Jordan

waiting for the call of war
anxious for the call of war
set to destroy massivelly
kill and burn and kill some more

on the sea of hate
any land will do
victims now await
berserker conquer you

set to banish all mankind
catch and steal bodies within
we thrive on the taste of blood
so the slaughter now begins

me will die first
torture under will
women just for children
berserker love the kill

(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

we grasp our batle axes
head where cities lie
killing everyone in sight
search on for more to die
kill again we can feel it now
all opur rage is from the core
violence is what powers us
charge forth to kill once more

(Solo - Brett)

8. Killer Unleashed

Music: Brett Eriksen
Lyrics: Ron Eriksen

demonic horror spells the end of your world
it was born in the darkness of ignorance
no swift death for you - only sufering will do
your murder will be long and torturous

a young boy you will never know
pull the key in the lock and opened the door
killer unleashed - death to you all
crippled and struggling, the world will fall
hellbent destruction to rip and tear
shadowed monstrosity soon to be there
created by evil, released on this night
the first became last and the dead came alive

the evil upon the earth, demons arise
devour your body and soul
when the end is near, there's no disguise
doomed to the depths below
skies are blazing, all hell break loose
the world is at its end
souls plummet to hell, destruction begins
the killer is unleashed

(Solo - Brett)

i usurp your knowledge all the while
in the fire of chaos you will meet your end
lo, i am your destruction
and i am immortal - for the dead cannot die twice

the incantaions utered by one
set forth the evil that spares no one
killer stalking all form of life
even the wicked will feel its knife
always expanding from all it consumes
unleashed if is trully death in full bloom
the only escape died with the boy
revelations of a world destroyed


9. Do or Die

Music: Brett Eriksen
Lyrics: Ron Eriksen

i know you're taken with a burden
and you don't know your head from your tail
but if you're gonna do it, do it right
you've got to hit the head of the nail

if it ain't worth dying for it ain't worth doing
aren't you tired of waiting in line?
take us to the top or straight to hell
do or die

make it or break it - that's our battle call
that's the way you've got to live your time
if you won't do it now, don't do it at all
wasting days is a moral crime


(Solo - Brett)
(Solo - Ron)

make it or break it - that's our battle call
give it your best or you'll fail
if you won't do it now, don't do it at all
you've got to hit the head of the nail




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