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What Kind Of End  We Will Come To?

"What Kind Of End We Will Come To?" (2005 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Vighun
3. I Buried A Human Body
4. Of God And Hate
5. Plague Within
6. Suicidal Dream
7. The Disaster Cause
8. Waiting For Death
9. The Last Drop Of Blood
10. Dancing With Shadow

1. Intro

2. Vighun

primacy of faulty breed, nature needs the cure
hateful breath of earth, purge all from human ordure

now is the day, when meekness awoke
elements unite, against a common foe


man mounted a horse, but he can't ride
it dies under man weight, but fear forbids him arise
that's enough of humility, gale in his mane
tears chains of dread, now approach the bane

under hoofs land revives
under hoofs bedness dies

there behind god is hidden the man
man that is killing in his name
all, all is well
no, it's not his blame

there is only one power
which can make us to rue
it's too late to cry
now legend becomes true

rocks and trees, at once arise
they want to see affliction in their eyes!
clouds of dust, rivers in flood
they want to see, enemy's blood!

man's seeking paradise, which he destroyed

3. I Buried A Human Body

another body, prepared to rest
who is it now, thief or slayer?
no, only wretch, agog by faith
which shamefully die, forsaken by his god

the soil is dry, I dig the grave
for herald of belief, icon of slaves
he paid with life, for his deeds
to be a immortal, symbol of creed

maybe once,
when the time will wash his acts
he become an another man

maybe once
in different light
he become a verity for all

symbol of good and peace, life and death
brightness, which blinds, shadow engulfing the truth

he never find peace, he will be in hiding in eternity
the death is only beginning of his life in temples
full of majesty, fake ... questions

4. Of God And Hate

of chaos and filth we will rise
of terestrials anger and cosmic dark
of machine's spirits and madman visions
of nothing and your darkest fictions

we are untouchables, we are the air
you will never walk upon our stairs
you, terestrials, are cure for your hunger
on your own planet you'll be wandering stranger

one hand was looking for life in cosmic void
other was burrying earthly life form

we started your holy war
sorry, but your god is on your phone

drowned in a sea of news
missing instructions for use
constructor and his pet
who is chicken and who is egg?

you're simbiosis weaker part
fat that feed unknown shark
we need only your darker half
the worst thinks that gave you, gave you your god

we manipulated building of your world
you think that's can't be seen, will never work
but one think we will never tell
that you're only stupid slave

5. Plague Within

hiden demons construct plague within
plague that fullfils with shits your skin
slowly detecting your hidden hate
you're not longer master of your fate

it wants me to see crawling on my knees
in front of bastard lie, in red burning scream
limitation's waking my insanity
final step of hate, closed gate of weep

rain of fear
reaching for me
rain of hate
absords my shades
rain of pain
paves my lane

shadows spread their plague within
in false visions of sins
blind by gods follows halftruths
high on blood, there's no own view

slowly it absords into dreams
changing world within, hide inner part of sleep
alter our blindes to trust
destruct power of minds, trampled it in dust

enter to goverment of shit
save your goddamed life, surrender to beast
show your weakness, you coward
you're just nameless brick that forms this reckless tower

6. Suicidal Dream

running through suicide awake
taste stranger's pain from lie
enter the non-self feelings
seek reply to: "am i dead?"

runnig through suicide awake
another rise to fall
real face of other's life
seek reply to: "how can i ...die?"

i stare through your eyes
watch and feel dead end of your lies
i'm your shade in your last while
your hands are mine, your sun sets down

i see your blood, it's so red
i feel your weakness, feel your death
lost miror cuts remains of hopes
a touch of bliss when dark comes

nothing can stop my scream
in this suicidal dream

my world confines to dream
pain of others spices my sleep
thought that draw that night means fear
grief awaits light that kills

through delusions pain flows
in victory is tearing my soul
how long the dying could be?
every breath capture my misery

through tears i can't see
what's dream and what is real
moaning hidden in curse of man
bloody blessing with a filthy hand

in this moment all seems so clear
i lived each other's suicide and fear
but this is not the suicidal dream
this suicide is real

7. The Disaster Cause

watching calm sea
relax on sunny beach
silent coming storm
survivors will mourn

comes, what no one wants
what no one wants coming through
pain of non healed wounds
nightmare comes true

humans are the trigger
humans are the plague
still growing bigger
hate digging its grave
cause of all disaster
crown of living ones
just want to grow faster
with no each others laws

from fathers to sons
we - the disaster cause
with prayers to gods
we're blessing the disaster cause

eyes of speechless nature
fist that grinds small shits
curtain that hides tommorrow
slaughter of greedy beast

selfish, vile, malicious, cruel
envious, abandoned, filthy weak
empty, reckless, nasty, rude
the mankind is

from fathers to sons
we - the disaster cause
with prayers to gods
we're blessing the disaster cause

reward of best done work
the praise - we can't forget
applause is always short
we can't choose our last sleep bed

8. Waiting For Death

9. The Last Drop Of Blood

10. Dancing With Shadow


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