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"Cyberchrist" (1998)

1. Cyberchrist
2. Buried Alive
3. Kill the Day
4. No Apologies
5. Fear of God
6. Gigs Eviction
7. Barcelona
8. Downpour
9. Candles Burn
10. Fiend
11. Faith
12. Thorne

1. Cyberchrist

There'll come a day when we throw the switch
with so much power at our fingertips
pounding the keys like we're hammering nails
all the way through

stare at the screen like a man possessed
fixed on the faith, this is not a test
we come together for the birth of a God
a new God


Download the bible in your silicon church
preachin' the word of the holy man
you lost your way till you logged on to soul search
and found your way home

Lords of the world, messiah machines
they're talkin' in tongues, dreamin' digital dreams
Cyberchrist loves one and all
Get high on the rise, come down on the fall
Exhault the new God

Unto this power I've become a slave
locked in the web I've been here for days
I give my all and bow to you
But still you laugh

I pray to heaven through a modem of hell
addicted to this virtual drug
crucify this voodoo machine
and pull the hallowed plug

2. Buried Alive

You feel it weighing over head
you worked yourself down to the bone
burning and baring the scars of the walking dead
another time another tale

You can't run, you can't hide, your ass is bound and tied
in your skin you can't win becomes a prison within
all your cries all your lies they're eatin' you up inside
Truth is clear truth is now so let there be no doubt

slippin' through my hands life and it's luxuries
losin' your mind while chasing the time
working so hard just to pay the bills
but sometimes it feels your being buried alive
being buried alive

If you want it and you need it
you gotta get up and take it
don't let this world drag you down

Anger builds pressure mounts you have no will to fight
your own fears your own thoughts they're eating you up inside
truth is clear truth is now so let there be no doubt
you must change rearrange or you'll be buried alive

3. Kill the Day

Roll the stone that held down your soul for so long
The head games they played on your mind like a song
Take a chance, become one with all your fears
Seize the moment you waited for all of these years

Time won't wait for me
Seize the moment, be on your game, you will succeed

But you are waiting, digging yourself a hole
Insane, crazy, alone
Waiting as time passes by
You are waiting for something to show

To be your best you've got to take it all the way
You've got the guts now go out and take on the fame
Make a stand show what your heart has to say

Bring it on you tried so hard,just go all the way
Don't stop now, you've come so far just to beat the game

4. No Apologies

I won't apologize
For the way I make you feel
Cause you're not what you seem to be, yeah!

I can't be sorry for
All the things said and done
Or the chain of events that's yet to come

Searching deep inside
Your body weighed down
Super adrenalized
Your head so lost in the clouds

Everybody wants their claim to fame
I'll get mine, you'll want yours just the same
Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame
But the price tag changes, it changes from day to day

I won't be crucified by
The actions that you take
Abused and second rate
I will be justified
When the wrecking ball brakes through
It's the chain of events that's yet to come
Whatcha gonna do

It all becomes clear
Wash the filth away
Super sanitized
It's a brand new day

5. Fear of God

I'm sweating in the dark
It's running down my neck
I've got to break away
I don't believe a word

I can't make any sense
Of what's happened here
We've dug a hole to hell
And now we're buried there

I'm not the only one who's got the fear of God
It's running ramped here, false love, hate and fear
You're not the only one who's got the fear of God
Now the only test is what you do with it next

I feel I'm being watched
By eyes around the clock
Sea of the living dead
Arise and live again

They try to keep you down
They're messin' with your head
But if you keep your faith
You might not end up dead

My eyes are burning
But I still see through the fog
My legs are bound, but I'm still climbing the walls
My heads on fire, can't feel it at all

6. Gigs Eviction

Hey Mister, you on the street
With no hope in your eyes
I can see you

Sometimes I will see
What I want to see
Sometimes I just watch
I watch him fade away
I watch him fade away

If he makes it through
Through another night
That it be alright
Will we ever be surprised

Take a look
Use your eyes
Use your head and realize
Take a look around tell me what you see
Sometimes I just watch
I watch him fade away
take a look around tell me what you see

7. Barcelona

8. Downpour

Black clouds are raining down molten lead
As the chaos unfolds in my aching head
In a flood of my blood I'm washed away
Just to wake up and battle another day

Pierces my life on a stick impaled
Like a freight train of demons straight from hell
This rain of emotion keeps pounding me
Got to break the restraints of this misery

This downpour shall never end
In this downpour no one ever wins
In this downpour you must stand tall
In this downpour may God help us all

Now my thirst for survival is quenched with sand
In a desert of heat tortured barren lands
Straight jacket of scars it tears my skin
How I long for the downpour to cleanse my sins


9. Candles Burn

I would walk a mile in your shoes
Even though they're way too small
I would stop the sun for you
And let the candles burn till dawn
Let the candles burn till dawn

I know you've got the love that I need
I know you've got the things that I crave
I know sometimes things fall apart
So I pick up the pieces everyday

All night let the candles burn
All night let the flicker burn

I would give my blood to you
Even though I'm running low
If it's the last thing I do
I'll let the candles burn till dawn
Let the candles burn till dawn

I feel the pressure building, back off
I want it all and that;s not enough
I know you've got no time for mistakes
So I pick up the pieces everyday

10. Fiend

It's feeding my mind
Killing time on my hands
It's eating my mind
Finding a place to lash out once again

I can't shake the feeling
That is burning through my veins
Slam the gates and lock all the doors
And I won't let nobody in

It's drinking my blood
Racing straight to my brain
Talking right through me man
Fuckin feeling good
Right now I feel like shit

This fiend is taking over
And demanding all control
I've got to make a stand
Before it crucifies my soul

Fiend, Fiend, Fiend...

11. Faith

We follow the wind to new horizons
A suitcase of dreams in our hands
An offer to take a chance at freedom

We sail out to sea with hope and madness abroad
A madness that's out of control
Living on faith we leave our homes

Here we go, oh yeah...
Turning things around, heading for new ground
And in our darkest hour oh yeah...
We're looking towards the future

We land on the shores of the unknown island
An island of beggars and thieves
Now you're left on the streets
Alone and afraid for so long
Pounding the pavement again
Your back's to the wall
You can not stand it

This life is a test
Within our body
A test of our faith
And our strength
When you remember
The darkness will fade into the light

12. Thorne


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