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The Despot of Souls

"The Despot of Souls" (2007 EP)

1. In Those Ancient Times
2. Lunatic Feeling
3. Thirst for Thy Blood
4. Void

1. In Those Ancient Times

In the midst of this plain and pure forest
I remember the customs of the past
My soul is still, and my blow profound
I close my eyes and listen to the nature ,talking to me

Her message is full plain
Forces of the nature guide me
Forces of the nature bless me
no human can find me

the evil takes over me in those times of silence
The moon guides my tracks through this deep forest ...

2. Lunatic Feeling

This Night, my soul is sad
The softmelody which I hear recalls your presence
Your soft perfume transpiercing my interior

Hoping you will be able to find you in time
before the wind does not cease
I close my eyes, letting run my blood ...

... more nothing does not await me
the moon lights me, sings me last once the refrain of this lunatic feeling

3. Thirst for Thy Blood

Alone in my loneliness
My soul tortured by time
My shouts are evil like in the middle of the night
Not being able to touch thy flesh ,nor taste thy blood

My mind faints away and feels you
My desire to taste thy flesh is raging
Allowing myself by the wind, letting be pushed by time

Nature has made me what I'm now
A cold,blood thirsty and stone like creature
Closing my eyes remembering the taste of thy life flooding my veins

Unable to contain my sense plainly
Wind has guided me to your presence
Longing for those last remains of plain violence
Tearing myself off thy flesh, hasting from your blood
I enjoy this instant to taste every present bit of time
Wind has calmed , silence has come back for few moments...only...

4. Void


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