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Aurum Aetus Piraticus

"Aurum Aetus Piraticus" (2006)

1. Pirate Attack
2. Jewels of the Dead
3. Halls of Illusion
4. Northern Shores
5. Pieces of Eight
6. The Scarab
7. High Seas
8. The Watcher
9. The Temptress
10. Voyage
11. Under The Black Flag

1. Pirate Attack

Cowards of battle
Bastards of life
Our enemies being
Quilled by the knife

Vindictive behaviour
Extensive revenge
Laws of the ocean
With severed intent

Time after time
Engagement content
Laws of the nation
With severed intent

Prospered are pirates
Shrewed to the bone
Aware of the worlds
And Kings of the throne

2. Jewels of the Dead

In wicked times
Of last despair
These precious stones
Release its glare

Cursed are the chosen ones
Who prosper deadly stones
Everlasting spells of greed
Lutch its divine atone

I look into myself and see that my mind has gone
Forever searching for the jewels of the dead

Chants of prayer
Damned for all of time
Sacral laws lost
Useless hope factored unwell
Till the end of time

Its glimmer draws us here
To the caverns of wrath
It sucks us in
It feeds our soul
To the wretched binding scourge

3. Halls of Illusion

Walking through the halls of ancient times
Through the souls which do not exist

Gazing through the walls
Falling down to the ground
I'm Foreshadowing my own destiny

The atmosphere is spinning
The smokes revealing
The my life is in jeopardy

Forever lost in the halls of illusion
Slowly sinking into the sands of time
Forever lost in the halls of illusion
My tortured screams and unheard cries

Magic within the halls of despair
Generate the souls which appear
Past times slowly slip from my mind
My thoughts decome those frozen in time

Remember your forgotten past
From the ages dead
In the halls of the lost
Our lives unthread

Forever lost in the halls of illusion
Slowly sinking into the sands of time
Forever lost in the halls of illusion
Our lives flash before our eyes

4. Northern Shores

Buried in the worlds of snow and ice
Where the cold rules our lives

Sailing across the seas of mist
Into the lands of our foes
The waves of our northern shores
Rise from kingdoms bestowed

Crying winds of eternal hate
Reflect the powers of the Norse
Frostbitten storms of our time
Whisper the chants of no remorse

Rivers of pain run red
Villagers lie amongst the dead
Scorched trees light up the sky
Torched souls flicker and die

Dragons upon the boats that wait
Guard the riches and the enslaved

Sounds of a thousand cheering men
Echo through out the lands of time
The tides and the winds have changed
For the better of the mankind

Rivers of pain run red
Villagers lie amongst the dead
Scorched trees light up the sky
Torched souls flicker and die

5. Pieces of Eight

6. The Scarab

Sailing the sun
Across the sky
Billowing crashes settle and die

Here I stand
Rum in hand
Seaborn Scarab
Not of this land

The Scarab
The Scarab

7. High Seas

Bracing the lands
From raiding seas
Riparian treasures lost
From the oceans breeze

Supreme piracy
Routes this tempered time
The sacrifice in hand
For their tragic crimes

Shadows of despair
Ravage the waves
Galleons of deceptive front
Conquer its knaves

The summer�s night
Embedded at its will

Luring to the islands
With treasures untouched
Sandy graves risen
By deceptive clutch

8. The Watcher

Driven from the forces of the unknown
From the shadows of deep
From the depths of the ocean�s floor
Never woken from its sleep

Scavengers arise from the bowels below
Searching for the condemned of a mythic soul

Draining the oceans of its soul
From the shadows of the deep
It�s ancient ritual
Never woken from its sleep

Cryptic writings on the wall
On the Watcher�s golden tomb
Sketched within
Humanity�s certain doom

Souls of the innocent lost from its mist
The sanctions of evil rise to the abyss
Magic of being conquers the test of time
Powers structured from devouring rhyme

9. The Temptress

In� barren wilderness
The ship halted at my request
Musk grew strong thru waves we rowed
The spell was cast like few could know

There she was, half dressed
Blind temptation, she danced before the crew
We nearly sailed the sun to its bloody fate
When sultry lands have you

Now� closer the waves I row
Alone with her the fragrance grows
By the fire she enchants
Dancing round, the snake�s entranced

Her eyes, her gaze, her thieving spell
The Temptress
Deceptive ways
How could I resist?

Hair so soft, her lips, her breasts
The Temptress
She invites my rough caress
The Temptress

The night calls out to me
Her knavish ways unforeseen
The taste of rum dimmed my eyes
A shadow wakes from disguise
The mourning breeze blows from sea
Unguarded swag, where is she?


In� the night I was betrayed
My gold, my jewels, all way laid
I hunt her down, I make her pay
I wash my hands in blood this day

10. Voyage

All aboard the Gallion
All scoundrels, thieves and wives
They loaded on at the rise of dawn
Prepared to lose their lives

The crewmen guard the anchor
As its hoisted from the wave
The dock recedes as the Captain leads
His Voyage in deprave

"This is me scourge", the Captain roared.
In which this grand ship be waiting
With crews of sworn


They rowed out bold and free
Voyages build the blood of men
To scavenge every sea

A merry life to you savage men
Who stand by freedom's right
Fueling rum to arm our drive
And raid this ship in sight

11. Under The Black Flag

Aye what fool bastards are these
Who sail blackest pirate seas
Galleon of color, that sails to the south
To lands of plenty, with great golden bounty
Who mars our skies, with black buzzards cries
Treasures abourd your bastard boat's lord
Who travels this way with no fear of foul play?
There's a chill in this ship's cocky will
Aye, this captain I know
He bestows death cold and slow
Brave Pirates he killed
Maimed, tortured for thrill
Aye, this captain will die

Sail ya bastard, sail thy wind
Sail for friends you tortured and killed
Mistakes you'll make, I'll sail behind
Blast you to hell, revenge my grind
One chance, my luck, our fates entwined
Blood and Flesh
Eyes will go blind

Tortured screams, flow forth from depths abroad
To be your future day, only for ye sailing bawds
Treasure in hand, as the blood of your man
Words you shout are truth in sound
Your teasure we'll take, blood spilt to the ground
Run, run, run to thy refuge
Ye hide in thy North
For the day you defeat us, will never come forth


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